Why Spa Retail is So Important

Why Spa Retail is So Important

Why Spa Retail is So Important

After being in the luxury swimwear business for over 10 years, we have learned a thing or two about retail and what women REALLY want. At it's core it is simple, but it's ALL in the technique & care from concept to actualization that truly counts. As women with our multifaceted lives we are always seeking a sense of order, love, and connection.

So it only makes sense at the spa to have a warm, well-rounded retail space that makes women feel relaxed, inspired, and uplifted by the products you carry.

In an incredible article published on SpaFinder.com by Susie Ellis in 2007 she states some statistics that quantifiably drive the concept home. She writes this...

"A spa needs to have retail sales in order to make a profit and keep prices of services reasonable. Since consumers are buying products (especially skin care products) somewhere anyway, there is nothing wrong with asking them to please buy them from us. Intuitively spa-goers know that when a trained aesthetician spends at least an hour working with a client’s skin – and has trained extensively on whatever spa product brand they are using – it isn’t such a bad idea to follow their advice. It seems more reasonable to me than going with what a salesperson at a department store recommends after a 2 minute conversation.


From my notes at the recent ISPA conference, the 2007 Spa Industry research study results:

Retail Purchase Effect on Retention

0 spa products bought = 40% customer return rate

1 spa product bought = 70% customer return rate

2 spa products bought = 80% customer return rate

I thought wow! What a great thing to know…and what a smart thing for spas to teach their staff! This information should be spread across the spa world like wildfire." says Susie Ellis

These statistics make perfect sense, when we connect as women we are far more likely to be a return customer than if there is little to no connection. This is why spa retail is so important. Furthermore, we are not saying retail IS the connection, but is a means of which to connect. If you have an incredible spa day with your best girlfriend.

Then you find a fabulous BeachCandy Swimsuit that fits you like never before. And an eye serum that makes you feel and look more rested. That is a WIN for both the business and the consumer. That client will be back for more along with her rave reviews creating a ripple effect of NEW referred clientele.

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we are all about connecting women to themselves in a deeper way than experienced before. We ask our clients to trust us and just "try-on" our world class swimsuits to FEEL the difference.

From quality, to fit, to coverage, and support we are positioning ourselves in the marketplace to be there for women ages 40+ who deserve more than ever to enjoy their next vacay without a drop of swimsuit anxiety.

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