Sexy Thong Bikini Bottoms

What Are The Most Sexy Thong Bikini Bottoms?

As an option for every beautiful woman who loves to show some skin, BeachCandy has some of the best thong bikini bottoms around. You can have the perfect fit every time and highlight your best features.

Thong bikinis can be a little intimidating, we know. But that is why we made our bottoms with only the best materials and design to make you feel your most comfortable and secure.  

Allow your confident self to flourish in our gorgeous sexy thong bikini bottoms. We've also included some other cheeky styles that offer more coverage than a thong while still showing off your assets in this list.

cheeky Brazilian style bikini bottoms

JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bottoms

A major problem we have with Thong Bikini Bottoms is the fact that most are not very comfy. BeachCandy wanted to make an end to that which bring us to The JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bottoms.

These bikini bottoms are excellently made to not only give you the skimpiest thong look but also with amazing support and comfort. The seamless design wont tug or hug your body in any way making them the best for any day wear.

The JOANNE also have an adorable lace-up hip detail that is both cute and functional. The lace-up hip bottoms are fully adjustable, so again, this bikini bottom won’t squeeze at all. Side ties also make these Bikini Bottoms have a flirty fun vibe to them. 

Every killer Thong Bikini Bottom needs a flattering top to go with it. Any of our BeachCandy Bikini Tops will work amazingly but our favorite is The RACHEL Halter Top Bikini.

Want an even more completed look? Top off your BeachCandy swimsuits with The MILOH Beach Cover Up Dress. This style goes perfectly with its sheer high performance lace material. With its off-the-shoulder cut, this cover up adds just the right touch to finish the days look. The MILOH will compliment your curves and leave you feeling comfortably fashion forward. 

bling bikini


The one-of-a-kind BILLIONAIRE BIKINI® Luxury Bottom encompasses what BeachCandy is known for. exceptional style, materials, and customization. The beauty of the Swarovski Crystal CANDY catches the eye for every bottom is hand sewn and each will be a little different in its own unique way. At over 100 hours and 500 individually sewn Swarovski Crystals on the hips, these bottoms scream luxury.

THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI® Luxury Bikini Bottoms gained their fame from The Sports Illustrated Editors Pick. From there, these bottoms quickly became popular and went from only custom orders to permanently added onto BeachCandy's RTW Collection Online.

It's no wonder why these high-fashion bikini bottoms are a world famous bestseller. THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI® Bottoms come complete with our exceptional fit to make any body look astonishing while wearing them. As always, we give you the most options to better suit your wants and needs. These bottoms come with optional cheeky coverage with added half or full scrunch. This gives you the best desired thong fit for you!

Match the glamour of THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI® Bottoms with of course, THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI® Top. This top will only show off that seductive yet supportive style you have been looking for. With its gorgeous hand sewn Swarovski Crystals, this luxury set is the best swimsuit for all eyes on you. The superior construction of both THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI Top and Bottom will truly enhance every beautiful curve of your body.

Let those Swarovski Crystals shine on through in The ANGELICA Sheer Cover Up. This swimsuit cover up provides great coverage with the cut and flow of a silk dress. The sophisticated ruffles match the glamour of THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI in very Carrie Bradshaw look.

sexiest thong bikini

SAINT TROPEZ High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottom

The SAINT TROPEZ VIP sexy thong bikini bottoms are fire!! Made for the babes who loved The BILLIONAIRE BIKINI® Luxury Bottoms so much but wanted more minimal backside coverage. The VIP Bottoms got their claim to fame by being the Editor's Pick in Sports Illustrated. So it is no wonder why these bikini bottoms are amazing in every way.

The SAINT TROPEZ VIP has a skimpy sleek cut that is sure to be a show stopper. The high waisted V cut gives the body an hourglass shape for a thinning, provocative look. Its minimal backside coverage creates a sculpting scrunch perfect for any booty to work in. These bottoms come with a back scrunch added scrunch for even more lift.

Candy is said to make things even better, and we believe it. The SAINT TROPEZ VIP High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottoms comes with our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy Light VIP straps with rust free gold hardware that sit seamlessly on the hips. Because you deserve to shine bright like a diamond, add a little extra sparkle to your look!

Bling out your bikini style even more with The LAURA Padded Push Up BikiniTop. This top goes best with the thong bikini cut by giving you an extra lift in the front as well. Push up pads are sewn into the actual bikini top so no slipping or adjusting will be needed. The LAURA has elegant Swarovski Crystal CANDY along the cleavage to leave you with an overall sparkling look next to The SAINT TROPEZ VIP High Waisted Thong Bottoms.

cheeky scrunch bikini bottoms

LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottom

The LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottoms are an amazing full scrunch swimsuit for any body type. The seamless, no elastic edge design fits along the body perfectly with no hugging or bulging. The LEYLA has adjustable side ties to make it easiest on you. The tassels make for a fun flirty look that is certain to be the look of the day and include our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy for a touch of sparkle.

These swimsuit bottoms come in a low cut, cheeky coverage design for the best skimpy thong bikini feel. The LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottoms are a new twist on the classic bottom. Get ready to put your worries aside in these gorgeous fitting thong bikini bottoms!

Complete the set with The LEYLA Embellished Bikini top. This skimpy string swimsuit top comes with Swarovski Crystals along the triangle design as well. It has the same adorable fringe tassels that you can adjust however fits you best.

The LEYLA is great for enhancing small breast sizes naturally and giving larger busts the needed support. These two pieces pair for an all over sexy, tasseled, two-piece look!

Continue to show off that BeachCandy sparkle in our sheer MARIA Long Sarong Wrap. This sarong also comes in a short sarong length, perfect for whatever coverage you prefer. There is a variety of colors to choose from making The MARIA one of the best cover up options. Wear it not only as a skirt but as a wrap around the neck for a dress or a stylish head cover.

cheeky string bikini bottoms

ALEXA String Bikini Bottom

Our ALEXA String Bikini Bottoms shows off what makes classic string swimsuits amazing. Available in full coverage or that cheeky coverage you  crave, these bottoms never go out of style and make the perfect addition to any swimsuit top. Choose from a variety of fabulous colors as well.

Similar to The LEYLA, The ALEXA Bottoms the same flirty tassel ties on the side giving you the easy adjustment you desire. A sexy high rise at the legs gives that much more seduction to your look. The ALEXA is elastic sewn which gives more of a curvature to your body; just slightly different than The LEYLA and its sleek, seamless design. The fabric and materials ensure security and high quality overall.

The Alexa Bikini Bottom has adjustable ties on each leg to create the perfect fit, this allows you to tie the bottom to the height you feel most comfortable in. The strings are long and silky and will sit in place without a problem, the strings are also lengthy so that you can tie them into a bow or just let them dangle and look playful. This bikini is a classic cut style it is comfortable and molds to your body shape as you adjust every tie-able strap to your need.

cheeky scrunch bikini bottom

JENN Slimming Scrunch Bikini Bottom

The JENN Slimming Scrunch Bikini Bottom is like no other sexy bikini bottoms!  On this Bikini Bottom you can find three straps on the side that ensure that the elastic sits on the hips comfortably without hugging too tight! The three straps are not only helpful but they are also modern, while the scrunched fabric on the back will make you look well rounded and conditioned. Like the ALEXA, the JENN is also available in two cuts--full coverage and, of course, cheeky coverage, both with a booty-enhancing scrunch.

This Bottom is great because it sits on your body without reshaping your natural curves, it is created so that it will not slip up or down from your hips and you can move freely. The design of the JENN is rather sporty, it is made not just for purpose but also for style! The three straps on the side mold around the hips releasing some of the tightness that usually occurs around the waste band, this evens out tightness around the sides.

If you're going for the sporty look, the JENN bottom can be combined with The JENN Scoop Bikini Top for a perfect duo! The design of this bikini is great if you're an active soul, the shoulder straps criss-cross on the back and distribute support evenly for your bust.

The JENN top is easygoing because it has the shape of a one piece bikini but the  support of a bra all in one! Just like all Beach Candy fabrics the fabric is soft, spongy and durable but will not leave you with creases or have annoying elastic straps that wedge into your body. This Bikini top lets you be sexy and practical, the scoop neck shows off a subtle amount of cleavage but keep safety in mind around the back.

Did you Find the Perfect Sexy Thong Bikini Bottoms?

If you loved reading about our sexy thong bikini bottoms then you should check out our other blog post, What Are The Best Ruffle Bikini Tops, to find the best swimsuit top to go with your thong bikinis! We post a new blog two to three times a week to keep you updated on all the latest brand news! We also blog about how to style our cute accessories and classic swimsuits that you can own forever.

BeachCandy’s mission is to serve extraordinary swimwear that suits all women. We never compromise fit or quality in our wide variety of products. Every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident in their own skin, and we’re here to do just that! Moreover, every woman deserves to shine and feel their absolute best in their swimsuit! Learn more about our world famous Supportive Bikini Tops for Larger Busts and our Famous Bra Pad Inserts that give you the best boosted cleavage!

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