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Best Slimming Swimsuits for Women

Comfortable, fashionable slimming swimsuits... we know you are wondering if they even exist. YES they do! And these are not your average, run of the mill full coverage one-pieces. We offer a variety of styles, all with specifically engineered details to make you feel extraordinary. From sexy two-pieces to flawless sleek one-pieces, we've got every option to feel your best and look your best this season.

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slimming one piece swimsuit

1. ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

This slimming swimsuit is made with a modestly high cut leg, to make those legs look super model long! Plus our favorite tummy control swimsuit has a carefully added gathering of fabric at the midsection, to help flatten, hold in, and slim you down.

Also, check out that cleavage. The EYLSIA offers excellent support at the bust, while tastefully adding a touch of sass! Shop this style and have it forever as your go-to one piece swimsuit.

Simple One Piece Swimsuit

2. ELLE Simple One Piece Swimsuit

This classic shape is a timeless suit, perfect for any age, shape or size. It is double-lined for a firm hold throughout and the sleek cut creates a slimming line from head to toe.

The ELLE also comes with a built-in shelf bra for added support at the bust, and the thin straps are a sleek line while still offering tons of security. All in all, the ELLE is a win! Shop the ELLE & never feel any less than extraordinary poolside again.

slimming bikini bottoms

3. ASHLEY High Waisted Bottoms & HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Top

This dynamite suit offers all the great tummy coverage of a one-piece, but the sexy flirtatiousness of a two-piece! Another great point - Taylor Swift's swimsuits pretty much all look like this. And she's a fashion rockstar! The HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Top has a soft cup for added comfort.

Furthermore, this underwire bikini top is super supportive, gives great cleavage to any cup size. In addition, the ASHLEY Bottom has a seamless edge, so it doesn't dig or hug. And last but certainly not least, the ruching detail in the front hides any tummy concerns in a snap. Transform your experience with swimsuit shopping & own this engineered masterpiece of a bikini.

halter bikini top

4. RACHEL Halter Bikini Top

RACHEL is more than just everyone's favorite character from Friends, she's every woman's favorite swimsuit! The RACHEL Halter Top is our #1 Best Selling bikini top, and the RACHEL Boyshort Bottoms are a favorite every year. To start, the RACHEL Top has seamless edges, and is constructed to offer only the best support and lift for your bust line.

Additionally, the RACHEL Bottoms are seamless too, and in the front they cover that "sit line" we all hate to show. Plus, what's the deal with seamless swimsuits?? Well, seamless edges don't dig or hug, but instead rest softly against your body! (Think good-bye muffin tops!) Furthermore, seamless edges move with you, for an effortless comfort all day.

High Cut Slimming Bikini Bottom

5. SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottoms

This beautiful bikini bottom made our slimming bathing suits cut due to its seamless sleek fit. Women of all ages and sizes love to slide this bikini on. In fact, our most popular selling size is the XL. There is nothing like the engineered fit of this masterful bikini bottom.

The seamless seam line around the waist and legs creates a no-squeeze fit. There is no bottom out there that fits quite like this. Our highest quality ingredients, fabrics, double-lining, elastic, and expert pattern-making take this swimsuit to a fit and feel like never before.

Keep reading to learn more about 9 more of our favorite slimming bathing suits for women...

adjustable side swim bottoms

6. CATIE Tie Side Bikini Bottoms

The CATIE Tie Side Bikini Bottoms are hands down one of our client's favorites when it comes to adjustable slimming bikini bottoms. There is nothing matronly about these but our mamas seem to love their fit & style.

You don't have to buy a matronly bikini with an ugly outdated floral print no more! BeachCandy is all about serving women's needs when it comes to coverage, comfort, and sophisticated sex appeal. Our recommendation? Add the Candy to this bottom for an added touch of sparkle.

Best Bikini

7. ELLEN Best Bikini Top

The ELLEN has earned its name because every woman that tries on this top, buys it. The push up support for smaller cup sizes is exquisite. And the controlled support for the larger cup sizes is second to none. Most women say they feel like it lifts more than any underwire top.

The drawstring corset back is adjustable and beautifully slimming down the back. This top is a sure thing so you can add-to-cart with confidence. Don't forget to shop the best of our slimming swimsuits bikini bottoms the SKYLER, as photographed.

Handkerchief Tankini

8. JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

The JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top fits in all the right ways. First of all, you feel like you're wearing a bikini when in fact you have much center front tummy coverage. So we have had man women say it is the perfect top to hide any tummy pooch.

This seems to be a highly common request and so a BeachCandy was born. All our swim is designed to solve issues women have with swim while remaining highly sophisticated. It's strapless design and shelf bra keep everything in place while being active on your vacay.

The simplicity of the top itself is slimming around the neckline & waistline. Try the JENNA for yourself in Black or a fun print & feel carefree on your next vacation.

slimming tankini top

9. ALEXA String Bikini Bottom

Now that we have presented you with the incredible JENNA Tankini Top we must give you the perfect bottom option. Meet our ALEXA String Bikini Bottom. This bikini bottom is known for it's adjustability and thick tummy control feel (high quality double-lined fabrication).

Last but certainly not least, the bottom has full or cheeky coverage options. If you like a full coverage bottom our favorite way to wear this is with a half scrunch added. Why is this? Well with more coverage just comes more surface area and we like to break it up with some curvature.

The scrunch really adds a sense of dimension and roundness to the derriere. This bottom is perfect with any top but screams sophistication when worn with the JENNA Tankini Top. Slay the bikini game with coverage in all the desired areas.

Kimono Cover Up

10. MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

The MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms are a sleek must-have for any woman. Their engineered fit flaunts any waistline curves or not. The line of the actual waist cinches in the tummy area in order to truly define an hourglass shape. Each individually planned line of this bikini bottom is engineered for a slim, sleek look.

The coverage in the back is a perfect amount of coverage for any woman we have found. When this bottom is tried on it is revered highly for it's perfect fit in all the right places. Furthermore, this success with fit has occurred with women of all shapes & sizes.

So if you feel like this bottom is for you, you are right. Add-to-Cart with any of our fabulous bikini tops... RACHEL, ELLEN, ALEXA, they all have a famous slimming swimsuits fit too.

slimming swimwear

11. HEIDI High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

Searching for slimming swimsuits with a good bit of coverage? The HEIDI High Neck One Piece Swimsuit is here to rock your world. This fit has been engineered over time with countless women giving us their honest opinion.

After enough feedback was gathered, the HEIDI One Piece Swimsuit was born. This one piece not only has high neck coverage but a built-in shelf bra underneath. Furthermore, the back comes up high enough to cover up to your shoulder blades. Feel extraordinary in this one piece wonder & never feel self conscience again. At BeachCandy, your swimsuit wish is our command.

shop best slimming swimsuits

12. JENN Brazilian Scrunch Bikini Bottom

While the JENN is known for it's daringly cheeky backside what you might not know is it is available in a full coverage option as well. What we love about this bottom is it's 3 strap no squeeze hip detail. The fit of this bottom has been a study over time and a common request from our clientele.

All women want no squeeze at the hip but the definition of coverage wanted varies between extremely cheeky (Brazilian Cut) & full coverage. Therefore, we happily provide either option for you before check out. The front rise on this bottom is designed with care. So if C-section scarring is a concern this bottom along with many others would be perfect for you.

Swim Skort

13. KYLIE Swim Skort

The KYLIE Swim Skort is the perfect slimming swimsuit bottom for the thigh conscious woman. At BeachCandy, if there is a common issue from out clientele we find a way to fashionably "FIX' it. The KYLIE is perfect example. This flirty little swim skirt with a bottom attached underneath gives our babes exactly what they need while providing STYLE.

This element is commonly left out of reach with most swim skirts we see. Simplicity is the perfect way to describe this one-0f-a-kind beauty. The folded waistband gives you tummy coverage options and the way it is sewn ensures no squeeze around your waist. This factor is high up on every client's list of priorities. Shop now & enjoy high-fashion coverage from a skirted swimsuit bottom.

slimming swimsuits for women

14. LIZ Strapless One Piece Swimsuit

The LIZ Strapless One Piece Swimsuit provides slimming coverage all over even at your upper arms! In fact, this swimsuit was initially inspired by Liz, who was seeking just that. The ruffle is sewn so that it can be worn over or under the arm.

There is a built-in shelf bra for additional lift and security. Additionally, we had common requests for ruching so it too was added into the waistline. There is nothing like the fit & feel of this feminine maillot. Shop the LIZ and love the way you feel in a swimsuit.

LISA Skirt Black Mesh

14. LISA Swim Skirt

Perfect piece for all women seeking thigh coverage from your swimsuit style. This is our favorite new swim cover up of the season. This chic swim skirt takes a matronly look and gives it style.

This adorable little swim skirt covers the thighs and booty, and has a fold-over waistband for squeeze free comfort! The LISA is the perfect addition to any of our top slimming swimsuits. Plus, did we mention we make it in lace, mesh, or swim material to match your suit?! Shop the LISA to check out all your options.

Experience our Famous Fit for Women Worldwide

Finally, that sums it up BeachCandy babes, but not quite there is so much more available on our website. Shop all the above styles & more for the best slimming swimsuits of the season. Please get in touch with us for any special requests your confidence in a swimsuit is our highest priority.

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