BeachCandy Swimwear Dianes Beachwear

BeachCandy Swimwear x Diane's Beachwear

BeachCandy Trunk Show at Dianes

BeachCandy Swimwear Dianes Beachwear

California Favorite, Dianes Beachwear, now carries BeachCandy Swimwear. 

If you admire the deep V-cut look in your swimwear, then you'll adore the chic one-piece swimsuit known as JACKIE. Not only is this swimsuit attractive, but it's also extremely comfortable and easy to wear. The swimsuit is equipped with a convenient under bust tunnel that provides reliable support and lifting benefits. The back part of the suit is cut attractively and offers coverage for both the rear and upper rear areas, as well.

If you want to walk around with confidence knowing that your physique looks smooth, tight and bulge-free, then JACKIE may just be able to save the day for you. If you want to maximize the beauty of your physique by receiving sufficient support and coverage in parts that make you feel the most self-conscious, JACKIE can be of great help.


Material is a vital consideration for buying any swimsuit regardless of how attractive and flattering it may look on the body. Thankfully, the Jackie deep V-cut swimsuit is extremely comfortable on the figure, with its blend of spandex and nylon. The swimsuit was produced with 20 percent spandex and 80 percent nylon.

Many shoppers appreciate this deep V-cut one-piece swimsuit because of its combination of class and pure, unadulterated glamor and sexiness. Although the V-cut is indeed deep, it still provides wearers with the sophistication and refinement necessary to truly turn heads while at the beach or swimming pool. If you have a graceful back and want to showcase it to the world, this swimsuit can give you the opportunity to do so. JACKIE is a great mix of timeless flair and flirtation.

Want a Customized Swimsuit?

If you want to purchase the JACKIE one-piece but also want to make some changes to it, don't worry. You can customize your order for this swimsuit!

If you would like to tweak how this suit fits your figure, you can make it happen by changing details about its back coverage, rise and existing bust support. If you need stronger support for your breasts, decreased back coverage, increased back coverage or a higher rise, for example, you can customize this swimsuit to accommodate all of your desires. While this swimsuit is undeniably attractive, it prioritizes comfort before anything else. The JACKIE one-piece swimsuit was produced in the state of California. While you're shopping, don't forget to check out the most chic one-piece in the world > 


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