Festival Essentials

Festival Essentials

March is just around the corner, so it’s probably time to start thinking about of the biggest Spring festivals of the year. Staying in the desert for the whole weekend means chilling by the pool, sipping drinks, and soaking up the sun in the cutest swimwear. Here are our top picks that will have you feel like a desert queen. Try these festival essentials.

maxi dress cover up

SHERRY Maxi Dress Cover Up

Low back ✓ Floral Lace ✓ A sexy high leg slit ✓ Imagine yourself walking along the poolside in this dress, the high leg slit showing just the right amount of skin, the fabric moving with you as you stroll. Also, think about your favorite musicians playing their top hits, and listen to them as they make the crowd go wild. But you, you're relaxing in your cabana, sipping on a stiff drink, and smiling.

The SHERRY will give you this effect. For once, there will be no worries about what you look like, what could be pinching in this way or that. There is no concern of what others are wearing and whether the dress is right for the occasion. The SHERRY dress is not only essential in any festival wardrobe, but it’s also versatile. Makes it easy to add it to your festival essentials.

Also, wear it as a coverup after taking a refreshing dip in the resort pool or rock it as a see-through maxi with a bralette and skirt or shorts underneath at the event. Its stretchy and slinky material leaves plenty of room for dancing. Live the boho aesthetic, enjoy the intricate lace detailing.

There is nothing better than feeling wrapped in this lace cocoon, sipping on a light Rosé. Let your hair flow loosely in light beachy curls, add a few pastel flowers in your hair, it would make you look like the most elegant flower child. Pair it with a cute pair of espadrilles for some lift and elongate the legs, or perhaps a strappy sandal for a more comfortable fit.

This beauty also comes in a beautiful cream color! Choose black for a chic look, or choose cream to fit a boho aesthetic. A great addition to your festival essentials.

sexy criss cross bikini

SHELLEY Lace-Up Top & SHELLEY Criss-Cross Bottom

What can a swimsuit make you feel? It can create a plethora of moods and styles and statements. But the right swimsuit can make or break an occasion. When at a festival, something that squeezes in all the wrong places can dampen the night, creating insecurity in every step taken, every shimmy or two-step, won't feel the same. No need to worry about your festival essentials.

Besides, the most important thing, is a bathing suit that is reliable, one that facilitates confidence, so that when everyone is relaxing and vibing in the pool, there is no hesitation to join them. Another thing, almost equally important, is a suit that fits the event in style.

For the festival season, you need something stylish, sassy, and sexy. Something that would make everyone you know want to know where you got it, and how they too, can purchase one. Make a statement in the desert in this succulent olive kini.

The lace-up detail and strappy back are to die for, while the matching cheeky criss-cross bottom draws the eyes straight to your perfect figure. The corset-style of the SHELLEY top can also double as a statement crop top. This suit can make you feel like it's made for you.

Perfect for any festival event, this is something strappy, well made, and on trend. Picture yourself in this suit walking along the poolside, talking amongst your friends. You immediately feel the most comfortable that you have in a very long time.

In fact, suddenly you are in the moment, wearing what you mean to wear. And where you are meant to be. It becomes part of your festival essentials. This swimsuit isn't just something to throw on, as if it were inconsequential. It's a feeling that adds to every event.

monokini one piece swimsuit


Sometimes less is definitely more. What makes us most comfortable is not only how something fits but also how we feel in whatever we wear. Also, whether that be a suit that is too revealing, or not revealing enough, BeachCandy Swimwear can suit your style. The MAGGIE is something that can marry both ideas. It's a monokini, something that is a blend between a one piece and a bikini. It helps because the concerns with the two are met in the middle and are alleviated.

The one piece is great because it smooths out and hides the tummy, but it can lack the certain sex appeal of the bikini, and on the other hand, the bikini lacks security and can be argued to be too revealing. Meshing the two together is brilliant. It is the bridge between the two worlds of fashionability and security.

Also, this intricate one-piece puts all the others to shame with its ultra flattering silhouette and supportive triangle top. Flaunt it around the resort or throw on some cute jeans shorts and a statement belt. It becomes a sexy and edgy festival look. Rock it at the pool bar, drink in hand. Never worry about your suit sliding down or exposing too much skin. Cute and secure, this swimsuit will have you feeling great in no time.

Wear it underneath a skirt, and wear your monokini as a cute top and you got yourself a fantastic outfit for a festival babe. This suit comes in black or white, making it easy to match with almost anything. Match it with a colorful kimono and some cute wedges. Try wearing a jean skirt, a wide brim floppy hat, and some strappy sandals. Go for a boho or rebellious look, either way, you'll be looking chic this season.

funky fringe earrings

Rose Fringe Earrings

Rosé and fringe are 2 of the hottest trends this year, so these earrings are basically the best of both worlds. The bold crescent design contrasts beautifully with the soft and feminine fringe. Also, not only are they nickel plated (so they’ll be easy on your skin), but the neutral, earthy colors will perfectly complement any of your festival ‘fits.

Wear these earrings with any of the above outfits, and you'll be feeling like a desert goddess. Pair the cream SHERRY cover up with the olive SHELLY strappy bathing suit, add some strappy sandals and these earrings and the outfit is complete.

Or, try going for an edgier vibe and wear the SHERRY in black over the MAGGIE monokini, throw on some three-inch wedges and these earrings, call it a day. Look in the mirror, and all you will see is a hot seductress. Besides, the two contrasting moods that work for virtually any event. Perfect addition to your festival essentials.

The combinations and possibilities are endless, but nonetheless, the feeling of confidence and comfort is inescapable. Picture a concert, and in the crowd is you and all your friends, screaming your heads off, dancing to the best song, waiting for that bass drop.

What are you wearing, definitely something from BeachCandy. Check out our last blog on the perfect swimsuit.

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