The State of Swimwear

The State of Swimwear

From coast to coast, California to Europe, single-standing boutiques to department stores, there is a silent epidemic within the women's swimwear industry. From designer to mainstream budget brands that serve the masses, the industry has fallen into the trap of chiseling their costs from design to fabrication.

To be fair, perhaps this is a survival tactic to weather the seasonal nature of the business or more likely for myriad reasons of corporate rational.

Nonetheless, flimsy swimwear that doesn't fit, support, or last after a few wears is the result which leads to a new larger problem. This issue has spread into a serious problem within the swimsuit industry haunting businesses, buyers, and shoppers alike.

What is the effect on the industry? Lack of sell-through and return clientele... aka a slow painful decline.

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For consumers, swimwear shopping after the age of 30 starts to really LOSE its LUSTER. Why? Woman do not want to try on micro-sized clothing one after the other that does not fit properly...leaving the customer feeling defeated, resigned to swimsuit shopping, ready to hit the gym and eat a handful of donut holes all at the same time!

We have heard it ALL as a "Luxury Custom Swimwear House", a boutique ourselves for the first several years in business, an online retailer, or with clients that shop with our outside retailers... And we always share with our beautiful women of all shapes and sizes that it's not them, it's the swimsuit industry as a whole.

As a result, women are resigned about swimsuit shopping and if they do find the holy grail of their idea of the "perfect swimsuit." The "perfect swimsuit" itself only lasts one season if they are lucky.

We have a front row seat to the "shameful swimwear show" and I as a designer, am done being quiet about it. Women deserve better, life is hard enough, everyone deserves to feel their best in a swimsuit.

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As a result within the industry, buyers feel bottlenecked with stagnant inventory, some days resigned about the workload and stress, and lost as to if there could ever be a solution.

As a note to any buyer reading this, I can guarantee you, just as I do one-on-one with clients that our supreme swimsuits will transform your view from a financial and soulful standpoint. Join us in changing women's minds about swimsuit shopping and you will turn a compromised sale into a raving return customer that will bring 3 of her closest friends next time.

I wonder if most brands notice this problem and ignore it or if they are oblivious to how their swimsuits make women feel in the fitting room. After 10 years of standing in the fitting room, looking my clients in the eyes, and promising that they will feel their best I have learned a thing or two.

I now KNOW to my bones what women want from a swimsuit and our entire line is tailored, tucked, and engineered resulting in women around the world singing our praises. I have had happy tears, hugs, thank you notes, gift baskets, and events in our honor all due to how we make women feel in a swimsuit.

And now after 10 years I am ready to bring what I have learned in beautiful Southern California to women around the world. More than anything I feel it is our duty to bring global awareness to women that we exist as a swimwear sanctuary.


Isn't that what this should all be about? And in our humble opinion, especially after the age of 35+... a fun celebration of our beautiful feminine bodies, blessed lives, and perfect moments in the sun.

Shop our ready-to-wear collection which is engineered to solve the most common issues women have when it comes to swimwear... Want full coverage, we got you.

Want support that makes you look like you never breast feed? We hear ya! Want a skirted bottom to conceal your thighs? Done and done. Our entire collection is inspired by YOU and we have truly listened to each of your pain points throughout the years.

Chic Comfort and Coverage without Compromise.

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