cute one piece bathing suits

Cute One Piece Bathing Suits

We are always highlighting our most beautiful and popular bikini tops and bottoms, but we want our Beach Candy babes to know that we have so much more than that! For those who love beautiful swimsuits that do not hide your gorgeous shape and curves we carry amazing one piece swimsuits that will hug you in all the right places. 

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We understand that not everyone is a fan of bikinis or they may be too scared to start wearing them right away. But don’t worry, we can take baby steps and start off with some super flattering one pieces to get you comfortable. Just because it’s not a bikini doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy walking down the sandy beaches or tanning by the pool. We've got everyone covered no matter what type of swimwear you are looking for!

Add Some Variety to Your Bathing Suit Collection

Even if you love bikinis, you should venture out and try our one pieces as well. If you are worried that the one pieces are not sexy enough for you, you should check out our designs. Don’t let anyone tell you that one piece swimsuits are not sexy because they haven’t seen Beach Candy one pieces yet.

Many people don’t like one piece swimwear because a lot of other one pieces that everyone sees are very unflattering or hide your figure and give you no shape. But Beach Candy one pieces are different--they are better! We carefully designed them so that they would be comfortable but very flattering and alluring.

Best Supportive and Figure-Contouring Bathing Suits

One pieces also offer full coverage and give you great tummy control which is one of the perks to wearing them. Every woman should be able to feel comfortable and confident in a bathing suit without having to think about their insecurities. 

For our babes with larger busts who feel that one piece swimsuits may not be as supportive as our custom fit bikini tops, that is not a problem! We made sure to tackle all the potential problems that may be faced when it comes to one piece swimsuits. 

We designed our one pieces to not just look beautiful but we designed them to be flattering, comfortable, and supportive! Because we want to provide the best of the best in swimwear and make sure our customers are getting the quality they deserve.

For those of you who may not believe how good and sexy one pieces can look, we are here to show you some of our best selling favorites to prove you otherwise.

ruched waist 1 piece swimsuit

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

The ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit is one of our best selling one pieces. The back has a swoop cut to give you just enough coverage while also showcasing your sexy back. It is also perfect for those who have a bigger bust because this one piece offers ultra bust support. 

The reason why it is called the "slimming one piece swimsuit" is because the fabric and cut of this suit help give the wearer a flattering hourglass shape. The high leg cut at the bottom of the suit also gives the illusion of longer legs. This suit is perfect for those who want a taller and slimmer look and it looks great on everyone.

ruffled bathing suit

LIZ Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit

The Liz Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit gives you the option to wear it with straps or to go strapless! It comes with straps to give wearers the option to have a cute halter top styled swimsuit or just go completely strapless with the ruffle off the shoulder look. 

This swimsuit was designed for those who want full coverage for their body and also their arms and still maintain a stylish beach look. The swimsuit was created using a comfortable fabric that hugs the body just right to complement your waist and curves. 

This is the perfect swimsuit for those who are looking for more coverage while also giving your body a contoured shape. It is a beautiful swimsuit perfect for sassy, flirty personalities. Make sure to wear this piece on your next beach outing with your gal pals.

strapless bathing suit

OLIVIA Strapless One Piece Swimsuit

For our babes who love our strapless bikinis, you will definitely love this one piece. The OLIVIA Strapless One Piece Swimsuit is the most supportive for all bust sizes! Not only does it offer great support but it also gives a great lift to have your chest look sexy and flattering.

The design of this one piece has a high cut leg to give you an elongated figure and the has two ties along your waistline to easily tighten your waist and give you a curvy figure. 

And if you are not a big fan of strapless but you love the design of this swimsuit, this piece also comes with adjustable straps to give you that option. This swimsuit really shapes the body well and flatters your waist and curves! This will be your go-to swimsuit to wear to your next pool party to show off your body and impress everyone.

SUSAN Mesh One Piece Swimsuit

The SUSAN Mesh One Piece Swimsuit does not just offer full coverage, it is sexy as well! With the plunging neckline with mesh cut out details and the low cut back this swimsuit could not get any more gorgeous. 

For those who are not comfortable with showing a lot of skin but still want to look fabulous and sexy this one piece suit is the perfect choice. It is a full coverage suit that gives you modesty but has little details that will really give you that confidence and sexy feel when you are lounging by the pool. This swimsuit will definitely be the one to get you all the compliments and have you feeling young, sexy, and get you trending.

sexy plunge bathing suit

PRISCILLA Sexy One Piece Swimsuit

For those of you who have been waiting to see what a sexy one piece looks like, here it is! The PRISCILLA Sexy One Piece Swimsuit has a deep plunging neckline to give wearers a sexy reveal while still maintaining support for the bust. It may be hard to believe that this suit will support busts of all sizes, but it does! The front bust strap gives wearer great support and lift for those who want to show off their chest.

Not only does the front of the piece have sexy features, but the back of the suit does as well. The swimsuit has an open back with a cheeky bottom. This suit is not just sexy and fabulous, it also gives amazing support to make sure that everything is tight and secure in all the right places. This is the perfect suit with everything you are looking for -- hot and sexy with ultra support and security.

sexy leopard print monokini

SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini

Now we have more sexy one pieces in store like the SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini! Not only is it a sexy piece, it gives wearers the chance to customize their fit with the adjustable side ties and adjustable back tie as well. The adjustable ties ensure that you will get a perfect fit that highlights your figure and also give you the comfort and fit you desire. 

This monokini has the sexiness of a bikini but gives you coverage and tummy control that a regular one piece offers. With the adjustable ties and straps, this monokini looks great on all women of all sizes! If you want the comfort of a one piece with the sexy style of a bikini, the SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini is the perfect piece for you to take on your next yacht ride.

Cute and Sexy One Piece Swimsuits for Every Woman

Now that you have seen the various one piece swimsuits that Beach Candy has to offer, we hope that even those who tend to prefer bikinis will give them a try. Learn more about why we are #1 among the world's best bikini brands.

For those who have been afraid to try shopping for swimsuits, we hope we have eased your minds and made shopping for swimwear less intimidating. There are a more varieties of styles of swimwear than just triangle bikinis and cheeky bottoms and we have them all

If you need help choosing the perfect swimsuit for your body type and preferences, don't hesitate to contact.  We'd be more than happy to assist you.  Looking for a gift? We also offer the perfect gift for the swimsuit lover--BeachCandy Gift Cards.


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