BeachCandy Swimwear Reviews

BeachCandy Swimwear Reviews: The Difference Quality Makes

Over the last ten years, BeachCandy Swimwear has become well known for being a designer swimwear brand that prioritizes quality over quantity. Originally trademarked in 2007, BeachCandy has been changing the way women think and feel about swimsuits. Even better, Brit, the founder of BeachCandy, has been widely recognized for her commitment to providing extraordinary fit and quality for real women. 

Three important qualities that place BeachCandy over other swimsuit brands are that we provide the best quality swimsuits with exceptional support, offer various styles and designs, and that we cater to the individual needs of different women.

A Few Stellar Customer Experiences Too Good Not to Share

“I am so in love with my first BeachCandy swimsuit, I would like to do another. I actually was supposed to send it in to their team for a slight alteration, but simply could not part with it during the summer.

I LOVE my BeachCandy! It might sound silly, but it made my trip to Mexico much better than if I was wearing another suit. 

One day I put a [other brand] bikini on and was immediately aware of the difference in fit and quality. Wore it for an hour and took it right off. I cannot thank you enough for the confidence I felt when I was wearing my BeachCandy.” - Emilie, NY

Locally made in California, every BeachCandy swimsuit has a unique fit guarantee. Every swimsuit piece is handcrafted in Los Angeles because we value authenticity, ethical practices, and supreme quality control. Additionally, BeachCandy offers signature pieces that serve as exclusive products within the company. An example of this would be our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy, handcrafted and protected under a lifetime beading guarantee.*

best bikini brand

Warning: BeachCandy Swimwear is Addictive & Highly Collectible! 

(Shown: ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top and ALEXA String Bikini Bottom.)

“I have 5 BeachCandy swimsuits. Yes, it’s an addiction! Everything about a BeachCandy makes you want more. Also, the darling owner, BritB, takes great care to provide you with the experience of feeling beautiful and fully comfortable in your BeachCandy! The fabrics are of supreme quality as is the attention to detail. Oh, did I mention the suits are topped off with sparkling Swarovski crystals? Need I say more?” - Lisa, CA

One of the biggest things that places BeachCandy over other designer swimwear is the fact that our pieces are carefully made to fit and support the body like no other swimsuit. For example, there are many women who have discussed how they have had issues for years with finding a bra top that comfortably supports them without having to wear an uncomfortable underwire, and that didn’t give way to wear and tear after only a few washes. This is just one example of a common concern women have with swimwear that we have addressed with our superior designs and construction.

full coverage tankini swimsuit top
TYLER Halter Top Tankini

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Exceptional quality, fit, and support makes a huge difference in how a woman feels in a swimsuit.  A cheap quality, ill-fitting bathing suit can make a woman feel flawed, but having the right kind of suit for your body made with the best, most supportive fabrics, and cut in the most flattering styles for your figure will give you the confidence boost you deserve. We're not exaggerating--there really is a difference!

"My 32dd chest was supported, my bottoms stayed on. And I surfed, hiked, paddle boarded and sunbathed, and looked amazing doing it. Coming from someone who has never walked down a beach in a bikini feeling confident, I will NEVER buy a swimsuit for larger busts from another company ever! BeachCandy has literally changed the way I view my body!" - Chrissy, NY

best fitting women's swimwear

Experience our Famous Fit for Real Women Worldwide

“My bathing [suit] shopping experience has always been anything but pleasant. Find the right top but the bottom doesn’t fit. Or the bottom fits perfect but the top is too small. Needless to say anytime I wanted to bathing suit shop I would have to take a shot of some libation just to keep calm. 

“Then, when I found something that looked decent, it would barely last through an entire year because of cheap fabric. Thank goodness I found BeachCandy. I now have two sexy swimsuits with great material. 

One is a black BeachCandy style with the beautiful Swarovski crystals. It holds me in very well, yet looks super sexy and elegant.” - Goldie, CA

Another unique quality of BeachCandy Swimwear is that the brand offers a wide variety of styles and designs. Many of the women who have experimented with BeachCandy praise the brand for having timeless bathing suits that actually fit & feel flawless. This is something that not many other stores or brands offer, and if they do, there aren’t many attractive colors and styles available. 

designer one piece swimsuit
ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

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Moreover, these women praise BeachCandy for offering tops that fit larger breasts, as well as comfortable swimsuit bottoms that can make them appear slimmer as well as camouflage undesired bodily characteristics. As a result, many women around the world have come to know our swimsuit brand as one that definitely lives up to our reputation of "famous fit swimwear."

“BeachCandy truly has an expert understanding of how swimwear should fit a woman’s figure... For the first time I was able to walk out of a place with a swimsuit I loved. Overall wonderful experience, really changed how I felt about wearing a swimsuit. You won’t be disappointed if they can fit me they can fit anyone.” - Rachel, AZ

swimwear for real women

Made in America for Women, by Women

Our company founder, BritB, does a fantastic job making her brand feel more personalized. BritB goes above and beyond when it comes to making sure every woman finds their perfect fit, as well as building a loyal relationship that will keep them coming back for high quality pieces. 

For example, there are women who have shared their personal experiences on how the brand has made them feel welcome and different from any other woman out there. They discuss how BritB took her time to measure them and schedule various swimsuit fittings, and not stopping until she helps her client find the perfect fit that they are one hundred percent happy with. 

My bikini flatters my figure and color tone perfectly. Heads turn every time I wear it! The fabric, beading and construction of the suit are top of the line!” - Jenn, CA

Going above and beyond has provided these women with a sense of relief because it shows them that BeachCandy is a brand made for women by women, and that there is indeed a brand that wants to make their clients feel sexy in a supportive, high quality swimsuit.

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