Sarong Wrap

How to Wear a Sarong Wrap

How to Wear a Sarong Wrap

This timeless must-have cover up is making a splash in the fashion world - the sarong. It's versatility, lightweight material, and fashionable design make it a beach essential these days. It is perfect for any quick cover up after a long day pool or beach.

This is a must have for any occasion and will have everyone complimenting your beach day outfit. Going on a tropical vacation soon or just looking to spice up your daily beach vibe? BeachCandy has you covered! Our MARIA Sarong Wrap comes in two lengths long and short, allowing you to pick what kind of coverage you want.

With these two lengths, you will have the option to choose the look that best fits you. The long skirt length provides more of a fuller coverage. Making it  perfect for those looking for more coverage in a cover up. The shorter length is perfect for those who still want a bit more coverage while still showing some curves.

Both lengths also come in eight unique and fashionable colors to complement any suit! This will allow you to have the option to match with any of your BeachCandy swimsuits. This is a must have for everyone's swimsuit wardrobe. Not only is this beach sarong wrap a fantastic option to cover up. It can also be used as a fashion statement at your next pool party.

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From flirty and revealing to classy and stylish, this cover up wrap is here to make a statement. BeachCandy believes you should always be prepared to look and feel your very best. And nothing will compliment your new suit like a sarong wrap skirt to go with.

Transform this cover up into any look that best suits you. Not feeling a simple around the waist cover up? The sarong can be transformed into a dress cover up for a night out after a swim. Not feeling the dress? The sarong can also be transformed into a pair of pants for those breeze days. 

One of the best qualities of the sarong is its light, soft fabric. This mesh, lightweight fabric is perfect if you want your sexy swimsuit to peak through. It looks extra fashionable if you pair it with one of BeachCandy's hand beaded Swarovski Crystal bottoms. 

The sarong offers enough coverage to make any woman feel comfortable. But at the same time doesn't hide your rocking curves or sparkly new BeachCandy bikini.

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Wear Your Long MARIA Sarong As a Dress Cover Up...

Style dress sarongs are most notably known as an easy alternative to a cover up. With the long MARIA Sarong cover up, it is easy to make just about any look happen. Just fold the front of your body and tie.

These cover ups are a quick way to easily make your swimsuit more stylish and fashionable. One way to style your sarong is as a dress (see above). Note, only the long option can achieve this look. Or try a tie the two top ends together to create a cute crop top & knot to secure.

For specific dress ideas, make a strapless dress by tying the sarong around your chest. Want to go for a more stylish look? Take the ends and twist around your neck for a halter dress. You can also go Greek and wear it off one shoulder for a toga look. Not feeling like wearing a dress? You can also wear the sarong as  pair of pants.

Wear Your Long MARIA Sarong As Pants...

Fold the sarong to create wrap pants? Just when you thought the MARIA Sarong could not be styled any other way. Our Long MARIA Sarong cover up can also be transformed into pants. Yes, pants! This style will give you a unique look and will add a whole new different look to your swimsuit.

This is perfect if you want to show off your BeachCandy bikini top. Use the MARIA long sarong as a pair of pants you want more coverage for your legs. Simply wrap this beach cover between the legs and around the waist! This will give you the perfect bohemian look that everyone is looking for. This is perfect for your next beach getaway.

Wear Your Long MARIA Sarong As a Skirt...

Hold the sarong & tie for a long or short skirt length. Easily wear this essential style as a cute and fast skirt. For those looking for more coverage, this is perfect. When used as a skirt, it goes just a little bit over your knees.

This allows you to still show off your legs while still having the perfect amount of coverage. This is a perfect look for a beautiful sunset by the beach. It is effortless and easy to create the long MARIA Sarong into a skirt. Just create a double knotted tie on one hip and you’re good to go!

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The great thing about a sarong wrap is its adaptability to any environment. For busy moms, the sarong can be worn as a casual and manageable alternative to any typical outfit. And the sarong is basically weightless and can be packed and put away in almost any bag. Making it easy to throw into your beach bag.

The lightweight fabric allows you to easily fold it without having to carry the extra weight in your bag. For our beach babes who are always on the go the sarong can easily be packed in a suitcase. This will still allow you to have a lot of room left in your suitcase. Once at your destination, fold it and place it in your purse and take it with you wherever you go!

Consequently, the sarong is a great accessory on the go because it can quickly be transformed into an outfit. You will no longer have to worry about packing an extra dress to throw on top of your bikini. The sarong wrap quickly gives any swimsuit a more fashionable look that will be perfect for any beach or pool day.

Decided to go down to the pool without clothes and getting hungry? The sarong wrap dress is there to save the day; a cute outfit is one swish away. In a matter of seconds, you will have a completely different look. The black sarong wrap can heighten your entire look.

And take you from beach goddess to old Hollywood glam in a heartbeat. It will give you a classy look that will have everyone complimenting your beach day outfit. Perfect for happy hour or any rooftop bar! This pareo wrap in white is the perfect accessory on any vacation.


The beach sarong can also be a helpful and convenient tool. For example, lay it on the sand and use it as a towel if you forgot to pack a towel. This will be a perfect beach day picture. For those overcast beach days, wrap the sarong around you as a blanket. Place this versatile cover up over your face to block out those harsh rays when you're getting your tan on. The possibilities are truly endless.

At BeachCandy we understand the need to feel comfortable & on-trend while maintaining convenience to use and wear. Furthermore, nothing completes your beach look like this beach wrap. The MARIA sarong wrap compliments every figure and allows each woman to personalize their beach look.

Once you get your hands on this sarong cover up will not want to let go of it. It will be a go-to for every and any beach occasion. All ages, body types, and aesthetics are supported by this amazing essential accessory.

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Simply a must-have in this short breezy length. As our designer likes to say, a classic must-have for every woman. The short sarong wrap creates the dream beach look that every woman wants. Getting up for your next cocktail? Wrap this beachy dream around your waist, knot, & achieve maximum comfort.

This will give you a look that will truly make your beach outfit look flirty and stylish. It will have you feeling comfortable and confident from day to night. For an even better look, match it with our one of our BeachCandy Swimsuits. Feel carefree as you walk to grab your next umbrella'd delight.


long pareo beach wrap


Like versatile options from one garment? The MARIA Sarong Long Wrap is your new go-to beach accessory! In fact, you can wear this beachy pareo wrap as a skirt, dress, pants, one shoulder, & more.

Packable, lightweight, wrinkle-free, & simply fabulous. Furthermore, this Add-to-Cart wonder will make packing for your next vacation a breeze. There are so many ways to tie and wear a sarong.

In fact, this style will be your favorite go-to on every vacay or beach day you take for a lifetime. It is common for our BeachCandy Babes to order these in a few colors. We suggest starting with Black & White first for sure! Happy Shopping beautiful BeachCandy Babes. And don't forget our expert team is more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect BeachCandied look.


If you have any questions about our bestselling MARIA Sarong Wrap, feel free to contact us. In fact, our expert team is happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your next vacay! We are available via live chat, email, or just a phone call away.

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