Most Supportive String Bikini

BeachCandy’s Most Supportive String Bikini

As we are getting closer to summer and feeling nostalgic, we want to look back on our famously supportive string bikini. In this blog, we will go over the reasons we love these unique pieces and think they are a must-have for your swimwear wardrobe. These are the perfect pieces to wear and show off on those sunny days ahead.

Classic String Bikini

The ALEXA String Bikini

As you all know, BeachCandy is a brand that proudly continues to stay committed to providing the best handcrafted, high-quality swimwear for women. BeachCandy pieces are unique, comfortable, glamorous and let’s not forget, supportive. Every woman deserves to have that one favorite swimsuit, so why not let our classic ALEXA String Bikini, be THAT swimsuit? 

The ALEXA String Bikini was one of the original eight styles BeachCandy provided when it opened its doors back in 2011. The unique attribute of the Alexa bikini is the amount of comfort and support this piece offers. Said by our founder, “The ALEXA bikini was BeachCandy’s first swimsuit proving that support was possible with a skimpy bikini.” The classical piece is the swimsuit of a lifetime that will never go out of style.

Green Bikini

The bikini top and bottom are sold separately. So you can either pair the pieces with other BeachCandy styles or simply complete the dynamic set by paring them together!  

The ALEXA bikini is made of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex., giving it that glamorous, glossy look as well as comfort and supportive stretch.

Since the ALEXA is one of our most popular swimsuits, we have it in four different colors to choose from. We have the bikini in white, red, black and green, so choose your pick or by all means, get it in all four colors, because we can never have enough color in our swimwear wardrobe.

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

The ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top gives you the lift you need featuring our signature Swarovski Crystal Candy detail, located along the bust line of the triangle top, giving it that extra sparkle and charm. 

The signature touch is hand-breaded by our amazing workers at our BeachCandy design headquarters. The crystal details are hand-sewn on to ensure long-lasting quality filled with sparkle.

Red Bikini

We guarantee that the Swarovski Crystal Candy on the ALEXA top will not crack, fall off or chip. The top will make you shine your brightest and will make you feel your most confident. You can’t go wrong with the ALEXA top as it will give you that glamorous, shimmery look we all want. 

Little known fact about the ALEXA top is that it was seen on the reality show “The Real Housewives of Orange County." The ALEXA top was worn by Kelly Dodd, which you can see here. Kelly Dodd paired the ALEXA triangle top with a long sarong wrap and a cute summer hat.  

The ALEXA triangle top is available in cup sizes A - E and offers amazing lift, so you’ll be held up in place all day. BeachCandy also offers optional push-up pads for extra comfort and lift one may need. 

Believe us, the ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top is the best triangle top you’ll ever own!

ALEXA String Bikini Bottom

The ALEXA String Bikini Bottom adjusts to your waist as it has perfectly cut tie sides, featuring our signature Swarovski Crystal Candy detail on the ends of the ties. Our Swarovski Crystal Candy gives the ALEXA bottom that bedazzled, glamorous look to make women wearing it shine their brightest.  

The ALEXA bottom comes in sizes 0 – 14. So women of every shape and size can glow in this adjustable bikini bottom. You can move as much as you like with no hesitation at all. You also don’t need to worry if the fit is too tight or too loose with those adjustable ties. 

Little known fact about the Alexa bottom is that it was first featured in Sports Illustrated’s 2012 Swimsuit Style Guide along with the ALEXA triangle top. Ever since its first feature, it has been featured in the swimsuit edition many times, making the ALEXA pair our most famous swimsuit!

White Bikini

The ALEXA bottom is a great bikini bottom for women who are looking for a simple, yet sexy look, while also providing the perfect amount of coverage. Since the ALEXA bottom is our most popular bottom, we now offer two different back coverage styles. 

What we mean by coverage styles is that you can choose between a full or cheeky coverage bottom. The full coverage style gives you extra protection for your booty by not revealing too much  On the other hand, the cheeky coverage style reveals your booty a little more for those "suns out, bums out" type of vibes gals. 

Both coverage styles are designed with a doubled-lined bottom for the best durability, comfort, coverage and support like no other. These ALEXA string tie bottoms are a must have that go with every one of our bikini tops

The ALEXA bottom is a BeachCandy staple that will never go out of style as it is a classic, one of a kind style.

Black Bikini

The ALEXA Bikini Challenges

Even though the ALEXA String Bikini is our most famous swimsuit, there were minor challenges when creating this unique piece. The first was "making sure that it fit on every woman from an A cup to an E cup" and ensuring a flattering fit on any body type. 

As the ALEXA top has been in the market for years and thanks to customer reviews, we know we conquered that challenge. Below are some examples of customer reviews making us feel proud of what we have accomplished.

“This halter top makes it possible for me to be active and continue to be supported. Easily my favorite bikini, I’ve had trouble finding a quality triangle top that fits me so well.” 

“This top fits me like a dream! I have always had a tough time finding a simple but still flattering bikini top and this one meets my needs perfectly. I am a D-DD and so many fast-fashion types of bikinis don’t fit me or give me the support that I need. The ALEXA top gives me the perfect amount of coverage while still being sexy and great quality! Thank you BeachCandy”

Our other challenges were that, “we also found that coverage needs vary between women. So we ended up, offering a cheeky but also a full coverage option. That way, all needs were suited properly!”

Sexy Red Bikini

We are happy and so proud of how far we have come with the ALEXA set! Check for yourself below!

“I have the Alexa bottoms in cheeky and full coverage, love them both!! The double lining is so comfortable and necessary. I feel very secure and sexy when I’m at the beach or poolside! These bottoms are a timeless piece to have in your closet!”

“These simple bottoms are cheeky and high quality. I love how I am able to wear it with any top and the scrunch in the back enhances the look even more. It goes so well with all my tops and fits like a glove.”

If you don’t already own our classic two piece bathing suits, what are you wanting for? Grab yourself our best seller ALEXA String Bikini, we guarantee, you won’t regret buying. You can buy the top and bottom here.

Sexy Black Bikini

We will leave you with the wise words of our brilliant founder and designer, Brit! “The ALEXA String Bikini is the classic high quality bikini every woman searches for but can never find.” But good news! You can find our outstanding ALEXA tops and bottoms exclusively at BeachCandy. The quality is unmatched. There are many good American swimwear brands; it’s time to treat yourself to the best.

Find the perfect cover up to complement your ALEXA bikini in our Resort Wear Collection!

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