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Mix and Match Bikini Bathing Suits

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Mix and Match Bikini Bathing Suits

BeachCandy has worked with countless women when it comes to proper fit and support of a bathing suit. While offering countless options for tried and true bikinis that have been crafted with quality materials. BeachCandy has become well-known around the world for a personalized fit that grips and supports in all the right places. The art of the bikini has been mastered time and time again at BeachCandy. 

With unmatched designs featuring our hand-crafted Swarovski Candy. Our bikini bottoms and tops can be worn in many combinations. Mixing and matching bikini bottoms is easy as can be at BeachCandy. All BeachCandy bottoms have a secure fit with an intricate design to mold perfectly to each individual.

Bikini bottoms at BeachCandy come in styles such as high-waisted, boy-short, and adjustable. We also offer skirted, tied, strappy, cheeky, slimming, scrunch, folded, and many more. These bikinis are worn by real women around the world. They are crafted for an authentic and true fit that meets realistic needs of women everywhere.

Our bikini tops can be chosen from styles such as: padded push-up, strapless, halter, corset, triangle, and many more. It is essential for women to feel both the simultaneous comfort and quality of BeachCandy bikinis. 

While many bikini tops and bottoms can be difficult to mix and match because of design differences. But all of our bikini styles possess an intricate design to fit women to their individual needs. Not to mention, the variety of the designs made by an expert pattern-maker. Who just so happens to be our incredible female founder. 

Female Owned & Operated Since 2011

It is important to have comfort in each kind of swimsuit that you buy. However, BeachCandy provides seamless comfort and support. For a proper lift that will enhance your confidence while you show off your new bikini. It is important to find a bathing suit that does not just fit the trends but you. 

Or the support but utilizes both to create a bikini that fits your style, but also your body. This is what heavily distinguishes BeachCandy from other competitors. There are countless options when it comes to choosing a bikini at BeachCandy. We have become famous for our unmatched quality. 

Furthermore, swimsuits that give the comfort and support that is often so hard to find. Especially in a bikini style swimsuit. The material has been reviewed by multiple customers, as long-lasting with quality that you can feel. 

It is important when shopping for a bikini to consider everything that you like in a bikini. And what has not served you in the past. It can become tiring constantly coming across bikinis that seem to show potential for support and style. However, this ends up being more difficult than one realizes. 

Quality bikinis made for women to feel comfortable, even when being active. Swimsuits that are durable, and stylish. When a swimsuit style enhances a woman's assets and their confidence, this is a rare find. But not at BeachCandy Swimwear. 

That is why it is important to take into consideration what a bikini means to you. And furthermore, what it has and has not done for you in the past. 

Tired of Terrible Swimsuits? Why BeachCandy Knows Best

Bikinis come in an overwhelming variety of styles all over the world. With options that more often disappoint, because of the lack of structural design. 

Bikinis all too often either flatten the appearance of the breasts. And either disappoint women with smaller busts looking for an extra boost. Or they leave larger busts with a lack of security. 

Confidence is a priority here which is why women that come into the dressing rooms are treated with attention and care. Detail is of the utmost importance and is essential to take into account. When constructing a bikini that stands out from the massive market of which it exists. 

The bikinis at BeachCandy meet the criteria of a bathing suit that has all the essentials. But it stands out from other companies with its reputable customer facing brand. What makes BeachCandy stand out from other companies is that BeachCandy has worked with women individually. 

From a strong listening to our customers, BeachCandy has constructed versatile designs. Each style suits different breast sizes with support on a structural level. Mainstream bikinis often overlook the minute details that are essential to making a bikini that looks and fits properly.

Bikinis at BeachCandy are top quality, simply put. From the materials to the various styles, each bathing suit is engineered to fit flawlessly. No matter who you are and that they resemble styles that real women love and where. 

Bikinis here are worn by real women everywhere, all over the world. As featured in Sports Illustrated, Coastal Living, Fashion Times, and countless others. BeachCandy’s famous fit has brought together the essential elements of a bikini that enhances confidence and flatters the body. 

These bikinis are original and special in their own unique ways. But they can be mixed and matched with each other for a sunny day at the beach. Whatever the occasion, these bathing suits will serve you well and surprise real women everywhere. 

These are just a few of the bikinis that are bestselling at BeachCandy for their look and fit. Below are the ALEXA, BritB, ELLEN, TRACY, JENN, and RACHEL bikinis. There are countless more that can be easily mixed and matched. 

Since all the bathing suits have the comfort that is promised here. Our bikinis can also be worn with many of our bestselling accessories. Such as our wraps for a flowy and elegant finish. 

Timeless. Collectable. Quality Over Everything.

Make sure to follow @beachcandyswimwear on instagram to stay up to date on quality swimwear and accessories. The luxury bikini bathing suits made here embody quality and can be seen in action on the instagram. You can see firsthand how they are worn by real women with diverse busts and individual needs.

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top 

Triangle tops are always a popular option when it comes to choosing a bikini. BeachCandy makes triangle tops with unmatched support. This ALEXA top has supportive padding and size adjustments for each unique woman that meets their needs and wants. 

Recognized by Sports Illustrated and in high demand as one of our bestsellers. The ALEXA triangle bikini top is a rare triangle top that offers enhanced support. A substantial lift that is not provided anywhere else on the market. 

This is a simple bathing suit, but a bikini that never disappoints and goes with anything. If you are looking for a timeless bikini that has a simple yet elegant design. Sustainably made & supportive, swimwear like this is not seen anywhere else. This is the bathing suit for you.

luxury beaded bikini

BRITB VIP Swarovski Bikini 

This bikini is our world famous bestseller, and for a reason. We focus on maximum comfort and a secure fit and the BritB bikini has it. It not only fits perfectly for each individual woman. But it has the option of full or cheeky coverage in the back for variety. 

What makes this bikini special is its simple and classy look featuring our signature Swarovski Candy. Available in light or full VIP. This bikini has an elegance to it as well which makes it even harder to find. Since it highlights everything a bikini needs for the bikini look.

ELLEN Best Bikini Top 

The ELLEN is another staple bikini at BeachCandy. As a top bestseller, the ELLEN is another perfect bikini for women. For women with smaller busts or women just looking for added cleavage alike. It comes with either push-pads or thin liners to fit the bust size of any woman. 

This versatile bikini is one that you won’t want to miss. It can be mixed and matched with many of our signature bikini bottoms. Create a well-rounded look that provides unheard of comfort. This bikini set is flattering for any bust size. 

padded bikini bathing suit

LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

Another fabulous push up bikini top, the LAURA is another option for women looking for the extra, natural looking lift. The Halter Top provides maximum security and secures the top so that there is no slippage. 

The LAURA to begin with is a signature top that is constantly in high demand. The halter top is another bonus that enhances smaller busts naturally with maximum support. This style especially has become very popular. 

The halter top comes complete with double-bump push up pads for an extreme lift. This bikini is essential for women struggling to find a lift that actually works and does so with a natural appearance. What makes this bikini special is how it does this by still maintaining the comfort that BeachCandy promises. The bikini top that you have always been looking for is waiting for you here. 

push up underwire bathing suit

TRACY Push Up Bra Bikini

The TRACY offers an enhanced and rounded lift to the cleavage. But is done so with an intricate design to display a natural look. This bikini is perfect for smaller busts. Specifically for women that struggle to find this natural look with the proper look from a push up top. 

The padding provides the rounded look, but also with support in all areas to make the bikini a comfortable choice. For example, the push up bra bikini fits like a bra with underwire support. These demi push up pads, slim halter straps, and a hook back provide a perfect fit for women. 

JENN Scrunch Bikini Bottom 

The JENN scrunch bottoms are another staple that emphasizes the comfort and support that goes into a BeachCandy bathing suit. The JENN bottoms offered come in a scrunch style to suit your style wants. But the necessary quality and comfort in each to satisfy your needs. 

These popular scrunch bottoms have triple straps on the sides that hug the hips without being too tight. The scrunch allows for a more cheeky look, but the JENN bottoms are offered with a full coverage cut as well. 

RACHEL Classic Halter Bikini 

This set will be one of the most supportive bikinis you will find in the market. Complete with padding that provides a rounded lift and cleavage. The RACHEL set is perfect for anyone struggling to find a lift with the proper support. 

The Swarovski Candy is also included with this halter top. Adding just the right amount of shine, to celebrate your inner goddess. Learn more about our top 5 sexy swim styles >

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While shopping our world class collection for women feel free to reach out to our spectacular customer service team. From one piece swimsuits to sexy modest bikinis, we have got you covered. Plus enjoy free shipping while the offer lasts! Gift Cards Available. 

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