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Real Women Shine Podcast ft Fine Jewelry Designer

The Real Women Shine Podcast, hosted by BeachCandy Swimwear, featuring Josette Paterson to talk about her almost 40 year journey in the fine jewelry business. Josette and her husband Mark own the fine jewelry company Mark Paterson Fine Jewelry. Josette met BeachCandy founder Brit when they both opened shops on the California coast shortly after the recession. 

Brit and Josette, after some catching up, got into the depths of the Mark Paterson Jewelry story and how Josette and her husband became successful creative business owners. This jewelry designer podcast episode goes into all the different paths that any aspiring jeweler can take to get a deeper insight into this exotic world.

From New York apprenticeship in 1985 to being asked to make jewelry for Tiffany’s, Josette Paterson has had quite the rollercoaster path. The design process is always changing while so is the technology for it. The tips and tricks Josette shares in this episode could be useful to anyone who loves making simple jewelry or learning to make very fine jewelry.

The Mark Paterson Jewelry brand prides themselves on everything being done in house. While everything was done by hand before and can now be done on a computer, it all stays in house to ensure perfect quality every time. Josette goes into detail about how pieces of jewelry are made and what kind of travel they do to up their game and their product.

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This episode of The Real Women Podcast is all about how creativity is good for the soul. While Josette’s main focus is jewelry and BeachCandy founder’s BritB’s is swimsuits, both talk about what other creative outlets they have. From ceramic work to painting, Josette Paterson has always had a drive for creativity. After meeting her husband and cofounder, Mark, at school in California, the two of them decided to focus on the craft of fine jewelry and move to New York City. 

This jewelry podcast episode gives you a great in-depth look at not only the jewelry business then and now, but also the ladder that you need to climb in a creative business. Josette talks about the art of casting jewelry and how  the computer has changed the jewelry game for better and a little worse. 

This episode of The Real Women Podcast gives you the perfect look into the fine arts industry. Going through all the roadblocks both women have endured, like the recession, travel, and illness, Brit and Josette give you the best possible breakdown of how to do it and here’s the worst of what can go wrong. Listening to their stories and seeing where both of them are now is very inspiring and could be filled with helpful tips and tricks for anyone interested in starting their own creative business. 

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