Tummy Control Swimwear

Tummy Control Swimwear

Tummy control is a common concern for so many women, especially when it comes to swimwear. Here at BeachCandy, you definitely don’t have to compromise style for comfort. No matter what concern you have when looking for the right swimsuit, we have you covered. Our customers are filled with women who want swimwear that fits every one of their needs. 

BeachCandy makes it our mission to do that for you. Our swimsuits are fashion-forward, exquisitely made, and so flattering that you’ll immediately feel like your best self. Our slimming swimsuits are designed with two priorities in mind: Comfort and style that flatters all different body types.

Our focus today is on tummy control & the struggle when finding a bathing suit that makes you feel sexy. Just because you want more coverage, it does not mean that you have to feel like a grandma.  We believe that sometimes less is more and you will see why! Keep on reading to find the best designer swimsuits for tummy control.

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One piece swimsuits are the first thing we think of when wanting a full coverage swimsuit that does not compromise for style. One piece swimsuits are slimming swimsuits. 

Not only are they extremely in style right now but they are #1 in comfort. One pieces are a perfect bathing suit for that sexy mom! Even with full coverage on your tummy, you can create that sex appeal and sass by a low neck line, scrunch bottom, and more! A super sexy play of a one-piece is the monokini.

A monokini is a slimming swimsuit that looks like a one-piece with large cut outs. There is so much out there when it comes to tummy control swimsuit! We are going to show you our favorite one piece and our favorite monokini. That way you can figure out which style is right for you. Let's dive right in shall we?

off shoulder one piece swimsuit

LIZ Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit

Let's start things off with a bang.  We want to introduce you to the LIZ Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit. When it comes to one piece swimsuits that hide tummy this is a FUN option for your next tropical getaway. Although this one-piece was made for the BeachCandy babes who wanted arm coverage, it also flatters and stuns on all women.

Along with the feminine off-shoulder ruffle neckline, the ruched waistline is the key to its slimming bodice. The neck line on this bathing suit creates an elegant and sexy vibe.

Our customers rave about how comfortable this one piece swimsuit is. If you love the way this swimsuit covers the tummy but you want to show off your beautiful arms, you can place the ruffle underneath your arms. This changes the style of the swimsuit in another fun way. The soft material hugs you in all the right places and makes you feel flirty and fun. The LIZ will become a necessity for your summer wardrobe.

monokini swimsuit

SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini

On to our favorite monokini! This slimming swimsuit is capital S-Sexy! Don't let the amounts of skin showing on this bathing suit scare you away.  Although this swimsuit is extremely sexy, it is designed in a way to flatter and cover your tummy.

Our SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini is the perfect amount of sexiness for a tummy control swimsuit. Its tasteful design ensures that you can still get the bikini look while being able to hide any stomach pooch.

Additionally, we've included our hand sewn SWAROVSKI Crystals to add that extra bit of sparkle. The flattering bikini back, supportive triangle top, and fine SWAROVSKI Crystal Candy complete the look and make this monokini one of the best in the world! The SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini is truly a show stopper for every woman. 


Want tummy control from your swimsuit top? We are on it! Did you read about our one piece swimsuits and our monokinis but just aren't feeling it? That's okay! BeachCandy Swimwear wants you to genuinely find the right bathing suit for you. We are not here to convince you to settle for something you only kind of like.

We want you strutting that beach board walk feeling incredible about yourself. So as picky as you might be, there is nothing we can't handle! Tummy control bikini tops are another way to go when looking for extra coverage but don't want to have to compromise for style.

We have a plethora of designs that cover your tummy but still give you that sex appeal. We have chosen our two favorites that we are so excited to show you. Keep reading to get closer to finding the perfect suit for you.

handkerchief bikini top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

We want to start things off with something unique yet fabulous. The JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top is definitely a one-of-a-kind flattering swimsuit. It stands out from every other tankini due to its super trendy and strategic handkerchief detail.

This slimming swimsuit is new, fresh, and alternative. The handkerchief tankini beautifully drapes down your waist in a slimming style.  For your sake, the handkerchief bikini perfectly covers your tummy and accents your waistline.

However, this swimsuit style is adorable on its own and gives you a creative and carefree look. The JENNA Handkerchief Top is a perfect option for modestly hiding that tummy while still feeling the freedom of a well-fit bikini top.

Our Citron Print also adds to the carefree vibes of this cute tankini! This swimsuit also comes in a sexy blue Aqua Snake, Classic Black, and many other colors and prints. Our customers slip this baby on and immediately fall in love with how cute and unique of a style it is.  

Halter Tankini Top

TYLER Halter Tankini Top

Next up we have one of our best selling halter tops. A halter top is a great option for having a tummy coverage swimsuit that stays consistent in style and sex appeal. What is so great about a halter is that comes with great support for your breasts.

This slimming swimsuit have strong side wings that hold in every single bit of breast tissue.  Although this swimsuit is great for tummy coverage, we don't want you compromising that for breast support.

The TYLER Halter Tankini Top creates a beautiful cleavage and enhances your bust. The design of this swimsuit gives you the stylish look of a halter but without the neck and back pain due to the criss-crossing of the back.  The material of this tankini drapes perfectly on your waist no matter your size so that there is absolutely no squeezing. 

Man do we adore this tankini. It has everything you’d want from a swim top: incredible support, comfortable and loose torso, adjustable tie back, and seamless tummy coverage. The TYLER Halter Top was truly engineered to make women feel beautiful, stress-free and effortless.


For ladies with a lower tummy pouch, Tummy Control Swimwear Bottoms are the way to go! Bikini bottoms can either make or break a swimsuit and we understand that completely. The key to a swimsuit bottom that is going to flatter your tummy is either being high-waisted or having absolutely zero squeeze. Good thing we have both! We are going to show you two of our best swimsuit bottoms that are perfect for tummy control.

high waisted swim bottom

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

We can't explain how much we love these body shaper bottoms. Every customer who slips this baby on are blow away by both the comfort and style. Tummy control swimsuits often look great on the model but never look as flattering on.

That is something that BeachCandy wanted to change. No muffin top here... you can see these bottoms modeled on women of all sizes on our Instagram page. Women of all sizes truly feel slimmer and sexier when they wear the ASHLEY High Waisted Bottom.

The ASHLEY High Waisted Bottom is surely one of our most popular slimming swimsuit. With waist cinching ruching in the waistline and extra control in the lining, this gorgeous bottom offers 100% tummy control and zero squeeze in the hips.

The fun and flirty patters also distract from any tummy insecurities you might have. In the ASHLEY bottom, you can relax by the pool in your maximum shaping hourglass figure. If you have to see it on, give us a call and come in for a custom fitting to personalize your fit. This way, you can't go wrong designing your own tummy control shapewear. 

full coverage tummy control swimsuits

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bottom

Last but not least, we have The KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bottoms. These tummy control bottoms reflect our emphasis in comfort and style. The no-elastic fold-over waistband means that you’ll have the most seamless and flattering tummy coverage without your hips being squeezed.

It's conservative cut is ideal for customers who are looking for full coverage in the stomach and butt. Although these are not high-waisted, they are designed with more coverage than a typical bikini bottom. The additional coverage will create a more slimming fit and lay on your body in a flattering way. This is as comfortable as you can possibly be in a bikini bottom.

We want you to be carefree at your next vacation! No more feeling like you can't wear a swimsuit just because of some tummy. BeachCandy Swimwear designs slimming swimsuits for women of every size. We know the struggle and we want to be the solution. If you liked the KIMBERLY but you'd prefer additional thigh coverage, then you should check out our KYLIE Swim Skort.

From tummy tucks to bust support, BeachCandy has you covered! Our swim tops, bottoms, one-pieces, and monokinis were designed and made specifically to solve all of your concerns! Our mission is to help every woman of any age, shape, and size to feel sexy and confident while rocking their world-class BeachCandy swimsuit.

No more compromising and no more insecurities! Want mid thigh coverage for your hips and thighs? Shop our best selling skirts, sarongs, swim dress, and skorts. We want you to not only look incredible but feel incredible too.

Tummy coverage swimsuits that are sexy and comfortable seem impossible. BeachCandy Swimwear is here to tell you that it's not! What are you waiting for? Let's turn you into a goddess! 


Thank you for reading our blog on tummy control swimwear. If you have any questions while shopping online feel free to contact us! Our expert team is available via live chat, email, or phone.

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