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BeachCandy Swimwear Beach Tote
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The BEACHCANDY Tote is the perfect tote for all your beach essentials. Designed with thick rope handles and high quality canvas material that will last you for every beach getaway. Featuring a gorgeous stripped pattern that will match any style.
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The Universal Beach Tote Bag

Carrying one of your most prize possessed purses to hit the sand or pool can take a damper on its material. It can lose its color from the sun or get dirty from the beach. On top of that, your big Chanel bag doesn’t have the room to carry the necessities needed for being out all day. BeachCandy makes the perfect extra large bag to fit all things needed for a full day of adventure.

The BEACHCANDY Tote bag is an absolute must for carrying all things necessary for a day on vacation such as beach towels, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks, sun hat and a change of clothes. What’s amazing about this product is that the tote bag goes fabulous with all bikinis and resort wear. Even if you’re out running errands and need a quick bag to grab, this large beach bag can also be an everyday use purse.

This beach tote bag is water resistant, easy to clean, with no tug on the top zipper to make packing for a trip to the beach stress free! The thick rope shoulder strap creates heavy duty to the tote, so no need to worry about the bag tearing. Even if you stuff your canvas tote bag with a heap of water bottles and beach towels, the zipper closure will still work in full effect. 

Skip the Straw Bags & Carry All in our BC Tote

Skip the straw bags and get yourself a canvas beach tote for longevity and all-around everyday use. Straw bags are typically made of corn husks, which are super delicate when storing heavy items inside. But with BEACHCANDY’s canvas material, you’ll own and use this tote for a lifetime..

For fairly active women, or women with children, this beach tote is an amazing alternative bag to carry things such as snacks, toys, water bottles, and your own personal items. We wouldn’t want you to risk your expensive purse with spills, messes, and a stain you may have a hard time getting out.

Easy Care for this Beach Tote

Luckily, the BEACHCANDY Tote is super easy to clean. We recommend our Luxury Swimwear Cleanser. Although this solution works perfectly for our swimsuits, this works just as well for our beach tote, too. Because the soap is very mild, there’s no need to dilute in a ton of water. 

However, if our cleanser is not an option for you, any laundry detergent works just as well. We recommend diluting generic soaps in plenty of water to prevent fading and worn out material. Make sure to use cold water when washing your tote bag. This also goes for our swimsuits and resort wear, as well.

We don’t ever recommend tumble drying your beach tote, let alone any kind of bag you own. Let your bag air dry and it’ll be good to use again in no time. Our totes are made to be waterproof, after all.

Do not fear that this tote bag will not go with the swimsuit you decided to wear for the day. The neutral black and white stripes go with every color and every style. On second thought, no one has ever said that bikini tops and bottoms should always match, either! However, if you prefer for bikinis to match, the tote bag will look stellar with whatever style you’re feeling.

The beach tote is extremely affordable, durable, and should last you a long time with the proper care. The BEACHCANDY tote will definitely give you more for your buck, so anyone with any budget can get this luxurious tote.

Built to Last a Lifetime

We made our BEACHCANDY tote with canvas material because it’s a great outdoor fabric, it’s waterproof, and sturdy. It’s inevitable for any beach bag to get dirty or wet from used towels, wet sand, or outside moisture of a water bottle. If you’re on a tropical island preparing a rainy beach day, the beach tote bag will protect your personal items inside with its reliable zipper closure. 

Canvas is also strong enough to hand cold machine washes. Because canvas is made with cotton, we do not recommend tumble drying due to possible shrinkage of the fabric. We wouldn’t create our beach tote body with durable fabric without a rope strap. The rope handles are a chic touch to a gorgeous regular use bag. All of our BeachCandy babes want to have the most flirty bag on and off the sand.

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Rope will also survive in machine washes, no matter how many times you wash. You’ll never have to worry about straps ripping on you ever again. Not only is the BEACHCANDY tote great for vacation activities, it’s also great for everyday wear, a grocery bag, or an overnight bag for short staycations away from home. This extra large bag can fit a couple of change of outfits without overstuffing them. 

Have we convinced you enough to purchase this extremely high quality, yet affordable beach tote bag? The BEACHCANDY tote is the ultimate bag for any activity! Its waterproof fabric is super easy to clean, and the extra large size is perfect for carrying necessary things for all day activities. It’s super chic and the neutral black and white colors go with any outfit.

BeachCandy Swimwear is our one stop shop for all high-quality beach necessities, shop the collection online now. We love to see our BeachCandy babes show off their new prized possessions by us, so be sure to check us out on Instagram @beachcandyswimwear.

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