C-Life Podcast features BeachCandy

C-Life Podcast features BeachCandy

C-Life Podcast features BeachCandy

C-Life Podcast features BeachCandy. It’s March 5th, 2011 and you struggle to get out of bed because you know today’s the day. Today’s the day that you accidentally awaken your insecurities to try find a new swimsuit for your upcoming vacay.

You nervously drive over to a brand new swim shop that just opened up around the corner and you are surprisingly greeted by a warm smile saying, “Welcome to BeachCandy Swimwear!” Once you're in the "dreaded" fitting room your insecurities begin fade as you are uplifted with swimsuits that make you feel FABULOUS. Just. As. You. Are.

Brit B. has changed the way women experience swimsuit shopping with the BeachCandy Brand. She has constantly fought for women to not blame themselves, but to love every inch of their bodies. Her dedication to making women feel their absolute best in their BeachCandy swimsuit has led to her success and continues to motivate & drive her forward.

The BeachCandy Brand makes sure that there is a perfect swimsuit for women all over the world no matter their size, shape, age, or insecurities. Brit. B. knew from the very start that she wanted to design high-quality swimsuits for women. The brand started out with only 8 ready-to-wear styles has grown to 80+ over the past 8 years.

BeachCandy swimsuits are engineered and designed to inspire confidence and sophistication with each and every BC Babe. When it comes to women who believe their swimsuit days are over, they have only just begun when it comes the uncompromised shopping experience with BeachCandy.

BeachCandy empowers Women to Seek the Perfect Swimsuit

because all women deserve to feel confident, secure, and beautiful without compromise. In her recent interview with C-Life, she talks about her journey in developing BeachCandy Swimwear and exciting next steps with the brand itself. It started over 20 years ago with a simple sewing class at Joann's Fabrics.

That passion as a small child has been channeled and developed into a worldwide luxury swimsuit brand. Listen to this encouraging podcast to get a deeper insight and understanding to how BeachCandy was born, is thriving, & ultimately has revolutionized the way women experience swimwear.

Listen to the our Episode on the C-Life Podcast Here 

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