Simplify Your Summer

Top Ten Ways to Simplify Your Summer

Top Ten Ways to Simplify Your Summer

It all starts with the spring cleaning itch. Once summer is about to hit we find ourselves wanting to streamline our lives & hit the ultimate moments of well-deserved relaxation. There IS something to the clarity that an uncluttered life propagates.

We are here to shed some light on our Top Ten Ways to Simplify Your Summer and Enjoy Every Last Drop of Sunshine...


1. Your Possessions

We are sorry to say less is TRULY more. Buy only what you need and if you really want our advice buy things made to last. There is so much "Made in China" junk out there these days clogging our view from the real deal. Own less... that lasts... and you will find it unlocks a whole new way of living. *We just so happen to make the highest quality of womens' swimwear in the world... if you have been searching for the perfect swimsuit >>> shop here.

2. Your Goals

Simplify and choose 2-3 goals for the summer months and pitch the rest. Stay focused on what makes YOU happy. If it is reading for 2 hours a day... make time for it! Life is short and the biggest regrets shared most often have to do with the "chances" not taken. So dream big, but stay focused and remember to always double check each goal with the question "How will this enrich my life?"

3. Negative Thoughts

Let go of all the negativity in your life. Any resentments or grudges held... All judgmental thoughts and make a conscience effort to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. And when all else fails just simply remind yourself to make lemonade with life's lemons.

4. Clean Up Your Diet

 Summer is the most wonderful time of year for seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables... so make plans to stroll your local farmers market this year. It truly makes an impact on your life when you pivot a sloppy diet into a refreshed healthier one. Your body will awaken with new found energy and your skin will glow. Pitch the Redbulls, fast food runs, and artificial ingredients all together and see for yourself.

5. Unplug Each Day

We are sooo consumed with our electronic devices we almost don't know what life is like on the "otherside." Unplug if you dare and let real life moments sink in deeper. With this as a daily or weekly practice you will find yourself more present and nourished by the beauty of the life and lives around you.

6. The Multi-Tasking Myth

Research shows that multi-tasking decreases productivity and adds to your stress level. So stop juggling and do each task with intention and one at a time.

7. Learn to Say NO

If you can't say NO you end up taking on way to much. So start practicing the art of "No Thank You" so you can make more room for the dreams and goals that are most important to you.

8. Edit Your Rooms

Walk through your living space one room at a time and edit / purge anything that is useless and does not add to the room. We all have those hideous piles that build up in a corner of the office, etc. So pour yourself a glass of Rosé, turn on some French Cafe Pandora (our favorite playlist at the moment), & re-align your living space to your new simplified lifestyle.

9. Spend Time with the People You Love Most

After this past week of publicly losing two icons... Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain, we are extremely tuned into sharing the love with our friends and family. Life can disappear in an instant for any of us and you also never know the internal struggle of those around you. Sharing a smile is free and sharing love is our duty as human beings. Take your "Expressions of Love" to the next level this summer and watch your garden grow.

10. Exercise

This is the MOST common practice of successful people. It reduces stress and opens your mind up especially at the start of your day. Even if just a morning walk, it is so good for your health to take time to get your blood flowing.

Just some fun food for thought. We hope you enjoyed this top ten edit and please let us know your comments down below! Xx - The BeachCandy Team

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