Swimsuits for Over 50

Stylish Swimsuits for Over 50

Sometimes finding a swimsuit that offers a more mature look while still being sexy and stylish can be a difficult task. It often requires long hours in the fitting room and sometimes you may still have limited success.

Well, I am happy to say that you have come to the right place. BeachCandy Swimwear offers a wide variety of different bathing suits for all ages and body types, so there is no need to give up on your adventure to find the perfect swimsuit.

As you get older, the swimsuit options often become more limited. An itsy bitsy bikini from your teens and twenties is no longer your swimsuit staple. You may now prefer to wear a swim suit that offers either more comfort, support, or coverage.

At BeachCandy, we offer a wide range of versatile swimsuits that will still give you that sexy edge you may be looking for while also providing just the right amount of coverage.

Swimsuits for Every Woman

Whether you want adjustable straps, power mesh tummy control, or more appropriate and inclusive cup sizes - BeachCandy has you covered. We have a wide range of tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched to your liking to find that perfect fit in the bust and bottom.

Especially as you’re getting older, that ideal swimsuit will look different for everyone. Maybe a high waist bikini set is your go-to, or a tankini top, or even a swim dress. Either way, we have a broad selection of swimwear that will check every box on your list.

Women over 50 deserve to feel sexy and confident in a swimsuit just like everybody else. Do not let your age intrude on your beach time fun. Getting older doesn't mean you have to disappear from the beach and forgo the summer's vacations under the sun. Finding the perfect swimsuit will help!

As time passes, you may decide to make a few modifications to your swimwear closet to keep up with trends and a changing body. Luckily, we have all the right swimsuit options for you to browse in order to make this summer even more enjoyable. If you need a swimsuit that you feel is age-appropriate, fits your style, and will leave you feeling sexy and confident...look no further.

Designer Swimsuits for Every Style

Here at BeachCandy we offer every style - bikini, monokini, tankini, skirted swimsuits and one-piece swimsuits. This ensures that we will have the perfect suit for you.

Bikinis are totally a suitable choice for older women looking to show off a little more skin. 50 does not mean bikinis are off limits! In fact they are still a totally viable and sexy choice. Depending on your wants and needs, many of our bikini bottoms are offered in either full coverage or cheeky.

If you’re looking for tummy coverage but like the style of a bikini, a monokini could be the perfect choice for you. These suits still show off some skin, but offer slightly more coverage on the tummy.

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Meanwhile for even more coverage but still a 2-piece look, a tankini would be the perfect choice. A tankini offers complete coverage of the torso but still allows you to select the coverage you want on the bottom. This is the perfect option if you want a more customizable look that you can change depending on the day.

Another swim option if you're looking for more bottom coverage is the swim skirt. We have both high and mid waisted swim skirts that cover your tush and upper thighs for extra coverage. This way you do not need to worry about slipping out of your bottoms at the beach. This option is growing in popularity among women over 50 and could be your next beach staple.

And the final amazing beach staple is the one-piece swimsuit. We have both full and partial coverage one-pieces depending on your taste. Some show more cleavage while some offer full protection and coverage. Some styles even offer a ruched waistline for a slimming look.

Best Luxury Brand Swimwear

As you can see, we offer every possible style that your heart may desire. Each swimsuit style listed has many different available designs and cuts that ensures you’re looking your best. Each suit is also available in sizes ranging from A to H cups in the bust and 0 to 24 in all the bottoms sizes.

Therefore, it is practically guaranteed that we will have in stock the perfect swimsuit for your age, body, and taste. Here at BeachCandy, we understand how complex finding the perfect fit can be, especially when you are over 50. That's why we were determined to create swim for all ages, sizes, shapes, and tastes.

If you are over 50, there is no need to sacrifice style for fit or fit for style. We have swimsuits that check all the boxes and have you turning heads at the beach! Our goal is to build your confidence by providing an excellent, sexy, comfortable swimsuit that offers versatility. BeachCandy Swimwear does just that!

No matter your age, you should be able to feel confident in a swimsuit. As mentioned, we have all the right styles and options to make this dream a reality. Our website offers a wide range of styles so we are guaranteed to have the perfect swimsuit that compliments both your body and age.

Keep reading to find out more about some of the suggested available styles for women over 50.

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Our Ashley High Waisted Bikini Bottoms are designed to make you feel both comfortable and confident while also giving you that sexy stylish look. These bottoms offer optimal tummy control and coverage while also providing that widely desired hourglass shape. A high waisted bottom is the perfect option if you're over 50 and looking for more coverage as well as an enhanced figure.

DARLA One Shoulder Swimsuit

The DARLA is one of our more modest swimsuits that exudes elegance and class. This elegant one piece is designed not only to give you a sophisticated look but also to make you feel comfortable. This swimwear option is made to fit any body type and age group. As a one piece, the entire torso is covered and tucked so you can stay confident all day long and not worry about your tummy slipping out.

lace up bathing suit bottom

HALLE Corset Bikini Top

This bikini will have you feeling your sexiest as it offers just the right balance of cleavage and coverage. Halle is a bestseller swimsuit that is uniquely styled to fit and be adjusted to give you your desired security and extra support. This suit is currently available in Black, Black Rib, Revolucion and Palm Print with more colors and patterns coming soon!

bandanna bikini top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Swimsuit Top

This unique tankini is designed to give you that chic and sophisticated look while also giving you the necessary tummy coverage. Not only is this a great swimsuit option but the top is also great to pair with jeans for a beachy summer outfit. 

Currently this super popular top is available in White, Black, Wild Thang, Aqua Snake, Citron Print and Flor Fuerte. If you need a summer staple, I can assure you the JENNA Tankini is the perfect piece for you.

GENEVIEVE Crochet Bikini Top

Time to shine with this Genevieve Crochet Bikini Top. Not only is this top great for the pool or beach, but it is also the perfect top for a cover up during festival season. No matter the occasion this top will have you in style in no time.  

mesh control bathing suit

KRISTI Push Up Control Mesh One Piece

One of our bestsellers, the KRISTI one piece will certainly have you feeling sexy and comfortable at the same time. This elegant one piece is also designed with Swarovski candy sliders to give you that nice, sophisticated look. 

Not only will this one piece have you looking your sexiest this summer but will also give you the confidence you need on your beach vacation. The mesh side paneling holds your tummy in all the right places for an accentuated hourglass figure. Meanwhile the low v-cut in the front is a sexy touch to the one piece that shows off a little bit of cleavage.

ruffled tankini swim top

SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini

The SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini is a modest and sophisticated tankini that offers optimal coverage. While it does have an open back, the front is filled with stunning layered ruffles with a touch of elegance. This tankini is a phenomenal option for all body types and will leave you feeling both confident and sexy. The v-cut in the front shows off some cleavage but still offers protection and coverage where you need it most.

reversible bandeau bikini

REVERSIBLE Ribbed Bikini Set

Though on our website we usually offer tops and bottoms sold separately to meet our customers' preferences, this set is simply too good to be true. After a decade of feedback, we have released our first swimsuit that is sold together and it is a guaranteed hit.

This reversible black and neon yellow set is comfortable, flattering, and sexy. The high grade material will surely hold everything in place and is guaranteed for the decades of wear to come!

If you liked any of the swimwear mentioned above, visit our full swimwear collection now. You can also check out our curated collection of swimwear and cover ups for mature women. And don't forget to follow us on Instagram @BeachCandySwimwear and like us on Facebook.

Keep slaying, Babes!

Written by Monica de la Rosa.

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