#1 non-toxic mineral sunscreen

Our #1 Non-Toxic Mineral Sunscreen 

Summertime is almost here, time to get prepared for your adventures with just the right summer gear.

The closer we get to three months of prime beach weather the better to be prepared. Each season we have felt strongly about preparing for the best measure of protection from the beaming sun. A week long of enjoying Hawaii’s coral reefs and shoreside tanning sessions would be a dream, but never forget the importance of sun protection during your trip.

NEVER underestimate the power of sunscreen; it’s important to remain consistent with your sunscreen application for happier and healthier skin.

Chemical sunscreen formulas are toxic to our health whereas mineral sunscreens have a long-term and beneficial effect. The issue with today’s sunscreens is that many of them contain harmful chemicals that are exceedingly damaging, especially to sensitive skin. If this is a concern for you, but you don’t want to risk skipping your daily sunscreen step, then we have the right sunscreen for you. 

gluten free vegan sunscreen

As an addition to our organic collection, BeachCandy Swimwear now carries the brand new LA Sol #1 Non-Toxic Mineral Sunscreen. With clean and vegan-based ingredients, this LA Sol non-toxic mineral sunscreen will provide you with all of your sun protection needs without hurting your skin barrier or overall health. 

#1 Non-Toxic Mineral Sunscreen Features:

  • SPF 30

  • Translucent, hydrating, and lightweight 

  • Gentle for sensitive skin 

  • 80-minute water resistance

  • Clean, clear, and vegan

  • Cruelty, gluten, paraben, and fragrance free

  • Made in USA 

  • Reef-friendly (compliant with Hawaii Reef Act 104)

  • Active ingredient: 15.7% zinc oxide 

Necessity items should not have to contain any chemically dangerous ingredients that could cause harm to your body and health. Sunscreen should be something that we rely on and are confident to use on a daily basis. This is where we can draw the line between chemical and natural sunscreens.

Although both can get the job done, one will leave more negative effects and the other will leave positive effects in the long run. 

As we venture onto an organic and sustainable route, BeachCandy Swimwear is determined to take every step closer to contributing positively to our community through our organic collection. The LA Sol #1 Non-Toxic Mineral Sunscreen is one of the many steps that we’re taking to make this shift possible. 

BeachCandy x LA Sol 

BeachCandy Swimwear is proud to announce that we’ve chosen to work with the local women-owned brand, LA Sol to bring our favorite natural sunscreen to you.

LA Sol is a sunscreen brand that BeachCandy has chosen because of their non-toxic core values that align with our desired mission. We plan to make wellness the trend to follow for a lifetime. 

To set forth a healthier lifestyle for our community and environment from the fabrics that we wear to the products that we use for beauty and wellness and sunscreen is no exception.

Sunscreen is a large part of any water related activity and it is a hope that our BC ladies apply it on a daily basis as well. 

LA Sol is a small women-owned business that has the initiative to promote a strong line of healthy sun protective products without the use of toxic chemicals. They advocate their products as vegan, paraben free, and non-nano zinc. Their products easily apply on the skin with a beautiful natural finish. We support this brand to be a part of the perfect addition to our organic collection of sustainable products. 

BeachCandy’s organic collection focuses on the sustainability of the production for each product and how we can contribute to the world in a positive lens. LA Sol does just that as they aim to offer a clean promise to sun protection and a reef-friendly solution for the wellbeing of the environment. LA Sol makes it more than about the product itself but the contribution that it’s making to change the world for the better. 

Not only is this brand well-loved and appreciated by their customers but medically approved by dermatologists. We can trust that this sunscreen is meant to benefit in ways unimaginable. The clean #1 Non-Toxic Mineral Sunscreen by LA Sol will make a summer adventure truly easy to enjoy while in the sun. 

natural sunscreen

Understanding Mineral Sunscreen 

Mineral sunscreen is a simple, gentle, and natural-ingredient form of sunscreen that places a strong barrier against UV rays. Generally, the ingredients in mineral sunscreens are better for those prone to sensitive skin and for the environment. This option of a natural sunscreen ideally permits a sustainable method of reaching healthy wellness goals to a person’s daily life. 

Our rule for skincare, if we can't eat it's ingredients we shouldn't be putting it on our porous skin which then enters the bloodstream. This is why we choose this mineral sunscreen over any chemical offering.

A mineral-based sunscreen is a great option to adapt to when searching for the perfect sunscreen to apply on a daily basis. 

Traditional mineral sunscreens can be detected by their prevalent white cast and LA Sol does an amazing job with its silky sheer texture so that the sunscreen can appear much more concealed within all skin tones. 

The Better of the Two: Chemical vs. Natural 

When determining which options to choose from for any of your skincare products, be sure to do so with cautious awareness in what it is that you’re actually buying. 

Sunscreen is one of the most essential steps to your routine. It is especially important to protect your skin from UV rays in warmer climates where the sun is always out. Especially when vacationing in a warmer climate with a hot sun beaming on you every day, sunscreen protection is a definite necessity. Take into consideration the differences between a chemical and natural sunscreen. 

Ask yourself: what exactly fits your standards as the best qualities in a sunscreen product? 

Why to Avoid Chemical Sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreens are extremely harmful to your skin as they threaten to cause some sort of hormone disruption to the body. Issues from chemical-based sunscreen lotions will range from skin irritation to cancer. The possibilities of health issues are endless when one uses chemical sunscreens. Although they provide short-term sun protection, the chemicals may seep into harsh long-term effects. 

Chemical sunscreens have ingredients that are absorbed by the body, heightening the concentration level of those chemicals in the body. Instances such as this can severely harm the body. The various ingredients combined can hurt the user as the product works to activate in protecting the skin from the sun but doing so with a major cost. 

Although claiming to protect the skin, the skin can be in for more damage caused by the chemicals from the sunscreen. Harmful ingredients such as oxybenzone octinoxate are used in sunscreens to absorb UV rays, yet are found in the aftermath as high levels of skin discomfort shown from the usage. Ultimately, chemical-based sunscreens are toxic and dangerous, but the good news is that there are many natural alternatives for you to choose 

The Benefits of Natural Sunscreen...

Natural sunscreens are a more conscious choice as they work as a protectant through-and-through with their journey in establishing a shielding sun protectant base. Natural sunscreen is healthier for human application. It helps by acting positively with effects in sunscreen. The following qualities are that it acts sensitively on reactive skin, has no absorption into the skin, and most importantly there’s no toxicity.

Mineral sunscreens are simple to where they create a physical barrier between your skin and the sun. This is one of many reasons why non-toxic mineral sunscreens have the most protection in addition to no health risks form the inacitve ingredients that are used in the sunscreen. For example, an active ingredient in mineral sunscreen like nano zinc oxide will not cause a pierce into the skin to get to the body’s bloodstream. 

Mineral based sunscreens are the better option because they offer real and natural protection from the sun. You won’t have to raise any concerns about the ingredients and how they play a part in the state of your skin. For safe and FDA approved active ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the two that are best used for natural sunscreen.

Our #1 Non-Toxic Mineral Sunscreen Video

Befriend the Reef 

In addition to the safety of human health, the LA Sol #1 Non-Toxic Mineral Sunscreen features a reef friendly aspect. Being reef friendly means that this sunscreen can merge with the ocean without coral bleaching and hurting any aquatic life. This will help preserve the environment in a very responsible way. 

The oceanic environment is constantly threatened with various chemicals. BeachCandy Swimwear does not want to contribute to the toxic exposure that occurs regularly from careless establishments. The regulation with this new sunscreen is set to eliminate any harmful attributes to prevent it from happening. 

BeachCandy Swimwear has an initial motive to stray away from leaving a negative environmental impact by carefully adjusting our carbon footprint in a cautious manner. Our goals of leading sustainable values have been effective as of our organic collection.

We have carefully selected non-toxic problem-solving products this season for all. To be featured in our newly beloved organic collection and the #1 Non-Toxic Mineral Sunscreen features what we support in an environmentally aware way. 

This new mineral sunscreen was meant to be the perfect match to meet in compliancy with what value we want for our brand. We want to ensure that our products are completely free and safe from the detrimental ingredients and materials that would potentially hurt our community or the environment. 

Chemical-Free Lifestyle 

Living chemical-free is a type of routine that we all need to establish if we want to benefit the state of our health. In society today, we have been exposed to a multitude of normalized toxic practices to which we’ve almost adapted to naturally. However, this constant routine has sent us down a dangerous path both for human health and the planet. 

Today, the clothing that we wear, products that we use, and food that we consume have been contaminated with chemicals at one point or another. We want to improve the state of the world at BeachCandy Swimwear.

Implementing organic and natural materials in all of our products is important for the initiative. We aim to come hand-in-hand with brand’s that are motivated to break the chain to invest into something worthwhile. Proceeding with least enviro impact / maximum humanity impact efforts to help sustain our world. 

It is important to us to feel comfortable in our skin. Our products are simply here to help you feel even better internally because health and confidence are the two important aspects that we hope to bring light of. 

Check out our growing BC Organics collection page for more on our new organically sourced products. Learn more about sunscreen toxicity here.

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