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Sexy Beach Dresses for Every Woman

Being at the beach is the best feeling ever because you get to smell the ocean water, feel the air running through your hair and relaxing under the sun. But what is more important is your beach outfit? Of course you want to be comfortable at the beach but why not look fashionable at the same time? BeachCandy swimwear has so many pieces you can slay in on your next beach visit!

We know what each woman is looking for so we created many pieces that will make you a happy customer. Come shop with us today because we promise you will find something that will make you smile! 

Beach Cover Ups That Will Make You Stand Out

Having the perfect beach cover up is important because you need something that will match your bikini beautifully while you’re walking around the beach with your girls. BeachCandy Swimwear has gorgeous beach cover ups which are definitely a must have.

high neck swimsuit cover up

DHARMA Beach Cover Up Wrap Dress

The DHARMA Beach Cover Up Wrap Dress is so beautiful, classy and unique, we promise you that you have never seen a cover up like this before. This gorgeous piece is the perfect addition to your beach look because it is comfortable and flatters every body shape. The DHARMA has a beautiful braided neckline making it a great addition.

DONATELLA Wrap Cover Up Dress

This next cover up is so breathtaking, it looks like a summer dress and you can wear it like one as well! The DONATELLA Wrap Cover Up Dress is the piece you can wear during the day to cover up your swimsuit and you can also wear it at night. The maxi length definitely flatters your legs and accentuates them. If you like to dress boho style, this one’s for you.

short swimsuit cover up dress

MILOH Beach Cover Up Dress

Looking for a cover up that looks like a mini dress? Then you need to add the MILOH Beach Cover Up Dress to your wardrobe now! This gorgeous cover up is made with a durable and high quality stretch lace and it shows the right amount of skin to show off your curves. You can wear the sleeves on your shoulders or you can have one side off the shoulder. It’s really up to you how you want to style the MILOH.

sexy beach cover up dress

SHERRY Maxi Dress Cover Up

We also carry a piece that looks like a sexy dress and you should definitely purchase this one if you are feeling a little daring and want to show off your gorgeous body. The SHERRY Maxi Dress Cover Up is that piece that will turn heads. Wear this out in public, and you will definitely have all eyes on you! 

It is floor length with a sexy slit on the right leg to give you a bit of coverage but also to be sexy at the same time! The SHERRY is made with flattering lace but it is also a comfortable stretch. The back of the SHERRY is what will grab people’s attention. It has a super low cut in the back to show off your skin making it the perfect addition for the hot, sunny days. 

Shop Our Famous Fit for Women

Here at BeachCandy Swimwear, it is our goal to create beautiful swimwear and cover ups for every woman.  If coverage is what you're looking for, have a look at our blog post on Cute Full Coverage Bikini Bottom Styles. If you'd like to see our other fabulous styles of bathing suit cover ups, check out our collection here.

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