White Swimsuits

White Swimsuits

Although it can never be summer all year round, we’re never letting go of that summer feeling just yet. To celebrate our favorite season, the countdown to Labor Day weekend has begun. Labor Day is all about the hard work we put in day in and day out.

However, on this particular holiday, we do everything but rest with tons of pool parties, beach hangouts and block party invites. This year, why not celebrate all your hard work by rewarding yourself with a new bikini look, or two. Check out our Top 5 looks hand-selected by our expert team at BeachCandy.

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sexy slimming swimsuit for women

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

As the saying goes, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” So now's your chance! For our first outfit we have the ELYSIA Slimming One Piece in white, paired with our Burgundy Ombre Tassel Earrings as seen on our website.

This look is perfect for any beach party as this white sexy one piece contrasts perfectly to these fun burgundy tassels. The earrings can sway along your ears as the one piece suit stays perfectly in its place with all the support you need.

The ELYSIA Slimming One Piece is both sexy and gives the perfect amount of coverage. The deep V neckline celebrates the chest without revealing too much of the body. The back of this swimsuit does the same, but with a scoop cut that covers the lower back.

Do not be intimidated by this neckline, as all of our BeachCandy swimsuits are given full support to help make you feel comfortable. This suit is no exception, as one of our top selling swimsuits, you are guaranteed to not feel out of place in this one piece.

The gathered waistline will also help you feel skinny as it slims down your tummy for a lengthening look. With long earrings to match, the bold color of the tassels will swing beside your neck for additional attention drawing. You can even add some bling to this look with our BeachCandy guaranteed Swarovski Crystals.

This way you can gleam and shine in the sunlight stealing everyone's attention. Look and feel confident in this stunning white outfit, with some playful tassels to show off your bold color choice. 

sexy supportive halter bikini topSwarovski bikiniSwim Skirt

RACHEL Halter Bikini TopOur Signature VIP ‘BRITB’ Bottom + LISA Swim Skirt

This outfit is a summer must have the way it comes in a complete palm print set. We have the RACHEL Halter Top that comes in the standard triangle look. Our signature world famous VIP 'BRITB' Bottoms complete with full or light VIP. Plus, to add just a touch more coverage, pair these two with our LISA Swim Skirt.

These three pieces were made to make any beach babe look vacation ready in this tropical print. All you need to do is find your size in each and you too can pull off this complete look.

Choose the RACHEL Halter Bikini Top for your go-to top just like everyone else who buys at BeachCandy. As our #1 Best Selling Bikini Top every season, the RACHEL is full of comfort and support thanks to the fabric that we use for amazing lift.

This top is perfect for those of you with larger busts, and the Swarovski Crystals help out even more. While every suit has a Swarovski Crystal guarantee, these crystals can slide up of down, depending on how much coverage you want. The lower the Crystals fall, the more cinching your top will do.

Women's Swimwear that Shines the Brightest

Such a popular top could only be paired with BeachCandy's #1 Best Selling Bikini Bottom. Our Signature 'BritB' VIP Swarovski Bikini is our reaction to being featured as Editor's Pick in Sports Illustrated. You can decide whether you would like full coverage or cheeky coverage in the back.

Along with a preference of the scrunch or smooth back. While all of our Swarovski Crystals are hand beaded, this suit guarantees the bling in light and full options. It's your choice to have either 500 or 150 crystals on your hips, so you can shine, or shine brighter. 

Of course, if you shine too brightly, you can always cover your hips with the LISA Swim Skirt. The LISA adds a sleek and stylish look to the entire ensemble, while letting you cover up your thighs. It even has a fold over waist band to help hide any unwanted scenes from your tummy.

So much greatness in such a small cover up, you'll look beautiful effortlessly. You won't even feel like you're hiding your body in this comfortable lightweight cover up. In fact, if anything, it adds to your tropical look, making you luau ready.

  supportive swimsuit with bra supportOpen Front Caftan Cover Upwhite beach bag

CAMERON Push-Up Bra Bikini TopMIKA Adjustable String BottomROLANA Long Open Front Caftan

Make a bold statement with this complete outfit in navy and a white handbag for a pop of color. The BeachCandy CAMERON Push-Up Bra Bikini Top will easily make you look stunning. Especially when paired with our MIKA Adjustable String Bottom.

Then just use the ROLANA Long Sleeve Open Front Caftan for additional cover up. Finally, no look is complete without one of our Beach Bag Vegan Leather / Water Resistant Bags in White. With all of these pieces together your entire look will be Labor Day ready.

Wearing the CAMERON will make any woman feel beautiful with its push-up bra feature. However, there is even more to the CAMERON than just lift, it also comes with adjustable bra straps and a tie-back. This way you are guaranteed to feel comfortable in this bikini top, just like it's guaranteed to come with crystals to line the neck.

Even if you don't need the push-up feature, the LARGE and up sizes for the CAMERON only come with a foam liner, so you don't feel like there's too much being revealed. This way, every woman can wear the CAMERON and look good while doing it.

Adjustable Supportive Swimwear for Women

Speaking of adjustable, pair the CAMERON with BeachCandy's MIKA Adjustable String Bottom. As it was highly demanded, like the CAMERON, the MIKA was made to adjust to any hip size. The best part is, even though it's adjustable, it doesn't squeeze the hips and dig into the skin. This is perfect for our active BeachCandy Babes, letting you swim and splash in comfort.

The matching navy ROLANA Long Sleeve Cover Up, adds to this look like no other cover up can. With a see through material, the ROLANA completes this look like no other cover up can. The sleeves are long and open in the arms, bunching up at the wrists to not hang over your hands.

The front has a single tie that can be made into a loose bow or be left to hang for added string length. Everything about this cover up says "billow in the wind," and it does just that when you're on the beach. This Cover up is made for comfort and beauty for all shapes and sizes.

The Beach Bag Vegan Leather / Water Resistant in white, is what really pulls this look together. While your entire swim ensemble is in navy blue, this contrasting stark white bag will put you in the spot light.

This bag is not only beautiful, as the name says, it is also Vegan Leather and Water Resistant, so you don't have to worry about a thing. All of your personal items can be seen through the translucent material, and stay dry. 

most supportive triangle bikini topstring bikini bottomshigh quality designer brand sunglasses

ALEXA Classic Bikini Triangle TopALEXA Classic Tie Side Bikini Bottom BROOKS Sunglasses by IVI

This outfit is simple, yet fun, featuring our most casual bikini suit in the best color! The matching ALEXA Classic Bikini Triangle Top and Classic Tie Side Bikini Bottom has everything you want in a standard bikini. Sometimes there really is no need to mess with a good thing.

All we did was amp it up with our Swarovski Crystals and design ties that are actually cute! Make sure you choose the entire set in Besame, so you can stand out from the white sandy beach and deep blue ocean.

However, adding the BROOKS Sunglasses by IVI to this look is really what ties it all together. Especially in this color, the frames match the added crystals to complete the set. Plus, they really are just cute in general. 

handkerchief tankini topbeach sarong wrap

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top + ALEXA Tie Side BottomMARIA Sarong Short

Keeping it sweet like summertime we have the JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top and ALEXA Classic Tie Side Bikini Bottom in our Citron Print. Paired with our MARIA Sarong Short in white. These outfits are sure to make a splash this Labor Day weekend.

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Thanks for reading our blog about White Swim Suits! BeachCandy is a designer swimwear brand that cares for their customers, and if you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us and we'll be glad to help you find your new swimsuit!

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