One Year of Wellness

One Year of Wellness Wednesdays

Since our very first day in business, BeachCandy has operated from the ethical standpoint of putting our customer first. Our early days were dedicated to understanding the exact wants and needs of women across America when it came to the perfect swimsuit, working above and beyond the call of duty to fulfill every wish of our clientele through custom-made one-of-a-kind swimsuits. After 12 years in business, we have a strong understanding of the woman we dress.

BeachCandy Babes on a Yacht

After thousands of hours in the fitting room with our clients, we deeply understand the psychology behind their physical desires. As women, we all want what is best for those we love; we are nurturers sometimes to our own detriment. And when it comes time to get into vacay mode, we are scrambling to adorn our bodies in a way where we can stand tall with confidence. At BeachCandy, we have always taken our role very seriously because we understand the impact an extraordinary swimsuit can make.

Along this journey into the world of fashion, as we dove deep, we have come to see the true impact of fashion and the wellness of our people and our planet. 

As of January of this 2022 year, we began to speak up and contribute in a small way with “Wellness Wednesdays” to build awareness on the vast topic of wellness in hopes to reach women everywherefrom the customers in tears over their health in our own fitting rooms to those suffering silently around the globe. There is a deep underlying issue that many don’t dare speak of–the toxic burden in our world today.

Our founder has struggled all her life with ignored signs and symptoms of autoimmunity. At the start of 2021, she found herself no longer able to walk, stiffened at every joint in her body. After a parade of hospital visits and specialists, her lifelong illness was given a name: Ankylosing Spondylitis. This led her on a path to discover the road to wellness by intense study and deep experimentation with her own body.

BeachCandy Founder Standing in Front of Wind Turbines with Outstretched Arms

Today, Brit lives symptom-free thanks to a non-toxic lifestyle from food to fashion with every intention to share wellness with the world through BeachCandy because the truth of it is, no one is immune to the toxicity in our world today. Heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, lead, and aluminum alone are embedding in our tissue every day, wreaking havoc on our immunity and wellness. 

After a year of Wellness Wednesdays, we are taking it a step further.

Pink lotus flower on purple background.
Photo by NEOSiAM  2021

Into 2023, we will be promoting wellness everyday as this is a lifestyle that must become a trend moving forward in this modern world. We invite you to “Be the Change” with BeachCandy as we move forward in making wellness fashionable.

From accessories that promote hydration to non-toxic apparel that raises your frequency, BeachCandy will work to educate in the sea of noisy marketers with the intention to help us all move forward protected by non-toxic products and armed with awareness of the toxicity that exists in our everyday life.

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