how to wear a sarong

How to Wear a Sarong

How to Wear a Sarong

Sarongs and wraps are fashion staples that every woman needs in their closet. Sarongs work great as swimsuit cover-ups, and there are a variety of ways in which you can wear them.

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At BeachCandy, our designer knows that every woman wants to feel comfortable in a swimsuit. Whether you want a sexy or modest approach, we show you how you can tailor the MARIA Sarong Wrap to fit your style in five different ways. Enhance your summer look with these chic modifications!

1. Open Front Halter Dress

Our first style is for the modest woman, the Open Front Halter Dress. A classic approach to styling a sarong, the Open Front Halter style keeps your swimsuit covered until you're ready to shine on. Simply take the long edges of the MARIA Beach Sarong to the front of your body, and tie them around your neck to keep it secure. This halter neck tie won't slip, so you have free movement to walk around in this chic sarong-made dress.

2. Twist Front Halter Top

Like the halter dress style, this open-front halter top is very secure. Taking the long edges of the sarong, tie a knot at your chest, and then another behind your neck to achieve that halter-top look. This way of wearing a sarong gives a sexy peek at your tummy but works to keep your top secure. Perfect for letting your bottoms speak for themselves, pair this with our signature GOLD 24K Swarovski Bikini to shine on wherever you go.

Sarong Wrap Skirt

3. Tie Side Skirt

The effortless Tie Side Skirt is sure to enhance your look! For a quick option, simply double knot the MARIA at your side. This is a simple approach for the woman-on-the-go that wants to look fashionable at the pool or beach. Try it with the shorter version of the MARIA for a flirtier look. Its hip hugging fit will highlight those beautiful curves. Furthermore, you can also raise the tie of this to your neckline and wear as a side slit dress. 

4. Long Slit Skirt

If you want to know how to wear a sarong, the Long Slit Skirt version is the right amount of sexy and modest. Take the short ends of the MARIA and simply tie to either side of your hips. Like our signature swimsuits, you can still get perfect tummy coverage by creating this sarong skirt. A subtle leg slit is perfect for women that want to look and feel sexy this summer. Pair this with our Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandals to really shine.

Beach Sarong Wrap

5. Strapless Tie Front Dress

The fifth way you can wear a sarong is by creating a Strapless Tie Front Dress. For this version, simply take the MARIA's long ends and double knot them at your chest to create a flirty version of a dress. The draped dress effect will nicely trace your silhouette, while still revealing a subtle peek of your tummy. Add some of our jewelry for a pop of color.

How to Wear a Sarong Many Different Ways!

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