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The Perfect Padded Swimsuit Style for You

Swimsuit shopping specifically can be exhausting. That is, when you continue to encounter swimwear that gives false hope from a “push-up” label. You expect a fuller look, but instead you find discomfort no matter how many times you adjust the suit and your breasts look unsupported to say the least. 

There are many needs that need to be addressed when trying on a swimsuit, for women with smaller breast sizes, a fuller look might come to mind. It is necessary that needs must be met. But wants must be addressed for women who have struggled to find a suit that embodies comfort but also feeds confidence. 

BeachCandy’s swimsuits provide designs from top requests for all body types and ensure comfort regardless of bust size. It is a passion and a priority at BeachCandy for women to feel confident in their swimwear. BeachCandy’s padded swimsuits are perfect for women with smaller busts who have struggled to find swimwear that supports the shape of their breasts while also providing maximum comfort. 

Take the Compromise Out of Swimsuit Shopping...

Shopping for swimwear is a personal experience at BeachCandy and is not taken lightly. Every woman's body is different and prioritizes unique personal adjustments. It is crucial that the wants and needs for women are met so that their swimwear fits perfectly.

That’s why padded swimsuits at BeachCandy address the wants and needs of women with smaller busts so that the problems they encounter can be resolved while their confidence is restored. 

Finding the perfect piece of swimwear can be frustrating when facing an army of different busts and sizes. For women with smaller breast sizes, these padded swimsuits allow for more support and enhance their breast shape to avoid a flattened look. It is important that women feel comfortable, secure, and safe being active.

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BeachCandy does this while also providing a natural look to enhanced breasts. It is crucial that women feel comfortable in their bodies while wearing these swimsuits. These swimsuits enhance the smaller bust sizes to appear naturally fuller while still secure and comfortable. Breasts are sensitive and need protection so that women can be active without worry.

Regardless of bust sizes, universally, women want to feel empowered. They want to feel comfortable in their skin and in their bikinis too. Padded swimwear provides women with an enhanced sense of femininity when their bikinis are comfortable and fitted. 

Women want a suit that can provide a more perky, fuller look that enhances the shape, size, and symmetry of their breasts. Our expert designers and fits provide women with a sense of trust as we meet their individual fits with mental and physical comfort.

In our padded swimwear, our cup support is unique to any others in the market because it is constructed with regard to bodily concerns that BeachCandy will never ignore. Regardless of body shape or bust size, BeachCandy addresses the intricate design necessary to provide not only a woman's wants and needs in support, but introduces classy styles that scream sexy. 

Every fit deserves attention to detail so that padded swimsuits can provide exemplary structure, durability, support, and style so that a woman with smaller busts can achieve the look they always wanted with the trust they deserve to move freely.


TRACY Push Up Bra Bikini 

This suit provides support and advancement for smaller to medium breast sizes. Integrated in the top are halter straps and demi pads complete with underwire to provide that comfort and support. This suit is perfect for women looking for a fuller look with maximum comfort and sturdy support. 

The hook back and the sturdy underwire provide the strength needed to keep breasts secure as they become lifted, making mobility easier. The demi pads provide the push up needed to make smaller breasts appear fuller, but do so in the naturally gorgeous way. Not to mention the design that is a perfect representation of classy and sexy. 

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top 

This triangle top has been proven to be the best. Featured in Sports Illustrated for its unmatched fit that provides superior comfort. As well as the unmatched quality of materials used from start to finish.

This top is known for its comfort and its exceptional support with padding that provides a fuller look, perfect for women will smaller busts. It enhances not only smaller busts but for any bust line as well. It utilizes the breasts to create a round lift and more prominent cleavage. 

Triangle tops are very popular and competitive in the market. However, a lot of them do not provide women with smaller busts the look they hope for and the support they need. This ALEXA top remains unmatched and is a must-have for any woman. Because of its unique attention to the padding and size adjustments that women have been searching for.

Customers review this top with a unanimous 5 stars, complimenting the quality of materials and fit. It is described as “nicer than anything I’ve ever owned."

RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

One of our most popular bikinis, the RACHEL Halter Top Bikini, is the most supportive you can find. It provides padding and lift from XS through E cup, making it easier for women with petite busts that struggle to find coverage and comfort.

This is another great example of how BeachCandy implements a woman’s wants and needs in a suit by providing a sexy look with the option of more coverage. Our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy on these sliders are just another important aspect of BeachCandy that keeps our swimwear versatile and outshines the rest. 

Five Star reviews on the RACHEL Halter Top reveal that customers appreciate the quality of the fabric and stitching, feeling confident in its durability. Its versatility does not go unnoticed as an anonymous customer described, “I can give myself more or less coverage as I please."

LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

With our infamous and classy look, the LAURA top is simple with a complex inner design that enhances breasts by one whole cup size. The triangle cups contain lightweight, push up padding sewn into them that prevent slippage and enhance comfort. 

The padding doesn’t just “push up” the breasts; this unique design provides padding along the lower sides and corners to give breasts the fuller look by pushing them together. This makes them appear even in the front and center. 

The cleavage and shape both demonstrate how a simple bikini contains a complex inner design to make the exterior appear full and elegant with its sexy crystal beading along the sides. It is complete with an adjustable neck, back, and center for superior support.

Customer reviews truly show how this top transforms women with smaller busts. An anonymous customer described the feelings owning this suit gave her as she becomes more confident in the natural shape of her chest, “To be completely confident, and supported, in a swimsuit is the best feeling ever.” 

push up triangle swimsuit

CAMERON Push Up Bikini Top (sold out)

Imagine a swimsuit that provides the familiar structure and feel of a bra. This push up top is complete with an added string tied in the back and shoulder straps you can adjust for your unique fit.    

This bikini top is a very personal model with a mix of the triangle top with the demi-padded push up that creates a more supportive lift that ties in the back with no tying needed around the neck.

For people who enjoy a more seamless fit with a secure and supportive lift, the CAMERON Push Up is no doubt a comfortable choice for women with petite busts. 

Smaller busts are given a more perky look as straps and strings secure the breasts while also working with added material to make them appear fuller in the most natural way. 

A fit like this incorporates the best of bikini top designs while addressing the spaces that need to be filled in order to create a rounder look. This is a great match for someone looking for a perkier look with limitless structure with the comfort of a bra.

push up padded bathing suit

ELLEN Push Up Halter Bikini Top

A top best-seller, the ELLEN top is set with a halter neckline complete with thick straps. This creates an even look, complimenting the fullness provided by the inner lining of the suit.        

Another versatile swimsuit that accommodates a smaller bust size with unique double-sided push up pads that never fail to make breasts perky and provide a prominent cleavage.

The boost from this top is what sets it apart from other swimsuit models along with the thick, sliding straps that make the look even more robust. The thick straps are complete with crystals to top it off with style that stands apart from the rest.

“Sexy cut and supportive structure” are just a few words used to describe this top. Once customers start wearing this top, they do not want to accept anything less in quality. Every woman deserves this level of comfort in a swimsuit that fits in all the right areas.

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Thank you for reading all about some of our fan favorite styles. While shopping if you would like assistance finding the perfect fit just let our team know. Our expert customer service team is passionate about helping you find your perfect BeachCandy. You will know when you try our products on for the first time.

Never before have you felt a swimsuit with the same quality, fit, and feel of a BeachCandy swimsuit. From our expertly engineered patterns to our Signature Swarovski finish, BeachCandy is an artfully crafted swimsuit. Made in a way that is almost considered old fashioned. We proudly stand by our ‘quality over everything’ swimsuits made the old-fashioned way. 

Experience chic coverage and comfort without compromise. If you are done sacrificing how you fit and feel in a swimsuit, you are ready for the BeachCandy experience. Learn more about our small sexy bikinis for women online now >

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