About BeachCandy Swimwear

BeachCandy Swimwear is more than a brand, it is our promise to you that you will feel your absolute best in our swimsuits. Locally made in California, every BeachCandy Swimsuit has a flawless fit guarantee. Wearing one of our timeless swimsuits will change the way you experience swimwear forever. We are devoted to creating an extraordinary swimsuit sanctuary to suit the exact wants and needs of real women around the world.



Our founder, BritB, knows firsthand that as women, we all seek to feel sexy AND comfortable in a swimsuit. As a young girl, her passionate journey began by taking sewing lessons at a local fabric shop. Infatuated with perfecting the art of constructing garments, Brit moved to New York City to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute. In New York, she mastered how to pattern and develop exquisite, high quality garments of all kinds. After graduating with honors, Brit moved back to California to launch her BeachCandy Swimwear dream and the rest is history. After over a decade in business, Brit has built an inspired brand around her passion for empowering women. BeachCandy is not just another swimwear brand, but a world class design house creating swimsuits that women crave, covet, and collect around the globe.

Trademarked in 2007, BeachCandy has successfully changed the way women think and feel about swimsuits. Named the “Swimwear Savant” by Riviera Magazine, Brit has been widely recognized for her extraordinary fit and quality for real women. She has worked tirelessly to make a curated collection of swimsuits that women supremely love and feel confident in.

Beginning as a prominent local beachfront boutique on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach, BeachCandy in recent years has expanded the company globally.

In 2012, BeachCandy was named Editor’s Pick in Sports Illustrated and has since been featured on countless of publications as well as The Real Housewives of Orange County numerous times.

Throughout the years, our proudest moments still reside with each individual woman in the fitting room and that "WOW" experience when they try on a BeachCandy swimsuit for the first time.


BeachCandy Swimwear is a thriving 100% female-run brand that has already made historical strides for women in the swimwear industry. We proudly work with local charities such as Oceana and Susan G. Komen to extend our impact on the world beyond women's swimwear. Taking a stand for ALL women especially those who struggle most when swimsuit shopping (post cancer & other life-altering body changes) is precisely how our inclusive designer brand has become famous around the world. With quality, fit, and our loyal customers as our highest priority, we make sure every women shines her brightest in a swimsuit.


Established in 2011, BeachCandy Swimwear is an American designer swimwear brand synonymous with elegance, style, & sophistication for the real woman. Each exquisite swimsuit is handcrafted in Los Angeles because we value loyal relationships, authenticity, supreme quality control and precise craftsmanship. BeachCandy Swimwear stands second-to-none with an unwavering standard on supreme ingredients and a remarkable supportive fit. Our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy is handcrafted daily by in-house artisans and protected under our limited lifetime beading guarantee. Over the years, we have listened to countless women in the fitting room about how a swimsuit should fit, personalized to each individual. And after over a decade in business, we have mastered the art of the perfect swimsuit without compromise. Throughout every step of the creation process, we proudly choose quality over everything.