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#1 in Best Bikini Brands

If you are looking for the top brand in bikinis, then look no further! We at BeachCandy are the best at what we do, and that is making beautiful and comfortable one pieces and bikinis for the modern day woman.  We offer a wide range of styles and looks to suit everyone's needs to make sure that the bikinis they choose are right for them.


Unlike most other swimwear brands, we are always focused on the quality of our suits, we carefully weave and sew each Swarovski Crystals by hand to ensure they stay securely attached while they sparkle and shine. Other brands are focused on mass production which takes away from the quality of the bikinis that we want to provide.

Not only is quality the most important to us but we also care about fit and comfort, because no one wants to buy uncomfortable and poor fitting bikinis. It is so hard to find the perfect bikini because so much can go wrong. 

The Best in Comfort and Fit

Your bikini bottoms can fit, but the bikini top may be too tight causing spillage, or the bikini bottoms may dig into your hips disfiguring your beautiful curves. Some of you babes also love tops that give great support and push which can be hard to find because some only offer support and no push, or push and no support.

That is why we are the best of the best when it comes to swimwear! For those of you who hate shopping for swimwear or for those who get tired of the disappointment when trying on a cute bikini that turns out to be ill fitting, we are here for you. 

BeachCandy is here for everyone who has had a bad experience with swimsuit shopping and for those who want to shop for them but are too scared. We want to encourage all types of women and help change that experience for them. We want to make bikinis less intimidating to shop for and bring every woman confidence and comfort in swimwear. 

Our favorite sound is hearing our customers' exclamations of surprise after trying on their first BeachCandy bikini. 

Luxury Swimwear for Every Woman

We make swimsuits for women of all shapes and sizes because swimsuits are meant for all. We have sizes ranging from A cups to E cups to make sure that everyone is able to find their perfect bikini that fits them just right. However, we know that our BeachCandy babes are looking for more than just fit and style but they are looking for comfort as well.

At  BeachCandy all of our bikini tops and bottoms are carefully designed and handcrafted in California. We ensure that all of our suits are constructed to perfection to guarantee the quality and comfort is present. We use a variety of techniques and skills as well as the best luxury fabrics to make sure that the tops that we design for our babes are perfect in every way possible.

supportive swimwear for women

Supportive Swim Tops for Ultimate Lift and Security

Some of our tops are designed to have a built in shelf bra or built in push up to give our babes the desired push they are looking for. Most of our tops also come with adjustable ties so that our clients can be able to personalize their own fit and choose to either have more or less lift. 

We design our bikinis so that the sizes can be completely adjustable because not everyone has the same needs. We know that there are some who love a great push to show more lifted cleavage and others who want a toned down look that covers up. That is why we designed our bikinis the way they are to give clients more freedom to adjust their size, lift, and fit. 

bathing suits for every woman

Our Clients Love Our Swimsuits!

Don't just take our word for it...Take a look at some testimonials from our biggest fans:

"I shop a lot, and I particularly like shopping for swimsuits. We all know that shopping for swimwear isn’t easy, because let’s face it how many of us truly look that good in a bathing suit? Years of good living perhaps having children and neglecting work-outs can all take a toll on our confidence in stepping out in a new suit.

So I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to run across BeachCandy. ... I spotted the eye catching Candy of the bathing suits on display I immediately knew that to wear one of those stylish suits on display would make me feel like I was a Sports Illustrated Model.

When I wear that Fourth of July themed BeachCandy ... I am confident it is the best bikini out there in fit, design, quality and detail. And when I wear that BeachCandy suit, and other suits I have purchased at BeachCandy since, I experience the confidence of knowing that while I may not truly look like that 20 something year old SI model I’m still turning heads which at my age of 44.

Having had those moments, I congratulate Brit, the owner. ... And what used to be hard, shopping for swimwear is now so easy that I call BeachCandy and order from my home in the Bay Area without even having to try the suits on anymore!"

Terri, Bay Area, CA

"I am a full figured women who has never been able to wear off-rack swimsuits because my top half and bottom half are not typical department store rack size. Brit’s assurance and confidence that I would love my swimsuit, feel sexy, and be appropriate for a family trip was an understatement! I looked and felt sexy in my swimsuit just as Brit assured me.

The bottom part fit perfect, it covered my full rear (my junk in the trunk). The top was made to cover the sides of my breast (the part that can hang out over the sides of your bra) I was very secure and confident every time I stepped out in my custom-made BeachCandy."

- Tawina T. Sacramento, Ca

"My name is Rachel and I am a 34F so as you can imagine finding a swimsuit that fits has been quite an ordeal over the years. I hated the whole experience since I was young and dreaded summer because I knew I was not going to find something that made me feel good about being on the beach. I was always having to settle on fit and style.

When I heard about BeachCandy Swimwear's fit I knew that I had to check it out. I had never been able to wear a supportive swimsuit without underwire and that tied from the neck and back. I was assured that it could be done and would be very supportive.

BeachCandy truly has an expert understanding of how swimwear should fit a woman’s figure. ... For the first time I [got] a swimsuit I loved. Overall wonderful experience, really changed how I felt about wearing a swimsuit. You won’t be disappointed. If they can fit me, they can fit anyone."

- Rachel, Arizona

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BeachCandy is here for everyone! We want everyone to have the best experience when it comes to shopping for swimwear and bring confidence to women all around. Our goal is to help empower all women and give them all the confidence in the world. Learn more about our 365 swim sale for women >

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