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BeachCandy Fashion Times features BritB of BeachCandy Swimwear in their latest issue. The Ultimate in Luxury Swimwear. Made in California. Custom Order Available. Because every woman deserves to feel her best in a swimsuit.


best oc luxury swimwear

The BRITB Signature VIP Swarovski Bikini Bottom is our absolute favorite bikini bottom! In fact, the bottom is named after the designer/owner herself, BritB. this bottom is BeachCandy Swimwear. The fit is perfect, the coverage is available in full or cheeky, scrunch butt or smooth, and can be custom designed to order! (Hello honeymoon!)


The VIP "Candy" hips come in two options, light VIP and full VIP. The Full VIP is completely handmade in our design headquarters in Orange County, California. And comes complete with over 500 individually woven Swarovski Crystals. The Light VIP option is nearly 150 Swarovski Crystals, all handmade on-site in California as well. In fact, we guarantee all of our Swarovski Crystal work and pride ourselves on the quality of all of our materials. To custom order a BRITB Signature VIP Swarovski Bikini Bottom, get in touch with our design team directly at 855-519-9509.

Check out the RACHEL Swarovski Halter Bikini Top for the complete look! If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, we can create any design you desire! To start, Take our Custom Swimwear Quiz and we will reach out to you shortly to begin your one-of-a-kind swimsuit!

Proudly Made in the U.S.A. by real women, for real women.

Check out our swimwear sponsorship with the Miss California Pageant > 


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