Benefits of a 7 Day Fast

What are the Benefits of a 7 Day Fast?

I’m with you… the first thought in my mind was 7 days, I can’t miss 7 hours without eating. 

Welcome to our weekly wellness article. My name is Brit and I am the founder and designer here at BeachCandy Swim. 

In reading about the health benefits, a 7-day fast has been on my wellness bucket list for a while now. 

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Let’s rewind back a decade for those of you new to BeachCandy. 

Our Wellness Wednesdays have been a catalyst for us to expand beyond the bikini into a deeper dive into your total wellbeing.

BeachCandy began as a local custom swim shop on Pacific Coast Highway in coastal California in 2011 with a dream that every woman deserved to feel extraordinary in a swimsuit. 

Since our shop days, the way we do business might have changed (100% e-com today), but our mission has remained. High quality swimwear for real everyday women and moms around the world.

But with each passing year in business (11 years in the making), my medical conditions seemed to worsen.

BeachCandy founder in one piece swimsuit.

At the beginning of last year, I was shocked to experience severe stiffness and the loss of my ability to walk due to extremely high levels of inflammation. After years of misdiagnoses, we were forced to meet with another round of specialists...But this time, the tests came back with something--Ankylosing Spondylitis, a spinal autoimmune disease. 

All these years, all the symptoms, all the Tylenol, pharmaceuticals, and unknowingness of toxicity in our foods, environment, and everyday products paired with a daily dollop of stress as a fashion business owner and you have a perfect storm for autoimmune disease.

So that’s the background on BeachCandy, a little bit about myself, and the inspiration to speak up through dedicated weekly wellness articles. So back to our topic and my experience of fasting for 7 long days having water only...

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There are many types of fasts, so why 7-day fast?

Despite recent popularity, fasting is as old as time used throughout the most ancient times as religious or spiritual practice. And with all the hype, you hear about intermittent fasting as an operational standard for many seeking optimal health.

So why starve yourself for more than 24 hours? The proof is in the results and it has been scientifically proven to provide fountain-of-youth-like health benefits. 

Did you know we have 30 trillion cells in our miraculous human bodies? And each cell in our body as a tiny battery providing you with energy. In fact, each cell in our body holds 0.07 volts.

Here are the Top 11 Long Term Benefits of Doing a 7-Day Fast

  1. Boosts stem cells in every organ in your body 

  2. Lowers insulin and glucose levels

  3. Increases HGH (human growth hormone) very anti-aging

  4. Increases rates of autophagy - where your body finds weak cells and repairs them back to health

  5. Mitophagy - mitochondria dead cell clean up

  6. Raises your metabolic rate

  7. Decreases inflammation 

  8. Reduces risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, blood pressure

  9. Improved brain function and mental clarity

  10. Longevity

  11. Detoxification 

...And of course weight loss, but most of this is water weight loss which will be regained once you begin eating again. But the important thing to remember is the inflammation will decrease, which is the real weight you want off your body. 

Now let’s talk about the side effects of the short term experience of fasting. This is no cake walk. You will think about food 100x more than usual and might even want to break your fast in the first few days.

But, once you are given the go ahead -- advice, diagnosis, or treatment by your physician, then run towards the finish line to experience all the benefits listed above. Your brain health and mental clarity alone are two priceless human faculties that you want full access to.

In this day and age, our toxic processed foods are causing dangerously high levels of inflammation for us all. This is precisely why it can be tough to lose weight. Fat burning exercises will never be able to penetrate every cell in your body like a 7-day fast can and will. Furthermore, our low fat and calorie restriction culture is leaving us nutrient deficient and therefore constantly hungry with a headache.

BeachCandy founder in swimsuit and cover up.

My personal results and experience from fasting for 7 full days?

I have been overwhelmed by the power of my first 7 day fast -- trying my best to find the words for how life-changing the experience has been. First and foremost, I want to begin by saying it was tough, like really tough. The nausea and dizziness almost never went away for me, but you have to remember that last year, my toxicity levels tipped the scale and I was severely stiff and unable to walk.

I was determined to get through even after fainting on day 3 and severely twisting my ankle. I knew after all my reading that when your body begins to use your soluble tissue for “food” during the fast, toxins are released into your bloodstream.

This detoxification process can certainly cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and an overall yucky feeling. But I am determined to rid myself of the toxic bioaccumulation in the body, so home I sat waiting for the day when I got to chew again.

By day 6 and 7, I was feeling the best I had felt internally that I have ever known in my lifetime. My most unexpected result was an unshakable sense of calm as if my central nervous system was upgraded to an entirely new experience and perspective. Another surprising result was how rejuvenated my eyes, hair, skin, nails and teeth were. Not only did the whites of my eyes brighten, but my teeth got whiter as well.

Deep wrinkles I held in my brow line have almost completely disappeared. My mental clarity and brain function seem sharper than ever and my appreciation for nutrition is at an all time high. After we detail our cars, the last thing we are gonna do is trash them. I lost 15 lbs. of weight, 5 of which returned days after eating again. 

So therefore, I lost 10 pounds of inflammation, toxicity, and dead cell weight.

I did notice each and every benefit of the list mentioned above and that was an especially fun surprise after years of failed medical attempts. I find myself already daydreaming about the next round now that I am aware of exacting what I am getting myself into. Never in my wildest dreams did I understand the miracle of our bodies until I took mine for a ride to the bottom and back.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to share my journey with you and if this helps even one person out there in any way, that is a win for me. After a lifetime of “unremarkable” signs and symptoms, I am dedicated to speaking up for those still suffering, silenced by our medical care system. 

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Considering giving a 7-day fast a try? Make sure to consult with your medical care doctor to ensure your body is up for the wild journey…

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