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BeachCandy New Location

Dear Beloved BeachCandy Babes,

If you happened to have been driving down PCH and seen the giant MOVING SALE signs in the windows here at BeachCandy, don’t be alarmed! I like to say that we’re ‘going glocal’ – taking BeachCandy globally, into the lives of women everywhere. Don’t worry we aren’t going far.

Our new home will only be a few miles away. And I look forward to inviting you directly into the mix of BeachCandy. We’ve created a non-conventional, “ProjectRunway-like” setting. Where we will be able to Skype and interact with women around the world. All while continuing our hand-beaded touches, on-site production and our signature custom fittings. 

As you know, we are very proud to care about an extra quarter-inch in coverage and going the mile for super supportive tops so that every client leaves happy. This is precisely how we have built our brand, by caring about one woman at a time.

Over the last 6 years we have become a big fish in the small pond of Orange County. Inspired by the growth of our online store, and the need for swimwear that actually works, fits, and makes a difference in people’s lives.


We are excited to make an even bigger impact solving the gaping issues with swimwear throughout the world. Through e-commerce, distribution, and traveling globally with the brand. One conversation, one beautiful body, and one perfect swimsuit at a time – no matter where you might be in the world! Learn more about BeachCandy's new swimsuit accessories.


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