best swimwear brand on instagram

Best Swimwear Brand on Instagram

BeachCandy is hands down the best swimwear brand on Instagram! For those of you following BeachCandy Swimwear on Instagram, way to go! You are following the hottest swimwear Instagram account out there. With have over 40 thousand followers, we continue to grow everyday.

We make sure our posts keep you updated on our latest collections, products, events and more! Before we get into why our swimwear label is so unique and fabulous, triple check that you are following us @beachcandyswimwear. Give our account a scroll and get ready for your shopaholic urges to kick into gear.

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BeachCandy IG Story Highlights

As you look at our account, you will notice multiple story highlights that have been pinned to our profile.  These are the circle pictures placed right under our website and address.  Here you can find a plethora of information and pictures about our swimwear brand.

Bridal bikinis, custom bikinis, vacation bikinis and more! You name it, we have it!  Our story highlights are a fantastic place to start for getting a feel for who we are as a company. Most importantly, our story highlight labeled "blog" will give you easy access to reading all our informative and extremely helpful blogs.

Whether our bridal days are far in the future or even way in our past. We're sure we can all agree that shopping for bridal wear never gets old. That is why our bridal swimwear continues to stand out and stay extremely popular. As you click on our bridal story highlight, you will see some of our favorite bridal swimsuits. 

These are perfect for that destination wedding! Featured is our Bridal Billionaire Bikini! Our Bridal Billionaire Bikini is the legendary honeymoon swimsuit. This bikini is expertly hand-sewn with Swarovski crystals for 100+ hours.  The crystals elegantly embellish your bust line and give you that mega sparkle! Additionally, this swimsuit top enhances your cleavage with a comfortable and supportive lift.

For all our Brides-to-Be out there

Our bridal Instagram story highlight will also feature an example of a custom SWAROVSKI monogram. This means that you can personalize any bikini you want with crystals.

This is especially cute when our customers ask to embellish their bottoms with their new last name.Our highlights will give you more ideas and inspiration for how you can customize your next swimsuit.

Best Swimwear Brands Instagram

Follow Along with BeachCandy Swim on Instagram

Once you have finished scrolling through our Instagram highlights. make sure to check back on those for more up to date stories! Now lets get right into your actual Instagram Posts. As you can see just from an initial look, the BeachCandy Instagram is more aesthetic than ever.

With one look, you will want to head straight to the beach and book your next tropical vacation. All our fun beachy posts will transport you straight from your Tuesday work day to the coasts of Greece. What more can you want from an Instagram account?

BeachCandy Swimwear makes sure to post up to three times a day! That way you will never miss out on a post. Phew! Each posts strives to be unique, consistently switching around models and swimsuits. You will never get bored!

Every photo we post of one of our beautiful models wearing a BeachCandy Swimsuit will be linked directly to our website.  All you have to do is simply touch the button near the swimsuit you like and boom.

You are seconds away from purchasing. Online shopping just got even better. Our Instagram is also a fantastic way to get easy and fast answers to questions you might have. Comment a specific question on one of our posts and we will get back to as soon as possible. Shopping through our Instagram account can feel as if you are right here in our studio. Shop with convenience in your own home.

Additionally to the many posts of our models wearing our swimsuits, we also post inspiration posts! These can be anything from powder sandy beaches with crystal blue water to magnificent hotels.

Like we mentioned, there is no harm in a little day dreaming.  Who knows, maybe our next post will be the inspiration you need to kick start your next getaway.  Follow us now, thank you later.

Swimsuit Giveaway

BeachCandy Giveaways

If everything we mentioned didn't sell you yet, then this 1000% will! Since we are the hottest swimwear out there, we want to share our swimsuits with everyone.  That is why we have our #WinITWednesday Giveaways.

One some special Wednesdays, BeachCandy Swimwear with host a giveaway on Instagram.  We give our followers the chance to enter and win some of our gorgeous swimsuit sets and sometimes more! All you have to do is follow the instructions and you are on your way to a free suit on us.

Thank you for reading all about all about why we are the best swimwear brand on instagram. So what are you waiting for? Give @beachcandyswimwear a follow below! Don't miss out on all the incredible things we have waiting for women around the world.

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