GOLD ‘BRITB’ VIP Swarovski Bikini

Our Signature ‘BRITB’ VIP Swarovski Bikini


Our Signature ‘BRITB’ VIP Swarovski Bikini is our world famous bestseller.

The VIP is our claim to fame after being featured as Editor’s Pick in Sports Illustrated. The fit is flawless with two distinct options: full coverage or cheeky coverage in the back then options of a scrunch or smooth in the back.

The VIP “Candy” hips come in two options: light VIP and full VIP. The Full VIP is hand-beaded at our design headquarters in California, complete with over 500 individually handwoven Swarovski Crystals. The Light VIP is the more economical option with less sparkle of about 150 Swarovski Crystals, all hand beaded as well. Made in California with Genuine Swarovski Crystals.

What is Candy? What is a Scrunch?
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