Pool Party Essentials

Pool Party Essentials

As the sun continues to shine and the weather is still hot out, now is a great time to throw a pool party! But before you take the plunge into the cool water, you’re going to need some fun party decor to create the perfect pool party theme! 

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or just simply want to soak up the sun with the girls, these essentials are going to make the most of your time by the poolside: 

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  • Beach Towels

  • Although beach towels are always a given when you’re participating in anything water-related, it is always best to provide your guests with the softest and most comfortable beach towels to ensure that they can easily dry off and use it to lay on by the pool area. If you have a specific part theme for your pool party, you can get towels that match the aesthetic of your theme which adds an overall touch of cohesiveness. 

  • Flip Flops

  • As you go in and out of the pool, the floor may become very hot and unbearable to walk on barefoot. Bring your cutest flip flops to the party to stay swim chic and protect your skin from burning concrete. Rubber flip flops are a great option because they can withstand constant wear as you go to and from the pool. 

  • Waterproof Speaker

  • A party is nothing without good music! A waterproof speaker is great to have because you can bring it along with you in the pool. Many speakers are bluetooth, so you can easily connect anyone’s phone to the device. There is a variety of bluetooth speakers to choose from and some offer more features than others. If you are always on the go, speakers designed with a bag clip can easily be hooked onto anything. If you’re staying in one place at the party, a standard, solid speaker that complements the party table is the best way to go. 

     pool floats
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  • Pool Floats

  • Pool floats are the cutest pool essentials to have! There are so many different kinds of pool floats, whether it is the standard donut shape or a big pineapple, pool floats always add a fun flair to the party! You and your friends can use them to lay back and relax in the pool or take cute pictures on it for the gram!

  • Beach Balls 

  • What is a pool party without a beach ball? Beach balls are always found at pool parties and it is great to have especially if you have little ones who want something to play with in the water. Beach balls are fairly easy to inflate/deflate and can also be easily stored away once the party is over. They also make a great prop for cute poolside photos!

  • Basketball Hoops

  • A basketball hoop by the pool is great to have especially if you are hosting a party for family and little ones because everyone loves a bit of basketball (who doesn’t want to challenge someone to a little friendly competition?). You can also use a basketball or a beach ball as your ball of choice, but watch out, there is going to be a lot of splashing!

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  • Pool Toys

  • For the kiddos, pool toys are definitely a must! There are many options to choose from such as water guns, pool noodles, diving rings, paddle boards etc. These toys will keep them busy and help young ones to share and play together. 

  • Water Bombs

  • Traditional water balloons leave bits and pieces of latex in the environment, which some animals may mistake as food and even ones labeled "biodegradable" don't actually seem to break down, so instead opt for a reusable alternative such as water bombs. There are different types of reusable water bombs which can be used in many of the same games traditional water balloons would be used in. So, don't worry--you can still get your friends soaking wet while caring about the environment!

  • Beer Pong 

  • For something a little more “adult friendly”, beer pong is a classic for adults to participate in. This will definitely get the party going and people can also fire up some friendly competition (always play and drink responsibly!). Decorating your beer pong tables has become a trend and you and your friends can decorate the table according to your party theme.

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  • Wine Glasses

  • If you are looking to relax at your party, wine glasses are great to bring if you want to sit and catch up with friends. If you are throwing a pool party for a special occasion like a bachelorette or birthday, you can also customize your wine glasses with your guests’ names on it or decorate it to fit your party theme. Personalized wine glasses are unique and make great little souvenirs to take home after the party. 

  • String Lights

  • Light up the night with string lights that dangle beautifully above the pool or your seating area. String lights help set the perfect ambiance for the night as everyone winds down from a long day of being in the water. There are different types of string lights to choose from, such as “fairy lights” which add the right touch of sparkle to the night or industrial-bulb string lights which add a more cozy and homey feel where everyone gathers. 

    white jeweled bikini

    Don't Forget Your Swimsuit!

    Of course, a perfectly fitted and comfortable swimsuit is a must! The good news is now is the perfect time to get a new swimsuit because all of our current styles are on sale! We are making room for upcoming new inventory, so grab these while they're still available! Also check out our cover ups, perfect for keeping warm during those nighttime pool parties.

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    Written by Chloe Galvey

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