Slimming One Piece Swimsuits

Sexy Slimming One Piece Swimsuits

Not everyone loves a two piece and feels comfortable in one. The next best alternative are sexy slimming one piece swimsuits! A one piece swimsuit can provide high neck coverage or tummy slimming style. Making your body shape look slimmer so you can just feel beautiful.


SUSAN Mesh One Piece Swimsuit

The perfect example of stylish and slimming bathing suits is the SUSAN Mesh one piece. It has a v-neck cut down the chest and see-through mesh strips around the torso and along the neck flow. This slimming swimwear's futuristic design enhances the waste line appearance for the perfect hour-glass figure!

The see-through mesh fabric strips go along the side of the ribs and draw attention to the cleavage, coming across sexy and sophisticated without revealing too much skin.

The SUSAN Mesh can be worn in black for major rock star vibes or white for a more bold, active look, either way, this piece is a show stopper for any occasion.  The best thing about this one piece is that is bold and screams fashionable!

If you want to look slim but still draw attention to your body and fun sense of style, this is the perfect slimming one piece swimsuit! In addition to the SUSAN mesh, you can complete the look with the light and see-through MARIA Beach Sarong Wrap if you want a little extra boldness to the look! The MARIA wrap is a must-have because it is so extremely versatile piece that can be combined with all the different styles of body slimming swimsuits!

Halter Swimsuits

TARA Halter One Piece

If you want to elevate your one piece game in a more modest way, the TARA is the way to go! This high waisted swim bathing suit is extremely slimming in the way that it helps elongate the body and extenuate the bust.

The TARA has a cross-back adjustable tie to have the best lift and support around the bust! Across the shoulder straps, you can also find a cute assortment of genuine Swarovski crystals. The back of the suit is seductively open and similarly, the front also has a sexy drop scoop.

In RIO the TARA one piece looks fun and tropical! But in black snakeskin, you can go for more sultry, edge style that is also slimming around the tummy area.  The snakeskin look is super slimming because it jet-black and looks great on any figure or body style.

The Rio design on the Tara looks like an array of colorful feathers that are feminine and flirty. Both one piece swimsuits are flashy, sexy, and slimming in the best way possible, another great addition to the Slimming One piece Swimsuits in your closet!

To finish the look, the TARA halter one piece swimsuit in snakeskin black would go flawlessly with the Kimono-robe-cover-up for a dangerously sophisticated black on black look! While the TARA provides the amazingly shaping fabric, this black swimsuit would go great with the HARUKO Long Kimono Cover Up because it flows lightly and elegantly together.

Sexy Swimsuits

SAMANTHA Sexy One Piece Swimsuit

Being Sexy and slimming can easily be done with the Samantha One Piece. It is subtle, but still makes quite the statement! This new addition to the BeachCandy collection is unique. It has a corset style criss-cross design in the front to the back of the suit. This style is ultra-chic in a classic way.

The suit is a bit cheeky, but in a beautiful way. The lines balance the v-style cut around the top to have a v cut at the bottom to give the body a nice shape. This slimming one piece will have you looking vibrant and fresh!

The SAMANTHA sits like a bodysuit, close to the body holding everything tight and creating a sporty slim look! This suit shows off the upper legs and the cleavage area making you look active and sexy at the same time.

The Samantha gives off bohemian vibes because it looks so natural on the body, it is sleek and slips on easily, the shoulder straps are medium-wide for extra support while the bust sits relaxed letting the corset do its job of bringing sex appeal.

Womens Swim Dress

HOLLY Women's Swim Dress

If you want to stand out of the crowd why not try a swim dress. The HOLLY Swim Dress is timeless and will make you feel confident in the water or out! The HOLLY  has a built-in shelf bra lifting the bust. Therefore eliminating tummy creases or uncomfortable folds. Making this an excellent out of the box option when it comes to slimming one piece swimsuits.

The HOLLY is well supported and comfortable, it provides slimming fabric tummy control and flows easily across your body so you can feel beautiful! If you have previously enjoyed wearing long swim tops with bottoms why not try a Swim dress see how active you can really be!

The Holly Swim dress is available in solid black and is long enough where swim bottoms could be worn beneath it for extra protection. Wearing a Swim dress will make you stand out but in a good way! The HOLLY is made of a slimming high performance fabric. Guaranteed to not feel too heavy or restricting when swimming or dancing the night away.

Sexy Slimming One Piece Swimsuits to Last a Lifetime

If you loved reading about finding the right sexy slimming one piece swimsuit, find more styles that fit you best on our blog post, One Piece Swimsuits for Women. We post a new blog two to three times a week to keep you updated on all the latest brand news! We also blog about how to style our cute accessories and classic swimsuits that you can own forever.

BeachCandy’s mission is to serve extraordinary swimwear that suits all women. We never compromise fit or quality in our wide variety of products including tankini tops. Every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident in their own skin, and we’re here to do just that! Moreover, every woman deserves to shine and feel their absolute best in their swimsuit!

Last but not least, for any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our expert team. Available via live chat, phone, or email. If you want daily updates on luxury beachwear, follow our Instagram and subscribe to our email list!

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I’m really loving the looks of the “Elysia” (!) and, considering it in either black or palm. Sooo great that SOMEBODY is (still) designing fashion-oriented/non-“swim team-type” one pieces WITH FULL WIDTH ATTACHED SHOULDER STRAPS (something a lot of suits are cheapening out on now off the rack!). I’m a 36D bust/sz10 and want a suit which can accentuate a pear figure WITHOUT looking like an ageing drapey/grandma-style. The leg cut on the “Elysia” seems just va-voom enough (lol!) I’d feel confident with. Thank you.

Cristina Hoover

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