Full Coverage Bikini

Full Coverage Bikini

Find Your Perfect Coverage, Fit & Comfort at BeachCandy Swimwear.

For all of those who love a flattering, full coverage bottom or who just want a little extra coverage, BeachCandy Swimwear is the place to be. All of our full coverage bikinis offer the best support and comfort. Therefore, they will have you feeling confident and worry-free the second you put them on.

Whether you are planning your next getaway destination or your next trip to the beach, a full coverage bikini bottom is a necessity for many women to feel their best. We know this because it's a common request with women around the world.

Just because you want full coverage doesn't mean you can't feel sexy and glamourous. BeachCandy Swimwear wants every woman, no matter her size and shape, to feel confident. Our full coverage swimsuit bottoms are designed to give you enough coverage and security to make you feel comfortable. They are also designed to hug your curves in the best way.

Below is a list of our top 10 full coverage bikini bottoms, designed and engineered in all different styles and designs. You will be sure to fall in love with one, if not all! The best thing about these bikini bottoms is that you can pair them with any one of our bikini tops to complete the look.

classic tie side bikini bottoms

1. ALEXA String Bikini Bottom

Who says you can’t have a simple, sexy, and full coverage bikini bottom all in one? The ALEXA is what you have been waiting for. This is a must-have classic bikini bottom for any swimwear wardrobe, which is why it’s the top choice.

The ALEXA is a perfectly-cut tie side adjustable bikini bottom that offers great coverage and will quickly become your new go-to for an adjustable full coverage bottom. This continues to be one of our best sellers due to how personal it feels. The adjustable ties will let you form these bottoms to fit you exactly how you want.

adjustable full coverage bikini

2. CATIE Tie Side Bikini Bottoms

The CATIE is adjustable, comfortable, modern, and full-coverage, instantly making it one of the best sellers at BeachCandy. It’s the perfect combination, with a modern cut in the back and a keyhole side tie. Flattering on all body shapes and sizes, the CATIE will fit you perfectly.

As a result, this is a perfect bottom for any woman seeking a bikini bottom with coverage for c-section scars. If you want to create the perfect match, we recommend the RACHEL Halter Top Bikini.

full coverage high waisted bikini bottoms

3. ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

The ASHLEY is a fantastic high waisted bikini bottom that is cut to perfection with ruching in the waistline and extra tummy control in the lining. This bikini bottom was made with an upper seamless edge allowing for the ultimate comfort. As a result, it instantly creates that feminine hourglass shape as soon as you put it on.

The ASHLEY will have you feeling ready to take on anything. This is one of our absolute favorite full coverage bikini bottoms that make you feel like you almost are wearing a one piece. These stylish High Waisted Bikini Bottoms will make you feel sexy, confident, and ready for the next pool party.

lace up full coverage bikini

4. HALLE Lace Up Bikini Bottom

One word to describe the HALLE is modest. One of our timeless best sellers, it’s simplicity, lace-up detailing and comfort is what keeps people coming back. The HALLE offers a modest full coverage and a higher rise in the front and back.

In addition, it is detailed with lace-up side ties, this bikini bottom is great if you’re looking for a fun and unique twist to a simple boy short bikini bottom. Although the HALLE Lace Up Bikini Bottom is full coverage and modest, it remains high in style and glamour. These bikini bottoms are the best of both worlds, leaving you feeling comfortable and sexy at the same time. 

full coverage scrunch bikini bottom

5. JENN Scrunch Bikini Bottom

Wouldn’t you want all your favorite bikini bottom features be in one bikini? Therefore, we took the best of the best bikini bottom features and created the JENN. Featuring seamless bottoms, a scrunch and no-tie detailing. This flawless bikini has absolutely no squeeze at the hips and no-squeeze edges, creating both comfort and support.

For instance, the women who feel self-consciously "hippy," this bottom would be one of our top recommendations. Plus, with a simple three strap detail on the hips, this trendy bikini bottom is the perfect must-pack essential for any vacation. These bottoms will leave you feeling comfortable, secure, and even ready for a game of beach volleyball or two.

folded waistband full bikini bottoms

6. KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms

The KIMBERLY will easily be the most comfortable full coverage bikini bottom you will ever wear. Featuring tummy control, full coverage, and no squeeze at the hips. In other words, the KIMBERLY is the perfect simple, comfortable, and fashionable bikini bottom.

An elastic-free fold-over waistband creates that seamless look that will have you looking gorgeous. Think of your favorite tummy control yoga pants and then translate that into a bikini bottom. You will effortlessly feel worry free about the fit of these women friendly bikini bottoms.

swim skirt bottoms

7. KYLIE Swim Skort

Looking for a skirted bikini bottom alternative? The KYLIE is the perfect option. Our most popular alternative, the KYLIE offers full coverage bottoms attached underneath the skort. Most importantly, with a chic hold-in waistband, it eliminates any unwanted squeezing at the hips.

This is a fabulous versatile addition to any swimsuit. Feel perfectly engineered thigh coverage in a bikini. Pair it with one of our fashion-forward tops to truly feel sleek and sophisticated in a swimsuit without compromising your comfort.

full coverage high cut bikini bottoms

8. MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

If you love your bikini bottoms high waisted, you will instantly love the MADDY. Above all, it's the perfect solution that hides any tummy concerns while still giving you that great coverage. This seamless, modest, high waisted bikini creates a gorgeous feminine hourglass shape. Even with the added coverage, you will feel comfortable and confident showing off your curves. 

Swarovski bikini

9. Our Signature ‘BRITB’ VIP Bottom

This gorgeous Swarovski VIP Bikini Bottom is our signature for a reason. Certainly, our world famous best seller will have you looking flawless and confidence with amazing comfort and coverage. This one-of-a-kind luxury bikini bottom can be customized designed to order.

Making it the perfect full coverage bikini bottom for you. In addition, it features over 300 individually hand woven Swarovski Crystals, so the ‘BRITB’ VIP bottoms will have you turning heads everywhere you go. From "Editor's Pick" in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to the RHOC, this bottom is our claim to fame.

full coverage boyshort bikini

10. STACIA Scrunch Boy Short Bottom

The STACIA was created to offer sleek comfort and tummy coverage in a bikini boy short bottom. This full coverage shortie is one of our best sellers. The STACIA features a seamless edge at the waist, a no-hug hipster, and a classic cut leg.

This smooth bottom ensures the most comfort and coverage. The STACIA will have you feeling confident and carefree as soon as you slide them on. Pair with our favorite sarong wrap.


Full coverage bikini bottoms are quite a struggle. Either they end up being too matronly making you feel no where close to sexy or they become saggy. BeachCandy Swimwear works hard to create the perfect full coverage bikini bottoms. Our full coverage bikini bottoms stay consistent in style so that they are always fashion forward.

They are also designed with the best quality material and fit so that there is never any sagging. Our full coverage bikini bottoms will hug your curves in all the best ways. Here's to feeling sexy and beautiful in every bikini bottom no matter how covered you want them. Learn more about our flattering swimsuits for women and our amazing bra pad inserts--the best push up pads for enhanced cleavage in a bikini.

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