Top 10 Cover Ups This Season

Sexy Cover Ups for Women

Sexy Cover Ups for Women

Nothing completes a fabulous swimsuit like an equally as fabulous cover up. BeachCandy Cover Ups are designed to make women feel sexy and comfortable. Each garment will flatter your figure and enhance your beautiful body. We have an plethora of gorgeous swimwear cover up dresses that will leave you speechless.

A beach cover up is the perfect chance to step out of your comfort zone and stand out. Just because you will be showing less skin with a cover up doesn't mean you don't get to feel sexy. We have created a list of our 2018 Cover Ups just for you. From a beach dress to a wrap, we have you covered. Get ready to fall in love with every bathing suit cover up. Don't forget to find your perfect BeachCandy Swimsuit to go with it.

sexy cover ups Crochet Tassle Mini Tunic Cover Up 

FRIDA Crochet Tassle Mini Tunic

Let's start things off with a bang. The Frida Crochet Tassle Mini Tunic is a cover up that will definitely liven up your summer. This BeachCandy Cover Up is a definite must have. The bright vibrant colors will complement any swimsuit you have on and can be worn as a cover up or shirt. This is absolutely a summer must have and will have you finding any excuse to wear it to your favorite summer events. You can flaunt this baby at the next pool party or even the next date-night.

Although this dress is sold as a beach cover, many of our customers have worn it as a dress to go out at night. It is truly perfect for all summer occasions. This loose fitting beach dress is perfect for our flirty and fun BeachCandy babes. This beach cover is one size fits all and has been loved by women of all sizes. There is nothing more unique than this bathing suit cover.


Mini Tunic Cover Up luxury cover up

ROLANA Tunic Cover Up

Next up we have the glamorous ROLANA Tunic Cover Up. From the very moment you walk into any event wearing the ROLANA Tunic Cover Up, you will have people envying your elegant yet sexy look. The ROLANA Tunic Cover Up will light up your summer.

This beach dress is perfect and versatile. Every woman is guaranteed to look sexy and confident in this beach cover. This beach dress is a straight fit but does not hug the body. This way there is is zero squeezing.

The ROLANA Tunic only hugs your curves in the best ways possible. The open ties in the front give you the ability to adjust how much skin you want showing. We want you to have the choices to do what makes you feel sexy. Whether that is tying it closed all the way or leaving it completely open, do what makes you feel good.

All though this cover up conceals more skin, the see through mesh makes this look super sexy yet elegant. The ROLANA Tunic Cover Up is available in three different colors to best fit your look. The ROLANA Tunic Cover Up shows just the right amount of skin and flows perfect with any body type. This is definitely a closet staple.


Sexy Fringe Coverupsexy cover up  

Sexy Fringe Cover Up

Can someone say sexy? This is a BeachCandy favorite for so many reasons. Not only is this beach dress insanely unique, but the quality is incredible. This Sexy Fringe Cover Up is guaranteed to turn some heads. The Sexy Fringe Cover Up is everything you need for your summer.

This BeachCandy bestseller is an amazing piece to wear next to the pool and will make you feel confident. This slinky cover up is available in black and is woven with the highest of quality material. This beach dress is a definite show stopper. This is a perfect beach cover up for are fun and gutsy BeachCandy Babes.

  white lace cover up white lace cover up sexy white cover up

Tassle Floral Mini Tunic Cover Up

Treat yourself to the Tassle Floral Mini Tunic Cover Up! The floral is the perfect print for the summer. The beautiful energetic colors complement the elegant white. This is definitely a summer must-have. This Tunic Cover up is a favorite of many customers. Its fun, care-free, and unique.

This dress is perfect for a tropical vacation or honeymoon. Pair the Tassle Floral Mini Tunic Cover Up with any one of our colorful bikinis and you are set. Although this is a more covered swim suit cover up, the sheerness of the material brings the ultimate sexiness.


black lace sexy cover up luxury cover up white skirt cover up

SABRINA Versatile Four-Way Coverup

Yes, we said FOUR-WAY Cover up! This beautiful and versatile cover up allows you to wear it in four different ways to fit your look. Incredible, we know! You can wear it as a one-shoulder dress, strapless dress, as a boat neck or skirt! It is an available in eight different colors that will suit any occasion.

This SABRINA Versatile Four-Way Coverup should be a staple in every woman's closet. No matter the event or occasion, if you need a cover up for everything, this is the one! The quality of this cover up is made to last and never let you down. Every BeachCandy Babe that tries this baby on immediately falls in love.


black lace full length cover up

NIKKI Lace Swimsuit Cover Up

Be the summer hottie with the NIKKI Lace Swimsuit Cover up. The elegant and comfortable lace is available in black in white and will look amazing while lounging on the beach. The open front will allow you to flaunt your favorite swimsuit and feel your absolute best.

This is the perfect balance of both full coverage and major sex appeal. This Lace Swimsuit Cover up looks fabulous on women of every size. The material gracefully lays on your body without any squeezing. The NIKKI Lace Swimsuit Cover Up is a perfect go-to piece for every occasion.

High Neck Maxi Cover Up long pattern cover up floor length cover up

ANIMALE High Neck Maxi Cover Up

Calling all our wild BeachCandy Babe! We have the perfect beach cover up for you. This ANIMALE High Neck Maxi Cover Up is going to blow you away. This is the perfect cover up in so many ways. This beach dress provides more coverage than most cover ups.

However, both the patter and stylish design will make you feel very sexy. The ANIMALE High Neck Maxi Cover Up has an elegant high neck making sure you are safe from any sun damage. The animal print creates a rich and glamorous vibe that will make all the heads turn for you. This exotic cover up is perfect for your next tropical vacay and will have you feeling like a babe while sipping your favorite summer beverage. Don't wait any longer. Shop this magnificent print now.

  Maxi Cover Up colorful cover up

CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up

These vibrant colors are pristine for the summer. This maxi-dress is what you need for any outing you attend in the summer. It is a must have for summer and will add some brightness to your long relaxing summer days. This beach dress cover up is a show stopper for every woman. Every customer that tries this baby on feels like a goddess. And we should always feel like goddesses.

The CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up will make you stand out at any pool party or beach. The light and flowy material will leave you feeling care free and extremely comfortable. What more can you ask for? Show this gorgeous beach dress now.

  Festival Fringe Tunic fringe sexy cover up sexy festival fringe cover up

Festival Fringe Tunic

There’s nothing but good vibes with the Festival Fringe Tunic Cover up. The fringe is exactly what you need to lighten up your summer and to let loose. The fringe adds some excitement as you dance through your summer events. Whether you are at a music festival or summer BBQ, this fun and flirty dress is the perfect choice for you.

That's a wrap on Cover Ups. We hope you love these sexy cover ups as much as we do. Now that you have found the beach dress that is perfect for you, it's time to find a matching swimsuit to complete the look.

Here at BeachCandy Swimwear, we make it our mission to make every woman feel confident and sexy in what they wear. A swimsuit or even a cover up should fit like a glove and leave you feeling confident. That being said, if you are ever concerned about sizing and fit, give us a call here at BeachCandy so that we can work together to personalize a swimsuit or cover up for you. No swimsuit or cover up is going to fit you better than one that is custom designed and created for your body! No other Swimwear line can do that for you.

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