Our Philosophy at BeachCandy

Our Philosophy at BeachCandy


Our Philosophy at BeachCandy... at BeachCandy Swimwear we believe that every woman has the right to feel her absolute best in a swimsuit. With that being said there is much work to do around making sure every woman's "Dream Fit" becomes a reality. In order to execute flawlessly time after time we have come up with our Top 5 Core Values or Philosophy at the company.

1) Best Quality, Care, & Attention to Detail in the World.

At BeachCandy we pride ourselves on only using the best high performance materials, elastics, and Swarovski Crystals. In addition, we take that extra step with all we do every time. We are committed everyday to making sure our attention is laser focused on the details.

2) Redefine Each Swimsuit Experience with Passion, Service, & Sparkle.

Most women these days are resigned to the whole "swimsuit shopping" experience. Also, it is amazing to see each and every woman melt with excitement when they try-on their first BeachCandy Swimsuit and say "Oh my God it fits. Perfectly!" We are thrilled to transform womens lives through swimwear and are committed to doing it each time with passion, service, and of course sparkle.

3) Integrity & Ownership

We honor our word and hold ourselves accountable with the highest integrity. Actually, there is no task below or above us we are all in it together to make sure our beautiful products are delivered seamlessly.

4) Truth over Harmony

We choose honesty over fear of rocking the boat. Life is too short to not follow your instinct, speak up, and make things happen and in our humble opinion is the true badge of a trailblazer.

5) Be open. Innovation as a Mindset.

We are always listening to our clients, customers, and women in general. Our team is not afraid to hear about what's new, innovative, and/or a game changer in one way or another. In conclusion, BeachCandy is in the most exciting era in history with new apps, services, and fresh disruptive ideas unfolding everyday. At the core of our brand we are always open to new possibilities with innovation as a mindset.


We hope you enjoyed a peek into the wonderful world of BeachCandy Swimwear & we hope to hear from you in the comments below! xx

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