Mesh Swimsuit Cover Up

The Mesh Swimsuit Cover Up

BeachCandy Swimwear offers all your most wanted necessities to help you slay while you’re at the beach, pool, or on vacation. Our goal is to make every woman feel confident and sexy with their own body. And we do that by offering amazing pieces for you to strut in. It is our pleasure to assist you in putting your beach outfit together. We want all of our BeachCandy babes to feel their absolute best.

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One of the must-have items we love to offer to our BeachCandy babes is our signature coordinating mesh swimsuit cover ups. These pieces are a must have in your swim collection. For they help tie your whole look together. Swimsuit cover ups are great to wrap over your body when you are not in the water. You can still be covered up and look classy while showing off your gorgeous swimsuit at the same time. 

sarong pareo

MARIA Sarong Wrap

Our popular mesh swimsuit cover up that all of our babes love is the MARIA sarong wrap. We offer this swim cover in two styles; long, for those that want to cover up a bit more, and short, for those that are not afraid to show off their beautiful body. 

We love the long version of the MARIA sarong wrap because this piece is very versatile and can be worn in different ways. Most of our babes like this cover up because they can get creative on how to wear it and they are able to get so much use out of it. 

The most popular way most women wear the MARIA long sarong wrap. Number one, is tying it around their hips to cover their bathing suit bottom and legs. This cover up is the perfect length to cover up the bottom half of your body by giving you an elegant and classy look.

If you want to get fancy with the MARIA, then we suggest turning the sarong wrap into a dress. You can first put it over your neck and wrap the remaining pieces over your body to make it into a gorgeous, mesh sun dress. This is our favorite way to wear it because it makes you stand out and you will definitely have everyone loving your look.

You can also wear the long sarong wrap as a strapless dress. Instead of putting it around your neck like how we previously mentioned, just tie it under your arms to make a cute, flowy strapless mesh dress. We are sure there are other different ways to wear the long sarong wrap and we love to see what our babes come up with.

If you want a beach cover to show off more of your legs, then we recommend the MARIA short sarong wrap. It’s made from the exact same material as the long MARIA but just in a short style. The short style is very cute because it looks like a mini skirt and it gives our babes a flirty look.

We love the MARIA so much because it can be adjusted however you want and it comes in so many beautiful colors so you will have no problem finding one to match your bathing suit.

Gorgeous Mesh Swimsuit Cover Ups

BeachCandy Swimwear offers a great selection of bikini cover ups. We love to provide choices for all of our babes to give them ideas for their cute beach look. Why wear a un-coordinated basic bathing suit cover up when you can wear one of our fabulous matching styles?

All of our pieces at BeachCandy Swimwear are carefully handcrafted. We love using the mesh material for our cover ups because it is a great breathable fabric which is perfect for the hot, sunny days! We have so many gorgeous options for our babes to choose from. 

Jessica Mesh Cover Up

If you want to achieve a sexy and elegant look, then you definitely need to purchase the JESSICA Mesh Cover Up. This gorgeous cover up will really flaunt your body. It is a floor length cover up with sexy cutout slits on the side and has a criss-cross detail in the middle to make your waistline look super sleek. It comes in a striking lipstick red color to ensure all eyes are on you.

We understand comfortability is what many women want. We have got that covered for those who want to feel relaxed in a cover up. First, we have the TRIXIE Jumpsuit Cover Up (archived) for women who want to take their cover up look to the next level.

We wanted this jumpsuit to be very cozy so we made it loose and breezy. But we also wanted to flatter your body as well so made sure the jumpsuit is fitted in all the right places. Just because you want to be comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy at the same time. This piece hugs you nicely around your chest and waist and it’s loose around your legs to walk with the breeze. 

Another comfortable mesh cover up we highly recommend is the DHARMA Beach Cover Up Wrap Dress. This is another piece that will help you feel relaxed and beautiful at the same time. This cover up dress is very loose and flowy with a gorgeous braided neckline to add something different and make this cover up look unique. The DHARMA is a breathtaking piece to wear for a romantic stroll on the beach. 

We also have mesh cover ups for women who want to be a little more conservative but still feel sexy. Every woman has different tastes so we make sure to cater every single person by providing a lot of options. 

long mesh caftan

CHARLIZE Long Sleeve Beach Cover Up

The first option we have for women who want to cover up a bit more is the CHARLIZE Long Sleeve Beach Cover Up. This is a very gorgeous cover up that will also make you look very attractive by still allowing you to show off your swimsuit through the mesh material. 

The CHARLIZE has a similar look and style as a long classy tunic. It has long sleeves to cover up your arms and it is floor length to also cover your legs. It has a low v-cut in the front to give you a sexy look as well. We recommend wearing this piece in the evening to give a very sophisticated sleek "bond babe" look.

long mesh beach cover up

The next cover up we recommend to achieve a more modest look is the ROLANA Long Sleeve Cover Up. This piece is very similar to the CHARLIZE but it gives you two options on how to wear it. 

The ROLANA has a similar look to a luxurious robe because it has long sleeves, floor length, and you are able to tie it in the middle to cover your midsection. If you want the cover up to show off your waist, then just leave the middle untied. 

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