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Hottest Modest Swimwear for Women

Modest Swimwear can be sexy. You absolutely do not need to show a lot of skin to be sexy. Sometimes leaving something up to the imagination is a lot more fun. When it comes to bathing suits many assume they have to bear it all or not wear one at all! For us here at BeachCandy, that is definitely not the case.

As the old saying goes, “modest is hottest!” and we at BeachCandy support that 100%. So don’t be obliged to show more than you're comfortable with, because confidence is key. Being confident in the swimsuit you're wearing says more than how much skin you are showing. We want nothing more than for women to feel confident and comfortable, while still feeling sexy.

Modest swimwear can be just as sexy, fun, and fabulous as the others, and we are here to prove it. So for our babes who wish to remain conservative in a swimsuit, here is a list of our favorites when it comes to modest swimwear for women.


modest one shoulder swimsuit

DARLA Unique One Shoulder One Piece

The DARLA is our take on a modest one-piece swimsuit. This bathing suit is perfect for our babes who are looking for a more sophisticated and classy swimsuit. The one-shoulder style, not only makes the swimsuit fashionable, but it's also a great balance of showing off some skin.

With a supportive bra and full tummy coverage, you’ll feel confident in the amount of coverage and beautiful. Plus our signature Swarovski crystals adore the single shoulder strap to give you a little extra shine.  Who doesn't want a little extra shine? What's great about the DARLA Unique One Shoulder One Piece is that it is designed to accent your beautiful curves no matter your size or shape.

modest high neck one piece swimsuit

HEIDI High Neck One Piece

If you loved the DARLA Unique One Shoulder One Piece but are looking for a modest swimsuit with a little more coverage, our HEIDI High Neck One Piece is perfect for you.  This modest swimsuit offers even more chest coverage than the DARLA!

The design is simple and clean, but still remains extremely fashionable. Featuring a supportive shelf bra and slimming ruching at the waist, this High Neck One Piece guarantees you to be looking and feeling fantastic. This high neck swimsuit is chic and comfortable, giving you all the security you desire.

This one piece was built for modest coverage, support, and overall comfort. But don't worry your hour glass figure will still look amazing as the ruching material cinches and flatters your waist line.  Coming in three beautiful colors, you can stock up on this wonderful modest swimsuit for all those summer beach days ahead.

ruffle one piece swimsuit

LIZ Off Shoulder Strapless Ruffle One Piece

Looking for a little more uniqueness in your one piece, yet still wanting to remain modest? Take a look at our LIZ Ruffle Strapless One Piece. While it does show off your beautiful shoulders and neckline, the remainder of the body is concealed flawlessly. The extra flow-y material around the bust is just what you need to conceal in a stylish way.

This one piece is perfect for our babes who like to be a little more flirty. The feminine touch and fun designs make it a knockout suit! Coming in both a pattern and solid, the LIZ Off Shoulder Strapless Ruffle One Piece is perfect for everyone! Remember modesty does not mean an absence of beauty.

handkerchief tankini swimsuit top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

For those looking for a little less coverage than a one piece but still want to continue with a modest swimsuit, the JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top is a perfect option.  BeachCandy specifically designs numerous tankinis and two-piece bikinis that offer extremely conservative coverage.

One of our most popular online and in-store is the JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top! With this bathing suit, you get the best of both worlds. A flirty and fun swimsuit that comes with more coverage than your typical bikini style. This strapless tankini is sexy, fun, and gives you excellent tummy coverage! You get the feeling of wearing a “bikini” while remaining modest and comfortable.

modest simple tankini swimsuit top

STACIA Simple Tankini

The STACIA Simple Top is the tankini version of the HEIDI high neck one piece! Get the best of both worlds with full coverage without the attached bottoms. With a supportive shelf bra and an adjustable neckline, this tankini screams comfort. Use this top to mix and match bottoms and personalize your whole look.

Swarovski one shoulder tankini top

TINA One Shoulder Tankini Swimsuit Top

Another twist on a one-piece classic, the TINA creates the same look & feel of the DARLA without attached bottoms! This top gives you that confident and elegant feel while providing more options for bottom coverage. Pair with a swim skort or full coverage swim bottoms to feel even more amazing out on the beach! The possibilities are truly endless with this timeless piece.

Halter Tankini Top

TYLER Halter Tankini Swimsuit

This is the top that offers it all! Comfort, coverage, and style. The TYLER Halter Tankini Top keeps everything in place while the bedazzled straps add a touch of sparkle. Designed with strong side wings to give you that extra support, a loose tank top feel in the torso, and an adjustable tie back.

The V-neck offers enough for a sexy finish without showing too much skin! This top is extremely versatile and the best go to suit for any babe out there.

high neck halter bikini

Swarovski ST REGIS High Neck Halter

This is a bit of modest swimwear for our glamorous goddesses. Nothing will grant you more attention and coverage than this one-of-a-kind top. The neck is lined with hand sewn Swarovski crystals and is a suit that will definitely turn heads!

Detailed with gold and black hand sewn crystals, this takes a basic high neck halter to the max. No one else will have anything quite like this and the halter design gives you the modesty you desire! Pair this top with high waisted bottoms or a swim skort for even more coverage. Embrace your inner queen in this one-of-a-kind bikini top.

high waisted bikini bottom

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

With all of the modest swimwear tops BeachCandy offers, we also have accompanying bottoms! For those suits that show a little too much tummy for your comfort, pair with our ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms.

These bottoms resolve any tummy concerns while give you a sexy hourglass shape. Featuring ruching in the waistline and a modest back, this is the perfect bikini bottom if you are looking for more coverage in the front and back.

Modest Swim Skort Bikini Bottoms

KYLIE Swim Skort Bottoms

Last but certainly not least, one of our favorite modest swimsuit bottoms - the KYLIE Swim Skort. The solution if you are looking for a bit more coverage around your upper thighs. These bottoms are the ideal girly girl bottom for you beach babes. The best part? The design not only offers full coverage, but the waistband doesn’t cause unflattering squeezing on your hips! Strut yourself on that beach in style with the KYLIE Swim Skort.

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