Best Pools in the World

Top 10 Best Pools in the World

Many of us grew up swimming in some sort of pool, whether it be in our backyard, the community pool, the one down the street, or at the waterpark. Remember the pure joy you felt when you were told it’s a pool day? Most of the time it was some odd bean shape that was surrounded by concrete, the smell of chlorine always lurking through the air, and sunscreen being applied everywhere. It's pure nostalgia when thinking about a pool day.

However, pools have been taken to a whole new level. These are your fantasy pools that you dreamt of as a kid. The bluest water, the most beautiful views, the highest heights, and so much more. These infinity edge pools have changed the pool game forever.

There are so many amazing pools, but we're focusing on our top 10. These 10 pools all offer something different and new, so whatever your dream pool contains, we have one on the list to check the box. There are so many astounding indoor pools, but we have chosen to only focus on the best outdoor pools.

1. Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus in South Tyrol, Italy

The Alpin Panorama Hotel pool is coming in at first for so many reasons. First, the pool is situated right in the middle of the Dolomites mountains and has a 360 degree view. The pool is heated so year round you will be in awe, you could be going for a swim in the heat of summer and see the mountains covered in greenery or you could be going in the heart of winter, and the mountains have created a winter wonderland around you. 

Not only is there an incredible view, but parts of the edge pool floor is glass, so you can take the most unreal pictures from under the pool. This pool is an infinity pool so from the back it looks like it flows right into the town below. This gives it a chic and clean look while perfectly mixing a modern design into the outdoorsy, mountain cabin design.

2. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

One of the most famous pools in the world has to be the Marina Bay Sands pool in Singapore. This pool is situated on top of one of the most luxury hotels, and is 55 stories high. This rooftop infinity pool overlooks the skyline of Singapore, and is the largest one in the world. 

This pool is not for someone who has a fear of heights, but definitely for the daring. You will experience amazing customer service, views of the city, and the most high end experience. This pool is only open for guests of the hotel, and is free entrance. There is no age limit to enter the pool.

3. Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Serengeti, Tanzania

This pool speaks for itself. You will be face to face with the wildlife in Tanzania. The watering hole for elephants sits right next to the pool, so you can watch them come and go all day long. There is no pool like this!

This pool also features the infinity edge as well and looks over the desert lands. You will feel like you are in the heart of the safari, while relaxing pool side at a luxurious hotel. It will be  a pool day that you will never forget.

4. Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

The Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel in Bali is world renowned and one of the most relaxing pools you can find. This pool sits in the heart of the jungle in a village outside of Ubud. The pool is right along the gorgeous Ayung river. There are two stories of infinity pools that hang over eachother overlooking the jungle. 

This pool is at a five star hotel, which has many other amenities in addition to the pool. The hotel is surrounded by the most amazing views including terraced gardens, jungle, and more. I’m not sure there is a more relaxing pool that has this much to offer.

5. The Cambrian Hotel in Adelboden, Switzerland

This hotel is situated in the Swiss Alps and has one of the best hotel pools in the world. The infinity pool flows right into the mountains, and whether it’s summer or winter, the scenery will be breathtaking. The pool is fully heated so it will be ready for you year round. There is also a sauna, indoor pool, and spa to accompany this amazing view.

This pool is a 6 minute walk from the ski gondolas, so you can get off the slopes and jump right into a heated pool after a long day of snowboarding or skiing. There’s not much more you could ask for from a mountain vibes pool. 

6. Bondi Iceberg Pools in Sydney, Australia

The Bondi Iceberg Pool is right at the edge of Bondi beach and was created almost a century ago. The pool is an iconic swimming pool and has been made popular over the years. There pool is set up as a lap pool, but many people lounge at the pool as well. There is an adults section as well as a kids pool.

The pools are open year round and were originally created for the winter for lifeguards who wanted to stay fit in the colder months. The pool is open to the public for a small fee. Visiting this historic pool is a must on your bucket list. 

7. Hotel Tremezzo in Como, Italy

The Tremezzo pool sits right in Lake Como. This pool is so interesting because it has been built into the lake. The pool is fully heated, and has a vast view of the whole lake. The pool is for hotel guests only, so it shouldn’t be too crowded with the public.

You can relax alongside the lake and have easy access to the pool. The water on water design is absolutely spectacular. There is nothing like this pool in the rest of Lake Como.

8. COMO Laucala Island, Fiji

The Como Laucala Island is a private island in Fiji. The whole island has architecture and nature blended in harmony. The pool is surrounded by palm trees and has rocks incorporated into the pool to give it a more nature feel. 

The pool is just meters away from the crystal clear ocean water. The architecture of this pool is so unique and makes it feel like you’re swimming in a lake. The pool water is just as crystal blue as the ocean water. 

9. Kura Boutique Hotel, Uvita, Costa Rica

This luxury hotel in Costa Rica sits above all the trees and over looks the forest. This hotel is adults only, and has panaromic views from the rooftop pool. Beside the rooftop pool, there is a turf area for hanging out, and a cabana. 

This pool has views of the pacific ocean as well. The hotel focuses on nature conservancy, and focuses on a sustainable approach to the hotel industry. The pool demonstrates that natural mindset and gives organic vibes. 

10. Grace Hotel Santorini

The Grace Hotel pool overlooks the Aegan sea in Santorini, Greece. The pool is situated in the iconic white buildings on the cliffs of the northern part of the Island. The pool is picturesque and chic for all your instagram picture needs.

This pool is situated high on the cliff so you can see most of the northern island. This hotel is an award winning hotel and voted one of the best in the world. 

Whether you’re looking for a pool with ocean views, mountain views, or rainforest views, there is a pool for you. All of these pools offer a high end experience, and memories that you’ll never forget. There is nothing like a pool day, and with these amazing pools the best day is about to get even better. 

Written by Olivia Barger

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