Mix and Match Beachwear

Mix and Match Beachwear

Don’t know what accessories to add on to your swimwear or any-wear look? We got you covered. We’ll provide you with a few suggestions of two different looks for your mix and match wear add-ons for any occasion. 

Here at BeachCandy, we are devoted to providing not only the best quality but also amazing styles for our BC Babes when designing swimwear as well as our add-on accessories like hats, bags, sandals, etc. 

We want you to feel and look your best when wearing our products, so we put together some suggested mix and match accessories from our resortwear collection that can be amazing, comfortable and give your add-ons a je ne sais quoi touch to your wardrobe style!

These mix and match styles can be worn on any occasion. Whether going to the beach, at night out with friends or simply to relax at home...choose your pick! 

Look #1: Boho Chic, Desert Vibes

Tunic Swimsuit Cover Up

The black CHARLIE Tunic Beach Cover Up staple piece worn over any of our swimsuits makes a perfect accessory when going to the beach, going to a party, or even a festival like Coachella, which is right around the corner, by the way! 

This cover up is designed with a deep low V neck and sheer all over, giving you coverage with a sexy elegant look while also being breathable. It's available in black as well as a cool navy blue and white design.

Leather Fanny Pack

Pair the CHARLIE with the leather  COACHELLA Women's Belt Bag which will not only give you a cute look but will also keep you organized. The belt bag has several pockets that can store important items like your phone, body spray, makeup to retouch later on during the day when you're on-the-go or on vacay. It comes with an adjustable belt, so you can either wear it across your shoulder, on your waist, or like a simple cute handbag. 

Swarovski Crystal Sandals

Pairing the black mesh and the belt bag with the Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandals will add to your sexy yet comfortable look. These leather sandals will boost your look and your confidence as well as they are made with genuine crystals that give the sandals that beautiful sparkle and shine that you desire.

The anklet sandals come only in red/peach color, but I mean, you can basically pair these cuties with any look you wear, am I right? The sandals will give color to your look but also stick to the patterned color scheme going on. 

*Here is a little tip that I always follow when deciding what accessories I should wear with my look or style: Make sure to recognize the color scheme you have going on, because if you wear too many colors, accessories will be too much for the look you have planned.

I am suggesting this tip because this first mix and match suggestion is a great choice as it only has two or three color schemes. My tip for color schemes are four colors max and this look has three colors in it: the black mesh cover up, the brown belt bag and sandals that add a touch of red. So there are three colors in total, which makes the look fabulous as well as very cute and elegant.

Look #2: Let Loose but Make it Cute Vibes

Long Boho Skirt

The MARRAKESH Boho Maxi Skirt will give you a comfortable yet stylish look, as it is breathable and will make you feel comfortable all day. The patterned skirt also has an embroidered waistband that will hide your perfect imperfections and give your tummy a hug while looking cute. 

The Maxi skirt can be worn for outdoor activities, to the beach, or just those errands that take all day. If that is the case, this maxi skirt is the right piece to wear. The Maxi skirt comes in three colors, rosa (pink), turquoise, and azul (blue) and is made of 100% silky rayon. 

Freedom Rock Tee Shirt

The MOTLEY Cropped Graphic Tee goes well with the Maxi skirt as it is no ordinary t-shirt. This cropped t-shirt has a cinched center as you can adjust to your liking, you can wear it high just below the bust as a bikini top or slightly lower, above the belly button to look trendy these days. The graphic tee can be worn with any skirt from our resortwear collection, like the MARRAKESH maxi skirt mentioned before, with plain blue jeans or shorts to look more casual, or a wrap skirt which can give a statement. 

The graphic tee comes in two colors, black as the one shown here and  “Goddess” orange which is a splendid color that will literally make you pop out as a goddess and boost your confidence with such brilliant eye-popping color. 

Pink and Turquoise Beaded Necklace

The ATHENA Turquoise Pendant Necklace goes well with the graphic tee as black matches with any color including the pink of the maxi skirt as well as in the pendant necklace and with turquoise too. 

The turquoise pendant gives out a summer/cool breeze vibes look which is a must-have accessory with the comfy-but-make-it-cute look we are showing here. The pendant necklace is made with pink sparkly beads all over and, on the center, the big eye-popping turquoise pendant that perfectly complements the pink beads. 

The necklace comes in two colors, electric pink, and suede, a beautiful beige color with the same turquoise pendant. 

Macrame Handbag

And why not match the maxi skirt, graphic tee and the pendant necklace with the NAMASTE Bamboo Handle Handbag which will add to your comfortable look? The bamboo handbag has sturdy woven beads and an inner lining to keep your valuables safe and secure. 

This chic handbag can be used for everyday use, a long or quick vacay, and of course, even for a day at the beach. This handbag is perfect for this second look as it adds style and a, may I say, tropical summer vibe look as well. 

Hopefully we have inspired you to mix and match your wardrobe based on these two looks we have put together for you from our BeachCandy resortwear collection. Our main goal is for our customers to feel and look sexy, comfortable, and confident in our products. If you feel good, we feel good. After all, we are all women here and our slogan is “for women, by women."

Shop our mix and match accessories as well as mix and match swimwear separates and discover your own personal favorites! Also check out our choices of Top 5 Pool Party Outfits.

Written by Magali Pascual

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