Ethical Frontier of Fashion

Wellness, the Ethical Frontier of Fashion

As a fashion brand bringing 2022 to a close, we are left with the deafening sense that change is needed. First we must cut through the noisy global marketers placing their profit above our people. Around the entire globe at large, from food to fashion, wellness has reached a level of requirement for all. 

Toxicity overload is the burden of every modern mammal on our planet. This is why we face illness all too often throughout our lifetime. Losing loved ones too soon is becoming the new normal. We must stop and ask ourselves, how can we be a catalyst for change?

Fast fashion is the third largest pollutant on our planet and few in the fashion industry are working to stop it. After almost 12 years in business, we are taking a stand beyond sustainable fashion. We are stepping beyond recycled plastics as these fibers remain toxic when worn against our skin in favor of seeking raw materials, natural fibers, and the cutting edge trend of wellness for all. 

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Our goal is to leave no trace of our brand’s footprint while making this world a better place.

We are currently skipping a season as we search the world for ethical fashion artisans. The United States has a long way to go in celebrating social and environmental activation. Smothered by big box stores and toxic products dripping in profit-driven marketing, our innocent citizens are lost in a sea of misinformation and blindly following the leading fashion brands.

Organic Textile Manufacturing

Our natural fiber future begins with the search for truly organic textile manufacturing as we traveled through India this fall to find the most authentic artisans buried by big brands who only support the mass manufacturing sector. The long term effects of our global fashion toxic supply chains will lead to serious damage for generations to come. 

Throughout undeveloped countries, fast fashion brands have set up unethical factories pushing unfair labor and toxic manufacturing, carelessly dumping toxic chemicals directly into the surrounding impoverished areas, those of which cannot afford to protect themselves from harm’s way. 

See our prior blog on the truth behind the toxicity of fashion to learn more.

We are thrilled to enter into 2023 with the development of an entirely organic collection handcrafted by local artisans in India. The ancient art of block-printing is brought to life in living vegetable dye colors. Mud dyes, tie and dye bring organic linen pieces to new heights. Celebrating the traditional Khadi cotton weave of India with crisp cuts that will become a staple in our non-toxic wardrobes.

We'll be supplying women with non-toxic high fashion made by the hands of artisans who deserve our support the most. In a world crumbling to toxic chemicals, this collection opens a window to a bright new world. 

Wellness is On Trend for 2023

After the long dreary days of the pandemic for humanity, it is time to take action in our daily lives in a whole new way. How we eat, interact, and even dress matters now more than ever. Consciousness is where this journey begins for us all and we plan to awaken awareness with each and every product coming into the new year. Holistic health is at the helm of all that we do moving forward with people over profit as our guide.

If this message resonates with you, we ask that you help us by sharing this message with those you love most. Grassroots marketing is how we have built our brand from the ground up since our early days in 2011, with a belief in community and making a difference for women, one customer at a time. 

Why BeachCandy Plans to Pivot into Organic Fashion

BeachCandy has always existed as an ethical brand, but in recent years our awareness around the toxicity of the fashion industry has grown exponentially. In early 2021, our female founder was diagnosed with AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis), a spinal autoimmune disease. This crippling disease forced her to take time away from the brand to heal and hopefully recover. After her careful research, she discovered that autoimmune disease is rooted in the toxic burden our bodies face today.

This newfound awareness alongside her full recovery from disease has led us all on a path in the RIGHT direction, guiding us all towards wellness and a non-toxic lifestyle to prevent a future of dis-ease in our sacred bodies. In a sea of big businesses chasing more, we have decided to pause, reflect and redirect towards a greater purpose: Making an impact for today and being the change for our inevitable tomorrow.

Be the Change with BeachCandy 

Since our early days as a local custom swim shop for women, the BeachCandy brand has always stood for ethical fashion practices. Our products have always been made here in the U.S., crafted by local artisans since our start in a 2200 square foot space with a workshop in the back to produce our famous one-of-a-kind swim

When we were named “Editor’s Pick” in Sports Illustrated in 2012, it was a dream come true. Today, we face a new frontier as we work to diminish our toxicity by working exclusively with natural fibers. Though we may be a small voice in a sea of sellers selling the same old toxic products to the population, we hope to create significant change for the better. So with all this we must ask you, do you believe in being the change with BeachCandy?

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