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Best Swimsuit for Flat Chested Women

The best swimsuits for flat chested women are the ones that create volume without being obvious. At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe all women deserve to shine in a swimsuit. We are excited to share with you our best swimsuits for women with flat chest.

Theoretically every single top on our website is a great option, because our tops are almost all available with insertable push up pads. This truly makes a difference for a lot of women in our fitting rooms and therefore we wanted to extend this option to women all over the world.

Shop our Best Volumizing Bikini Tops for Women Online Now

bikini tops for flat chests

ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

Our ELLEN top is an extraordinary style for women of all cup sizes. What we love most about this top Is our exclusive high quality pads sewn into it. These push up pads have an L-shaped bump in them to push you from the side and underneath to the center front. 

This bikini top truly provides volume for small busts that is subtle, sexy, and supportive. Make sure to add our Signature Swarovski Candy for the ultimate polished look. When swimsuit shopping, stop the compromise and find the fit you’ve always been looking for. 

Another great feature about this top is that it does not tie around the neck. Therefore, the beauty and functionality of this top is off the charts. Many of our customers love to wear this piece paddle boarding, snorkeling, and simply basking in the sunshine.

push up bikini for small chest

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

If you would like the option of light padding, this simple bikini top this style will be your go to. Simply add the pads option on the product page and receive your item with a boost! Simply tie on and enjoy this fabulous top truly engineered for all cup sizes. 

Our high performance fabrics in our bathing suits provide the perfect fit for incredible lift and hugging support around the body. Swimsuit shopping can be difficult for customers with small chests therefore we like to provide fabulous options that eliminates swimsuit anxiety all together. 

push up swimsuit for flat chest

LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

This top has incredible push power for women with small chests along with adjustability in the center front. The LAURA top is a best seller for so many clients of all cup sizes. Available in bold prints and in solids, this bathing suit top reigns supreme when it comes to push up bikinis.

Swimsuits for small petite women can be almost impossible to come by. But here at BeachCandy, almost every single swimsuit we offer has the option of pads being added to ensure a perfect fit. Add our Signature Swarovski Candy to the neckline for a powerful lady boss look!

halter top swimsuit

RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

The RACHEL halter top is a classic staple for every woman. Available with or without push up pads, this top looks incredible on women of all cup sizes. This top is only available with our Signature Swarovski candy because it adds so much to the look.

However you like to wear your halter top with a boost or not, we have got you covered. Pair this classic bathing suit top with any of our swimsuit bottoms for the perfect complete look poolside. Our handcrafted quality and high performance fabrications take the fit and feel of wearing a swimsuit to a whole new level.

HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini

When it comes to strapless bikini tops, the HEATHER underwire twist bandeau is the perfect option for women of all cup sizes. What we love most about this top, is in the way it is designed to lift and provide cleavage for the bust line. 

Many bandeau bikini tops smush and crowd the breasts. We believe in the divide, conquer, and celebrate method. Not only does this bikini top provide incredible lift, but it also has a pocket for a push-up pad option. The twist of the fabric around the chest especially with small boobs as an incredibly beautiful amount of volume and curve to the neckline.

This top is sold without our Signature Swarovski Candy because it shines all on its own. Shop this style and any of the styles listed above along with our entire collection of tops for again most styles have a push-up pad option.

We Hope You Have Found the Perfect Fit with BeachCandy Swimwear

While shopping if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our expert team. It is our highest priority to assist you in finding your own version of the perfect swimsuit. Each BeachCandy swimsuit is handcrafted to perfection in the USA with a Swarovski beading guarantee.

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