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BeachCandy Launches the REAL WOMEN SHINE Podcast

BeachCandy Launches the REAL WOMEN SHINE Podcast

As a company, we want to spread light, happiness, and inspiration during this strange, hard time we are currently facing as a country and world.

BeachCandy is truly all about creating the perfect swimsuit for women in their 30's-60s. Oftentimes, we are unhappy with our bodies after the gifts that come with aging and we blame our bodies. But it is truly the clothing that isn't up to par. We want all women to shine their brightest and wearing a high quality, perfect swimsuit is just that. 

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As of recently, Coronavirus, specifically COVID-19, has spread around the world and is taking precious lives. Causing some state governments in the United States, like California, to issue a stay-at-home policy in order to help prevent the further spread of the virus. Only essential businesses are allowed to remain open, such as grocery stores, banks, and hospitals. 


This notice will stay in place until at least April 30th, 2020. We have to stay home because the disease is very easy to transmit. The frightening part is that this virus can get deadly and requires medical assistance and the hospitals in the United States are not prepared. If anyone were to need medical assistance, it is possible they would unfortunately not be able to get it due to lack of space. 

Many people are naturally looking to stock up on essentials. Some are panic buying more than they need to ensure they have enough for their family. This has led to the shortage of these essential foods for the rest of us. 

Nonetheless, some people are understandably very sad, stressed, or anxious with the whole situation. 

A lot of people are taking this time as a chance rather than a situation. Some are working on themselves or using the time to tend to chores they may otherwise not be doing or have the time for. Against all odds, it has brought a community together rather than let it separate us. 


We were honored to have the guest, Emily, on our first podcast. A little bit about her, this strong woman has accomplished many huge achievements in her life. She has completed countless triathlons, half Ironman, and full Ironman. But her biggest accomplishment of all is being the mother to six children aged 10-20. 

We were interested in hearing her share about how she went about tackling all her goals on a regular basis. As well as her experiences as a family in this current situation and her general opinion about the virus. 

Brit B. started off the conversation by asking Emily to share some more about herself and being a mother of six. Being a mother to six children within nine years was complicated and super fun for her. She goes on to describe it as the best time of her life. 

Watching them grow into adults has been an amazing experience, but not all positive of course. As with every family, there have been difficult, stressful, and trying times. There were also amazing, empowering moments. 


She always tries to be balanced and take care of herself as well, which is just as important. Being at your personal best, is crucial in order to put in your all into anyone or anything. 

Brit B. then asked her how Emily and her family are getting through this as a family. What kind of things have they been doing to pass the time during social distancing. She has been monitoring and helping with their virtual school and doing group activities like yoga and walking. They have shared serious moments together praying, crying, and talking about the current situation. 

Emily very much wants to emphasize that this time is not an easy one. Our current situation can be difficult to deal with. Negative emotions come in waves and that by no means means that you are weak. 

Everyone feels those emotions at some point. It’s about finding the motivation, the “yes, you can” moments, to get through those that are important. Find a way to get through it. 

When asked what her superpower or what she brings to the table that ups her approach to family or life, Emily responded that her superpower stems from being powerless; the only way to gain a superpower is to build and that’s something everyone can do. We don’t start off with anything but we can work on building up to anything. 


She said bodybuilding and having babies aren’t things you just do, you build up to them. Part of the reason for building the success she has she credits to the beauty of her six children watching her; described as 12 eyes watching her during her darkest, lowest moments but also getting her best, highest ones. Seeing her go through wins and losses. 

Getting through those struggles is your superpower. Looking back and knowing you did what you did is empowering.

We asked her what keeps her up at night during these times. Emily gets stressed over the lack of control she has over this situation. Typically, we have control over the choices in our lives. 

Oftentimes, we have a lot of control in our lives like your diet and exercise; not having control can be very difficult and nerve wracking because the outcome is not fully in our hands. Anything can happen. 

For those who don’t know, triathlons consist of three parts: running, swimming, and cycling. Ironman are the longest of the triathlons with a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a full 26 mile marathon. 

She gives part of the credit for achieving those impressive athletic accomplishments due to her children. Having them watch her, root her on, and even running alongside with her at the last end of those races helps her push to the finish line. 

Emily loves BeachCandy and has collected several swimsuits. Her personal favorite BeachCandy styles to wear are: 

Brazilian bikini bottoms

JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms

The JOANNE is a sexy Brazilian style bikini bottom with a very, very cheeky back coverage and adjustable tie sides. Unlike other bikini bottoms, the high cut allows it to sit high on your leg and high waisted to give you that cinched curvy look. As the first swimsuit she pulled out to talk about, some women swear by these Brazilian bikini bottoms. 

handkerchief bikini top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Swimsuit

Described by Emily to be sexy with the strapless open back and tummy covering to give you that extra boost of confidence if needed. You get the feel of wearing a bikini but it has the coverage of a tankini. The fully built-in shelf bra top was created in likeness of a strapless bra; for that reason the top is super supportive. 

She loves the fit and style so much she even wears it as a shirt. Thrown on with a pair of shorts gives it the illusion of being a cute crop top. 

classic womens string bikini

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

The ALEXA is your classic triangle bikini top. Since it is a BeachCandy, that means it has superior cup support that can properly hold up to an E cup, impeccable fit engineered through perfected design concepts, and of course outstanding quality. It comes with the customizable option of no crystals. 

ALEXA Tie Bikini Bottom (photographed above)

The ALEXA bottoms are a classic tie side bikini bottom. Every woman loves them because they are fully adjustable and fit flawlessly. They are customizable with or without crystals and in cheeky or full coverage. A solid choice for anyone and a fan favorite for many. 

This cheeky bikini is Emily’s fuller coverage go-to choice when out with her family. She feels covered but still sexy, which can be hard to come by. 

The great thing about some of our swimsuits, like the previous four, are the fact that they have matching colors or patterns so you could mix and match with other swimsuits. You could be rocking a different look when you please. 

MAGGIE Monokini Swimsuit

MAGGIE was engineered in mind with women who want to feel secure like they are wearing a one piece but still want to show off and feel sexy. It has the bejeweled bottoms of the BRITB VIP and the top of the ALEXA with fabric connecting the two. You will feel as unique as the one-of-a-kind swimsuit. 

HALLE Grommet Bikini Top

HALLE is another top Emily will casually wear as a top. It is perfectly constructed and is fully supportive and cute, fun, and sexy. HALLE is a strappy style with double strapped shoulders and a lace up grommet front. The style is fully adjustable to show more or less cleavage. 

luxury beaded bikini

Our Signature BRITB VIP Swarovski Bikini Bottoms

One of our bestsellers, the BRITB VIP brings it all. She brings fashionability, comfort, jewelry, and most importantly happiness. The sides are all decked out with rows of Swarovski beading. It is a modern take on a classic silhouette.

She gets stopped to ask about the bottoms when she wears them because they are that stunning and eye-catching. BeachCandy will make every woman feel their best and shine their brightest. Learn more about our sexy swimsuits for women >


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