What are the Best Tummy Control Swimsuits?

What Are The Best Tummy Control Swimsuits?

What Are the Best Tummy Control Swimsuits?

BeachCandy Tummy Control Swimsuits are absolutely perfect for women who want to rock a two-piece. But don’t want to suffer while wearing another flimsy bikini bottom or uncomfortable top.

We strive for the best fit, comfort, and support when it comes to BeachCandy swimsuits. We want women to find the best for all bathing suit bottoms and feel their best when wearing them. Sexy does not have to mean skimpy. Every woman needs a day to not have to worry about when they have to get into a swimsuit.

Our slimming tops and bottoms will leave you feeling flawless and modest out the door to your next special occasion.

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SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini

Want to look like a sexy mermaid this summer? The SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini is the perfect fit for every woman who is looking for the best tummy control swimsuit top.

The SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini has a strong supportive halter top that lifts the bust, while the fabric beneath is more relaxed and frilly which will feel comfortable and flowing while also proving tummy coverage. Unlike most Tankinis, The SOPHIA  has an adjustable tie back that will work with any body type and look effortless and easy to move in.

The SOPHIA resembles a swim dress by the way it hugs the chest then gently falls over the  torso. The ruffles on the tankini are layered and create a fun, playful, waterfall effect over the body. The best part about the SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini is that it can be combined with any bottom, a high waist, low waist or even boy-short for the best control and comfort that still shows of your best features.

A Tankini that is both supportive and adjustable is difficult to find among bathing suits, and a must have.

Match the slimming swimwear style of The SOPHIA with our HEATHER Ruched Hipster Bikini Bottoms. The hipster cut gives you just the right amount of coverage for the perfect overall look. These bikini bottoms look great on any body type for that wanted beach look. Let out your inner hipster with the Heather Ruched Bikini Bottom.


Halter Top Tankini

TYLER Halter Top Tankini

Another piece of fashionable yet slimming swimwear is the TYLER Halter Top Tankini, made with Genuine Swarovski Crystals. The coolest feature on the TYLER Halter Top is that the straps on the top are not only adjustable to your bust, but they also form a triangle that connects the straps on the shoulders to the straps on the torso for an even amount of support.

The Top is a slimming swimsuit that fits more tightly around the chest where support is needed, but is also made loose enough around the tummy area. Prevent any and all tight hugging around the body while providing secure coverage with every move.

The TYLER Halter top can be combined best with the LISA swim skirt which is also provided in Black and Palm print to match top and bottom perfectly. The LISA Swim Skirt is flattering to the tummy with its nice sit slightly above the waist and hips. Keep up with that more modest look poolside that will show off your curves while still giving you the best tummy control.


high waisted bikini bottoms

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms are the next best thing in keeping your tummy looking flat and your waist looking fabulous! These Bikini Bottoms sit very relaxed because the seam ends slightly above the hips on the waistline where they feel and look most natural.

The difference between ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms and other high rise bathing suit bottoms is that the ASHLEY does not have a tight, uncomfortable elastic at the top rim. Instead, it's made with a smooth, silky, and stretchy material that moves with every bend.

Most bathing suit bottoms leave crease lines on the body if they are too tight. The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms are designed not only for tummy control but to give that luxury feel as well.

The Best fitting top to pair with the ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms is The EMILY Criss Cross Halter Bikini Top. The EMILY Halter Top is the perfect mix between coverage and support. This Cross shaped halter is specially made to fit just right because its straps are adjustable at the top of the neck and around the lower back.

The EMILY Halter top is unique because it fits close enough to show a natural, beautiful shape, but not tight enough to move position or become loose around the body, it always stays a perfect fit. 

handkerchief tankini top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

Another design that flatters the body-shape as one of our excellent tummy control swimsuits is the JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top. This top comes with a built in shelf bra that grants just the right amount of lift. The Handkerchief style fabric hangs over the bra giving enough coverage to feel confident and sexy in this slimming swimwear.

This top closes has a latch on the back rather than a tie string for the maximum amount of support for the back and bust. The JENNA is the best for summer tanning because of its strapless and lightweight design. Feel slimming and trendy while basking in the summer sunshine in this fashion-forward tummy control swimsuit top.

A close to perfect match with The JENNA top are The ALEXA String Bikini Bottoms. These are sure to become your next go-to bikini bottoms. Whether you want to rock that sexy number or provide more coverage, this string bikini bottom allows you to be in control. The ALEXA bottoms come in Brazilian or full coverage to pair better with a more tummy control swimsuit style. 

tummy control bikini bottom

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

Ever wanted tummy control just like your favorite yoga pants? Then The KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms are what you've been looking for!

 The KIMBERLY Bottoms waistline is completely adjustable. You choose how high or low your tummy coverage will be. These fold-over bikini bottoms come in both cheeky and full coverage. So if you like the high waisted look, but are wanting less coverage, you have the cheeky option.

Not only will these bottoms secure your tummy but the moderate rise along with full coverage back means you will feel effortlessly taken care of too. One more perk of The KIMBERLY bottoms is you leave your leg lines looking clean with a nice rise to elongate the body. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Flawlessly pair one of our best tummy control swimsuits with any BeachCandy top. Our favorite is The NILO Underwire Top. Match the security of The KIMBERLY with that of The NILO and feel absolutely supported. This beautiful bikini has an adjustable backing so tension around the neck will be no more. Prepare to feel lifted and supported in a whole new way.

Best Swimsuits with Tummy Control for Women

Here at BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe every women deserve to shine and feel extraordinary in a swimsuit. Check out our website to see varieties of swimsuits for all body types! Learn more about our sexy beach cover ups for every woman.

Are you looking for a customized swimsuit? Do not hesitate to get in contact with our customer service via phone, email, and social media. We would love to help in any type of way. Don't forget to check out our Instagram to stay update on new styles, colors, events, and more.

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