high waisted swim skirt

Our High Waisted Swim Skirt & Cover Ups

Our High Waisted Swim Skirt & Cover Ups

Hey babes! Looking for a little more coverage to your bikini look? Here at BeachCandy, we have designed the perfect swim skirts and cover-ups that will give you that modest coverage without hiding your charm. 

Whichever style of bikini you are rocking to that beachside get-together, we got a variety of swim skirts and cover-ups in many fabulous styles and colors to choose from. We carefully curated each style to make sure they will wonderfully complement your look of choice. 

We will be going over our top picks of mix and match swim skirts, cover-up pants, and cover-up dresses that will definitely coordinate with your bathing suits while simultaneously maintaining your natural silhouette. We are talking about covering up, not hiding away!

swimsuit skirt cover up

LISA Swim Skirt 

The LISA Swim Skirt is our bestseller! Our babes love this piece to match with their bikini tops because of its simplicity and modest cut. 

This swim skirt features a fold-over waistband for a tummy smoothing look. This piece is perfect for our thigh-conscious babes, hiding insecurity spots while turning the focus to the hips. 

The LISA Swim Skirt comes in five fun colors to pair with your swim top: Wild Thang leopard print, sophisticated Black, royal Emerald, sheer white Bande Blanche, and flirty Palm Print. We recommend matching this skirt with our one-piece swimsuits and tankini tops for a sleek look. 

skirted bikini bottom

KYLIE Swim Skort 

Make full-coverage sexy with our KYLIE Swim Skort. This piece is made with our full coverage swim bottoms attached underneath and a hold-in waistband to keep the skort in place without squeezing. 

This is especially made for our active gals who need a little something that moves with them while staying in place. We recommend pairing this cutie with our triangle bikini tops to sport an ultra chic look. 

Pair this cutie with a contrasting color top for a bold color-blocking look or pair it with a matching print top from our collection for a modern girl feel. 

transparent long cover up

ANGELICA Sheer Cover Up 

Channel your inner runway vibes with our ANGELICA Sheer Cover Up. This dreamy, stunning piece is to die for and it’s an absolute must have! 

This angelic piece is a sheer robe-like cut with flawless ruffle details that flows like a silk dress. Our babes in the ANGELICA cover-up are full-on goddesses, cruising down the Miami coastline sipping champagne with the sea breeze tousled hair. 

What is unique about this cover-up is its versatility. This means that you can enjoy it with your BeachCandy bikini or your everyday wardrobe. Style this piece with a pair of jeans and summer blouse and you’ll be looking like the next hot thing. 

high neck beach cover up

DHARMA Beach Cover Up Wrap Dress 

This one’s for our elegant Zen babes. The DHARMA Cover-up Wrap Dress is a delicate flowy cover-up mini dress that is made with light mesh material in blush Rosas color and a gorgeous braided neckline. It is unlike any swim cover-up piece you have seen before!

Our babes in the DHARMA dress score the flirty look factor. We highly recommend our babes to match this cutie with any of our Swarovski candy sets for that glamorous touch  or high waisted bikini bottoms for a super chic look. 

The DHARMA wrap dress is the perfect piece to wear to the hot springs and the luxury spa. There’s nothing more important than self-care and the DHARMA dress is here to deliver!

MARTINA Beach Cover-up Pants 

The MARTINA Beach Cover-up Pants is our most alternative piece yet! This spunky number is designed with lightweight, breathable material with beautiful white lace details. It is completed with a fold-over waistband that fits comfortably like yoga pants. 

Our babes fall head-over-heels with the MARTINA pants because it delivers European portside vibes in the most glamorous way. 

This is the perfect bridal shower celebration cover-up to any of our classic white bikini tops. It is the ultimate day-to-night swim look transformation piece you should consider bringing with you when these occasions arise. 

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These are just a few of our favorite picks from our gorgeous collection of swim skirts and cover-ups. Look up on our search engine to browse our full collection right here on our website. We offer free shipping on orders over $200.

Any questions or feedback on our products? Do not hesitate to contact us! We love hearing from you. Our goal is to create the perfect Beachcandy pieces for you so your feedback is very important to us. 

Having trouble deciding which cover-up to get? Check out our Instagram page for styling tips or send us a message and we will do our best to help you choose the best piece that fits you.  We also have gift cards available! 

Want to know when we drop new swim cover-up designs to the collection? Make sure to join our mailing list to be the first to know about upcoming events, new arrivals, and sales. 


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