Beach-Ready Skin

Beach-Ready Skin

If the beach clock is ticking, it’s time to perk up your skin and add that radiance to your skin to flaunt that perfect hot swimsuit. After all, a radiant and glowing skin will only glam up your look in that stylish bathing suit. So, waste no more time. Follow this quick guide for a well-nourished, healthy and glowing skin, and become a head-turner at the beach.

Exfoliate your Way to Radiance

One of the most important skincare regimens is to exfoliate your skin and make way to smooth, radiant skin. And, one of the quickest and easiest ways to do is to indulge in some good body scrubs and polishes.

Exfoliate both the facial and the body skin regularly to get rid of the dead cells which make the skin dry and rough. This will also greatly diminish any skin pigmentation, imperfection, and blemishes.

Exfoliation works best on damp skin, so bath time is ideal for scrubbing the body and face. While there some really effective skin scrubs and polishes available in the market, a natural scrub can be easily made at home by mixing fine sea salt, olive or almond oil, lemon and lavender essential oil.

But no exfoliation is complete without hydrating the skin with a good moisturizer. Follow up your scrubbing procedure with a moisturizer enriched with glycerin, shea butter or cocoa butter to add that glowing radiance to your skin.

Get Rid of Cellulite and Back Acne

Let your back acne or that extra cellulite not discourage you from flaunting your stylish bikini. Begin your therapeutic treatment a good few weeks before your beach day to heal any redness or acne on the skin. Often, just applying a healing gel containing Vitamin K Oxide helps reducing bruises and skin blemishes quickly.

For melting away cellulite, celebrity models - Miranda Kerr and Elle Macpherson advise exfoliating the skin with coffee grounds. Make a mixture of coconut oil, sea salt and this great smelling caffeine and the antioxidants will do their work in rendering you a smoother, firmer skin. We recommend our Favorite Cellulite Cream. Check it out!


Flaunt those Summer Arms and Legs

You are never truly ready for the sun and the sea as long as the legs have not been glammed up. Get them waxed to reveal those smooth summer arms and legs. Go ahead and pamper your hands and legs with a pedicure to add the same radiance to your limbs as your face.

If visiting the parlor sounds too expensive to give your dear limbs a homemade pedi-manicure, soaking feet in warm water mixed with sea salt and essential oils is really soothing. Also, a sea salt and almond oil combination makes a great scrub for the hands and feet.

Now, comes picking the nail shades. If your swimsuit comes with frills and ruffles, go for the romantic hues of coral and plum or indulge in bright pinks for that super summery girly look.

Teals are also much in rage by the way. Or, create a beach statement with color blocked or textured nail art if you plan to sizzle in one of those graphic neon swimsuits.

Cheat the Sun and Glow

Adding some tan to the skin before developing the natural tan can give your skin that attractive glow. Use a sunless self-tanning product loaded with amino acids and glycolic acid to give the skin a natural looking and long lasting tan with a beautiful sheen.

Finally, invest in a water-resistant sunblock for the face, body and also, the scalp. Plus, don’t forget the lips. Just use a lip balm or color with high SPF. This will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun while you graze the beach in your stylish swimwear.

Swimwear for your Skin Tone

Finally, pick a swimsuit that best complements your skin tone. Dress up in shades of vivid jewel like ruby, sapphire, emerald, and raspberry or muted shades like lavender, dusky pink or plum if you have a cool skin tone of pale and porcelain or a darker complexion with pink or red undertones.

Warm skin tones will look ravishing in a swimwear of warm and earthy colors like mocha, burnt orange, sage green, mango, deep brown, yellow, tomato red, bronze, gold and olive green.

We want our BeachCandy Babes not only looking fabulous but feeling fabulous too. We support our ladies doing whatever it is to make themselves feel more confident in their own skin. No matter your body shape or size, you are beautiful the way you are and we want to give you a swimsuit that shows that! 

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