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The Perfect Padded Bikini Top

The right amount of push up and padding is different for every woman. Nothing makes the struggle of finding the perfect bikini harder than compromising look for overall comfort. BeachCandy wraps up all these frustrations and solves all your problems!

We created a variety of styles designed to fit your bust in all the right places while still being insanely chic. The amount of support is very important to all breast sizes, big and small. You are sure to find exactly the right push to add an extra lift in your bikini that we're sure you've been looking for. Check out our most recommended perfect padded bikini tops that you wish you tried sooner! 

padded push up bikini top

LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

As one of the best push up tops on the market, we created The LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini top for small and big-chested babes in mind. The results of such an amazing top are fabulous and we can't wait to tell you why! Supreme quality push-up pad cups are sewn directly into the top still making it lightweight and breathable.

This also allows for no more adjusting, slipping, or sliding around in your top. You can now have that active beach lifestyle still while not worrying about any padding going out of place, all while adding one cup size.

The LAURA is also fully adjustable at the neck, back, AND center of your cleavage making sure you're supported no matter what. Comfort and security in a bikini top are highly important to every woman. The LAURA Padded Push Up Top satisfies as a fan favorite for every padded bikini top need!

Create an even more satisfying look by added our gorgeous Swarovski Crystals to highlight your cleavage. This hand-beaded detail will truly make you sparkle and shine; guaranteed to never chip, crack, or fade. Let this beautiful Candy shine on through in our lovely ROLANA Long Sleeve Cover-Up. This sheer mesh cover comes in both a short tunic as well as floor length.

corset bikini

HALLE Corset Bikini Top

The HALLE Corset Bikini Top is the ultimate swimwear for active women. This super sporty pullover top provides top quality comfort from all angles. You'll be looking like a true Bond Girl in this Halle Berry inspired look! Made with two sets of straps, The HALLE has the best lift and security.

Plus, the front tie allows you to decide how much extra cleavage and boost you need. As one of our most unique styles yet, The HALLE offers both style and substance.

The best part is, you can wear this top regardless of cup size! Another great design aspect of the HALLE is that you have the option of padding or no padding. We know our BeachCandy babes want the ultimate decision, so that’s why we allow such a diverse way of adjustability.

Modify your suit to your body, and you will feel unstoppable. The HALLE is only complete with no other than the HALLE Lace-Up Bond Girl Bikini Bottoms. These two paired together gives you a sexy twist on modern coverage and overall comfort. Take a chance on one of our most loved swimsuit combinations. 

padded bra bikini top

CAMERON Push Up Bikini Top

The best part of the CAMERON Push Up Bikini Top is that the design changes depending on your size. We have engineered this bikini to fit any cup size whether you are an A cup or DD cup. Find out more below about the specific modifications you can make to get the most out of the CAMERON. The BeachCandy Babes that have small and medium sizes have a push-up pad.

This is perfect for my smaller chest ladies who want that extra cup size and fullness. When you put this on, and you will be sure to feel sexy and never want to take it off! The Babes who have size large and up have a substantial foam liner. This liner ensures superior support and will keep your bust looking perky and in place. Don’t worry, the bustier Babes will have that same sexy feel but with that extra needed support.

The CAMERON Push Up Top also does not tie around the neck, therefore, not straining your neck and giving you lasting comfortability. The versatility of this push-up bikini is endless, but we recommend pairing it with our MIKA Adjustable Bikini Bottoms. This swim combination becomes completely adjustable and will exceed all your expectations. 

best push up halter bikini

ELLEN Best Bikini Top

If you are looking for a push-up halter top that has the fit for any size, then the ELLEN Best Bikini Top is the way to go. It is an absolute must-have if you want a bikini with lift, support, and cleavage. The ELLEN is a timeless best-seller, here are just a few reasons why.

The unique design on the ELLEN differs depending on the size you get. Just like the CAMERON, for my smaller chest babes (small and medium) there is a double-sided push-up pad and a foam liner for any woman with a bigger bust.

Our crafted designs are formed to enhance your overall shape, specifically made with you in mind. One of my favorite accents that you can add to the ELLEN is the slider detailing on the top of the neckline, made with our Signature Swarovski Candy. This gives the perfect touch to an already perfect halter push-up bikini.

Every detail matters in this swimsuit, so why not make the most of it and shine with our hand-made beading.

Keep the shine up top and wear bikini bottoms that are moderately covered and seamless with the SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottoms. These bottoms are perfect for any tummy coverage for C-section scars or stretch marks that you may want to be covered. Nevertheless, this pairing will give you the utmost confidence.

best supportive triangle bikini top

ALEXA String Triangle Bikini Top

The ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top is a favorite among our BeachCandy babes, due to its top-quality padding and support. Triangle tops are relatively essential to each swim collection, but ours is incomparable. The padding is constructed to give a lift while creating a round shape cleavage for all bust sizes.

The craftsmanship of the ALEXA is undeniable and most triangle tops do not offer the amount of support and lift that this one does. We understand the frustration many have over their simple triangle tops, which is why we wanted to make the ALEXA different and one of a kind.

Choose your ALEXA String Triangle Bikini top in a variety of patterns such as Bésame, Olive, Aqua Snake and more. Also, check out the Signature Crystal "Candy" that is available to add if you want to enhance your triangle top even more. The look is not achieved until you match it with the ALEXA String Bikini Bottom.

These two paired together, creates the perfect, classic, tie-side duo. These string bottoms offer many of the same qualities as the top, including a wide variety of sizes, optional "CANDY", scrunch, and bottom coverage type. We can't wait for you to try it out and enjoy this combination as much as we do.

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