Luxury Resort Wear

Luxury Resort Wear to Make You Shine

Planning a trip to an exotic destination but worried about what to wear to match your new 2021 energy? BeachCandy Swimwear has the answer for you! The unique pieces in our Resortwear Collection have anything and everything you could want. From the glamorous accessories such as masks and jewelry to the vibrant cover-ups, you are guaranteed to find the perfect item for you. 

Everyone has their own presence they want to project through their wardrobe choices when they go on a trip. Finding the most fitting resort wear brand that aligns with your style can be a difficult task. However, at BeachCandy we ensure that each of the items are carefully crafted so that not only the look is perfect, but the fit is too. 

sheer ruffled swimsuit cover up

The ANGELICA Sheer Cover Up

When going on vacation, it is vital to feel confident and sexy in what you are wearing. The ANGELICA sheer cover up is everything you would want in a clothing item and more. It can spice up one of your simpler swimsuits without drawing too much attention away if you pair it with a statement piece. The pure sheerness of the item will keep you in touch with the current trends while the ruffles provide a versatile appeal. 

The energy you will be emanating if you choose to wear this cover up will be powerful and compelling. All eyes will be drawn to you whether you are walking down the beach or tanning by the pool.     

The SCARLETT Statement Necklace

Vacationing means picture time in the golden hour light. Adding accessories to elevate a simple outfit will give you that stylish but effortless look. The SCARLETT Statement Necklace is the perfect item to use for an eye catching look. 

The flamboyant color and unique textural design capture immediate attention in any of your pictures. While resting in the ideal spot on your neck, the marbled red color will look positively bold and trendy. Do not underestimate the power of fierce accessories! It will change your whole outfit’s vibe and give it a chic upgrade.    

The PENELOPE Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

Looking for a clothing piece that screams fun, lively, and enthusiastic? The PENELOPE Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress is the total package! The cute print will make a statement all on its own and show off your carefree side. 

By hugging all the right places, the fit of the dress alone will leave you with a sense of fearlessness and will render others speechless. It will attract instant attention from all those around you and let them know you are here for a good time, which is what a getaway is all about!     

The JESSICA Mesh Cover Up

If you prefer a look with more coverage when you are down by the pool, the JESSICA Mesh Cover Up is for you! While providing you with added material, this cover up is very sleek and flattering because of its unique cutouts on the waist and high slit. It gives you the freedom to feel sexy and show off your swimsuit while also being a bit more covered up. 

The vibrancy of the color will make you stand apart from the sea of people that will be on the beach. The color implies a fiery persona that will catch the eyes of all across the whole resort. The distinctiveness of the piece gives you an alluring and ultra-glamorous edge.

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The MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants

Typically, when someone mentions wearing a cover up, it can arguably be said that it implies someone wearing a cover up dress or something with sleeves. Most people will not think of cover up bottoms. So if you want to set yourself apart from everyone else, the MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants are the best purchase to make!

Featuring a fold-over waistband that can be adjusted to cover or reveal as much of your tummy as you'd like, these cover up pants will give you excellent coverage while still allowing your favorite BeachCandy swimsuit to show through with its soft, comfortable, sheer material.     

The JULIA Lace Beach Cover Up

Being someone who sets a tone for their environment can be made apparent through the clothing you choose to wear. There is a certain power that comes from wearing a statement piece like the JULIA Lace Beach Cover Up. 

Any item that contains lace is always a force to be reckoned with. It is simple, yet elegant. Achieving the classy look while being in a swimsuit can be a difficult task, but with an item as alluring as this, it is effortless. Having this beautiful piece drape over your shoulders brings a sense of grace to your outfit. 

If you're looking for pieces with great coverage like the JULIA, make sure you also check out our modest coverage swimsuits, too! To get you started, here's our top three modest swimsuits for women.

stylish covid face mask

Stylish Face Cover Mask

As the effects of 2020's global pandemic moves into 2021, a mask has been normalized as an addition to everyone’s outfits. Treating a mask like any other accessory, you want to have the most fashionable ones that can give your style a kind of elevation no other accessory can. Whether going on vacation or even just to the grocery store, BeachCandy’s Stylish Face Cover Mask gives you just that!

Coming in multiple different colors and styles, the face masks provide numerous options for any kind of outfit you want to wear. The variety of choices offers a way for you to be safe, cute, and comfortable while adapting to the current condition of the world. Attempting to have a fashion forward mindset and being flexible to the new normal can seem difficult but we've made it easy for you. These face cover masks are one of the best ways to do it! And they're not just stylish--they're made with three layers of fabric, include pockets for your own filters, and are comfortable to wear!     

Beach Bag Vegan Water Resistant Leather

Every woman is in search of the perfect bag that will go along with her “beach day” outfit. But finding the right tote that is both gorgeous and functional for the beach can be a struggle. With the Beach Bag Made With Water Resistant Vegan Leather, you can fulfill both of those needs!

This tote bag comes in four different colors with a matching wristlet pouch. The anti-tarnish gold detailing gives this bag and added decorative touch. In addition to being a very stylish bag, it is made to be durable and is water resistant. Perfect for bringing to the beach or pool while on your vacation, the water resistant quality of the purse makes it the easiest and cutest thing to use!

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Your choice of luxury resort wear has the ability to boost your confidence allowing you to radiate a glow that only the power of the perfect outfit can give you. In any given scenario, whether lounging on the beach or going out for a nice dinner, this collection offers a variety of options that will suit your needs. Self-expression through the clothing of your choice makes a statement about who you are and how you feel.

With this new year just beginning, you want to be able to recall a vacation you went on with only the most exceptionally fond memories of a time when you felt confident and sexy. Finding pieces that are comfortable, match your style, and have the right color palette that will fit your appearance will keep you looking and feeling free spirited. Conquer your beach resort with BeachCandy! 


Written by : Madison Valerio

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