Custom Bikini

Custom Bikini

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Have you ever search the entire web for the perfect bathing suit, but not find what you were looking for? Sadly, this happens to most of us, which is why at BeachCandy, we have the option for our clients to have a custom made a bikini. No matter the size, shape, or age, all women should feel beyond confident the moment they step out in their bathing suit.

The BeachCandy team is devoted to making women feel and look their absolute best. There is nothing like a Custom Bikini made at BeachCandy. At BeachCandy Swimwear, whatever it takes to ensure the client feels extraordinary in a swimsuit, whether that is shopping the Famous for Fit Ready-to-Wear Collection Online, or placing a Custom Order, it is a pleasure to make it happen.

After being in business for almost ten years, no design or style hasn't been conquered. All too often, women feel their insecurities in a swimsuit are unique to them.

Well, we are here to say we are all in the same boat. ALL women have deep-rooted psychological reactions when wearing a swimsuit. And the flimsy items in stores DO NOT help matters. At BeachCandy, these are high-quality products that will lift, support, and make sure the next vacay is carefree.

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Order a One-Of-A-Kind BeachCandy Swimsuit

Through age, it becomes more difficult to find a swimsuit that checks off all the boxes. Whether that be a swimsuit that doesn't fit anymore, one that doesn't provide the amount of coverage, or the quality of the suit isn't holding up. The more shopping, the easier it is to struggle with finding that perfect bathing suit that fulfills all dreams.

BeachCandy is here just for those reasons. After witnessing the struggles that women go through when finding "the one" in a bikini, we knew our swimsuits will be the best on the market. Our dedication to creating suits that are superior in fit, quality, support, and comfort, the best swimwear on the market is a guarantee.

There is no swimsuit like a BeachCandy Swimsuit, from the fit, high-quality material, to the fantastic support and comfort. Women will feel confident whenever they wear a swimsuit. Instantly feel the difference as soon as a BeachCandy swimsuit is on and continue to see the difference season after season.

Trying a custom swimsuit, especially one of the BeachCandy quality, makes it difficult to go back to store-bought swimsuits. Or at least this is what the clients say, which is why they return year after year.

An Experience Like No Other

To all those moms, women with tummy concerns, women with the biggest bust, women who struggle with finding a swimsuit, this is the right place. With the famous fit Ready-to-Wear Collection online, a wide variety of bathing suits  in numerous styles and designs are easily accessible.

From bikini tops, bikini bottoms, to one-pieces and cover-ups, there are swimsuits designed for women with larger busts, smaller bust, tummy coverage, women who love full coverage to those who want to show off their body. There is sure to be something to love & cherish forever.

However, specialization in a one-of-a-kind world-class custom made-to-order swimsuits is almost unheard of. Haven't you always wanted a bikini that you can create and design from scratch?

Design The Swimsuit of Your Dreams

Not only are these swimsuits an experience to try on, but it will be an experience to remember forever. After one custom swimsuit, it is easy to become hooked and keep coming back. This in-depth custom swimwear experience is like no other, meaning you will be the designer of our swimsuit.

From color to style, to cut; every inch of your custom swimsuit by BeachCandy is solely up to the client. With the full range of styles, colors, and patterns to chose from, the ability to get that swimsuit you've always only dreamed of having, is not fiction any longer.

The best part is that these swimsuits are not just for those in California. We have clients from all around the world that work with us in creating their one-of-a-kind custom-made swimsuit.

Finally Feel Your Very Best in a Swimsuit

There is no suit or problem we can't fix. We work closely with every one of our clients during the entire process to ensure you get the best of the best. From customer service to overall experience, and most importantly, a gorgeous bathing suit. We want all struggles and concerns women have when it comes to wearing a swimsuit, to be solved when they receive their BeachCandy.

Because what is better than feeling and looking your absolute best in your swimsuit? We make swimsuits for women, by women. Our team has extreme dedication to giving our clients only the best when it comes to the quality, fit, and support.

Our team believes quality is the most important part of a swimsuit, because a suit should last year after year. Which is why we are the best in the world. We ensure every client get the best fit, support, and all their concerns are solved. With our high quality fabrics and attention to detail, we ensure every swim suit fits flawlessly and effortlessly.

Every women deserves to feel their best whenever they wear a bathing suit and we know they will in a BeachCandy. Say goodbye to spending months looking for a swimsuit for your next vacation, and create a custom suit with us. One that will exceed all expectations. One to fall in love with every moment it is worn.

Custom Bathing Suits for Women

How Does Our Custom Swimwear Service Work?

Our custom experience is designed to feel as easy & carefree as a stroll down the beach, we take care of all the heavy lifting. Check out of blog linked above which covers all you need to know before getting started. Our goal is to ensure your BeachCandy Experience is painless and furthermore, enjoyable.

Check out our step-by-step blog that covers the entire experience from beginning to end. It also includes pricing, timeline, and overall what to expect. We have worked with women from all walks of life from postpartum to post-mastectomy and celebrating their cancer-free bodies.

Your every wish is our command when it comes to your custom bikini or swimsuit order. Some women bring in a favorite bra, old ratty swimsuit, or a handful of photos to fuse together from Pinterest. We encourage you to start where ever you like and our expert team will listen intently. Ensuring the design performs for you in every way and then some.

How to Order a Custom Swimsuit by BeachCandy Swimwear

In our experience there is nothing like a personalized bikini made just for you from scratch. And we mean it when we say we are the best in the world at perfect problem-solving swimwear for women. No other company provides such an in depth custom bikini swimwear experience.

You might be able to pick a print matching a silhouette, but most women are seeking more than pick-a-print. We believe women deserve to have their issues resolved when purchasing a custom bikini or swimsuit. Design your own bikini with BeachCandy and feel the priceless quality of the experience for yourself.

Order Your One-Of-A-Kind BeachCandy Online Now

We hope you enjoyed hearing all about the process behind a Custom Bikini or Swimsuit with BeachCandy Swimwear. In fact, our recommendation is to shop the site first & make sure there is nothing in our collection already to suit your needs.

After all, every BeachCandy swimsuit in the collection has been inspired by a continual custom order request. While shopping if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Our expert team is happy to assist you in finding the perfect swimsuit just for you!

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How do I get a custom swim suit

Jamie Tomes

I just posted a long comment and it wouldn’t take it. I would appreciate an email I would pay anything to have a top made for me

Carole Cirsulo

My problem is in my midsection from a plastic surgery failure. I have never worn a bra and I think I am about a 42 or 44 D. I want a bathing suit top designed that does not have straps and flares out loosely. I do not want any straps inserted and I would like lighter weight material. I would pay anything to have some thing like this I do have bottoms so I just need the top. Please text or answer me


My problem is in my midsection from a plastic surgery failure. I have never worn a bra and I think I am about a 42 or 44 D. I want a bathing suit top designed that does not have straps and flares out loosely. I do not want any straps inserted and I would like lighter weight material. I would pay anything to have some thing like this I do have bottoms so I just need the top. Please text or answer me



My name is Regan. I would like a custom design bikini like the 90s style high cut, but with more coverage than cheeky. I have a couple pictures for example



Regan Parker

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