Full Coverage Swimsuit Bottoms

Full Coverage Swimsuit Bottoms

Full Coverage Swimsuit Bottoms

Here at BeachCandy Swimwear, we 100% understand what it feels like to feel uncomfortable in swimsuit that reveals too much. Often times we speak to women who fall in love with a bikini top that fits great but then becomes extremely disappointed to find out that the matching bottom is nothing but a thin piece of  paper with neither support and coverage. We are not going to let that happen.

That is why we design and create full coverage swimsuit bottoms that don't force you to give up on style and quality.  A swimsuit bottom should be just as quality and gracious as the top. 

Sometimes less is more and sometimes a full coverage swimsuit bottom is exactly what you need to feel sexy and confident. Lucky you, we are going to give you the run down on the perfect Full Coverage Swimsuit Bottoms that way you can find the special swimsuit for you.

full coverage bikini bottom
supportive bikini bottom
full coverage bikini bottom

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

First up we are going to introduce you to the BEST full coverage swimsuit bottoms in the world! Thats a big statement and we stand by it 100%! The KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom is the perfect blend of a few design concepts – tummy control, full coverage, & no squeeze at the hips. Basically this is as comfortable you can be in a bikini bottom. 

We know, it's shocking to believe that a swimsuit bottom with all that good stuff can still be stylish and make you feel sexy.  But believe it because the no-elastic fold-over waistband creates the perfect seamless look at the hips.  The moderate rise along with full coverage back means you will feel effortlessly slim. 

On top of all that, the KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom comes in a classic black, red and even a fantastic palm print. This full coverage swimsuit bottoms are here to take care of you so that you can enjoy your vacay and stop worrying about the fit of your swimsuit.

supportive bikini bottoms
best support bikini
full coverage bikini bottom

More about the most comfortable bikini full coverage bottom on earth? It is absolutely perfect for women who want to rock a two-piece, but don’t want to suffer while wearing another flimsy bikini bottom. This bottom has an elastic-free waistband, designed to fold over and give EXTREME TUMMY CONTROL like your favorite yoga pants! This creates a seamless, no-squeeze hip.

The rise in the front is cut modestly to cover the tummy, but of course the waistband is adjustable, and can allow for a higher or lower rise! Last, the coverage in the back is full – but without have a frumpy backside look.

The leg lines are clean and have a nice rise to elongate the body and paired with any BeachCandy top, this modest bikini bottom will let you truly enjoy yourself, no matter the occasion.



best one piece bikini
one piece full coverage bikini

HEIDI High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

Another fantastic option for our BeachCandy Babes out there who are looking for swimsuit styles that offer full coverage is our one of a kind HEIDI High Neck One Piece Swimsuit.  This one piece  full coverage swimsuit offers the same amount of style, comfort, and coverage as the KIMBERLY Bikini Bottoms while rocking what's super in right now, one pieces.

The HEIDI High Neck One Piece Swimsuit comes with the security and coverage like the KIMBERLY Bottoms but fully covers your tummy in a slimming and fashionable way. The HEIDI High Neck One piece Swimsuit is designed with a supportive shelf bra and a ruching at the waist that slims to perfection. 

BeachCandy Swimwear wants all our beach babes to wear swimsuits that fit perfectly to their body.  That is why with this suit you get the option of purchasing a one piece with or without breast pads. The HEIDI comes in three classic colors you will absolutely love. This full coverage swimsuit is chic and supportive and is perfect for an everyday look that leave you feeling confident and glamourous. 

Whether you are taking a stroll on the beach or lounging by the pool with your girls, this suit will leave you feeling secured and sexy. What's better than that?

high waisted bikini bottom
full coverage bikini bottom

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom 

The next full coverage swimsuit that we have specifically picked out for you is too cute to pass up!  Just look at how cute our model looks in the Citron Print!  This high waisted full coverage swimsuit is the perfect example of how full coverage doesn't have to mean un-sexy. 

This swimsuit is the exact opposite of that! With a high waist design for any tummy control concerns and a full coverage bottom with a seamless edge, this full coverage swimsuit maintains a flirty and sexy flair. 

The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom is a gorgeous solution for our BeachCandy babes out there who prioritize tummy control when it comes to finding the perfect swimsuit.  What makes these high waisted bottoms so special is the ruching at the waistline which gives you even more control, security, and slimming at the waistline. 

Although these full coverage swimsuit bottoms are modest, they are in no way shape or form matronly.  Our customers have felt the exact opposite of matronly when first trying these babies on.  With high waisted swimsuits being in style now a days, the ASHELY swimsuit will make you feel young and fabulous.

If the citron print is a little too wild for you, the ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms also come in a classic black.  The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms are perfect to mix and match too.


best one piece bikini
full coverage one piece bikini

ELLE Simple One Piece Swimsuit

If you fell in love with the HEIDI One Piece like we all do and are looking for another gorgeous option, the ELLE Simple One Piece Swimsuit is beyond perfect for you!  Similar to the HEIDI in that it is designed with coverage and comfort as it's first priority, the neck line differs offering a little more cleavage than the high neck of the HEIDI. 

The ELLE One Piece Swimsuit is a bestseller because of its adjustable bra straps that make it easy to lift and support depending on your bust size.  Additionally, the ELLE Simple One Piece Swimsuit is a classic go to that every woman needs in their closet. 

This one piece full coverage swimsuit comes in a fantastic Aqua Snake that balances perfectly with the simple fit and design. This suit fits like a hug and guarantees you to feel comfortable enough to go out and freely move around.

best supportive bikinis

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What's a full coverage bottom without a full coverage top?

Although this section is focused on full coverage bikini bottoms, we don't want to leave you topless!  That is why we recommend you taking a look at our NILO Supportive Bra Bikini Top. This NILO Supportive Top is our most securing and supportive bikini top which will give you that same amount of confidence and comfort as all our full coverage bikini bottoms.  If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, we can create any design you desire. To start, take our Custom Swimwear Quiz and we will reach out to you shortly to begin your one-of-a-kind swimsuit.

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