Cute Women’s Beach Hats

Cute Women’s Beach Hats

Looking for the perfect beach hat that will look cute and complete when you accessorize with your favorite swimsuit this summer? Look no further. BeachCandy is a luxury designer swimwear brand focused on providing all women the best swimwear, clothing & accessories. 

While famous for fit that make women worldwide feel extraordinary and shine their brightest in a swimsuit, BeachCandy provides some extraordinary sun hats for women as well. Provided that our latest beach hats are wide brim, sun and UV protective, they are also stylish and cute. 

Started as a local beachside boutique in Newport Beach, California, BeachCandy Swimwear has been a sanctuary for women, by women since 2011. Our mission is to always represent women from all walks of life through extraordinary products. 

Quality over everything is the utmost priority when producing our luxurious piece swimsuits. That goes without saying, our elegant essentials and accessories are no exception to that. 

From bucket hats to panama hats, sun protection in a luxurious beach hat is a must have when you are at the beach or resort poolside. Here are BeachCandy’s latest sun beach hats available now on the website: 

The BORA BORA Straw Beach Hat

We have in stock this new beautiful beach hat that exudes tropical vibes. Simply a must-have for any exotic getaway, the woven details provide a trendy feel while still providing some coverage from the sun. 

The Bora Bora Beach Hat is a straw material hat that can easily pair with any of our BeachCandy swimsuits for a complete swimwear look. It features gorgeous details which have been intricately woven throughout to create a beautiful design. 

The Bora Bora beach hat is lightweight, which makes it the perfect accessory for any beach day to carry with, as it looks lovely on and provides decent sun protection. It’s chic styled, wide brim will protect you for long hours under the sun. Our straw hats let in minimal sunlight, which means more protection against harmful UV rays.  

The SANDY Frayed Edge Straw Hat

Another stunning piece we carry in stock is the SANDY Frayed Edge straw hat. It is an extraordinary essential for your summer days by the pool deck or sunbathing on a yacht. It is made with brim straw detailing in a beautiful shade that pairs well with any skin tone. 

The Sandy beach hat is carefully detailed with wide brimmed straw that makes it nice for staying out in the sun. Lightweight and easy to pack, the Sandy hat is the perfect accessory for your next summer getaway. 

The Sandy beach hat takes any simple ensemble or swimwear to the next level. It will make you feel sophisticated and luxurious. Usually, floppy straw hats can be too big or have a frayed brim that comes undone when wet,  but the Sandy has been perfectly curated with high quality materials so you won't have to worry if wet when having too much fun by the waters. 

The Sandy hat protects your face from UV rays, and keeps you cool and shaded through the day. This straw hat has a frayed edge, yet is sturdy enough to stay put, while allowing just enough movement to look chic and effortless. 

country straw hat

The AUDREY Frayed Floppy Straw Hat

The Audrey beach hat has a bold style guaranteeing your privacy as you sip on your refreshing cocktails and wines, enjoying the summer sunsets. The woven detail and simple black ribbon provide a trendy look while providing just the right amount of sun coverage.

As one of our newest luxurious pieces, the Audrey beach hat is of course functional and stylish. It features a classic straw style weaving with a large detailed brim and frayed straw coming out for a bourgeois look. 

The black ribbon, featured on the Audrey beach hat, dangles inside of the brim of the hat allowing you to tie the ribbon around your neck, or as a chin strap, if you like. This adjustment allows for a tight, yet comfortable fit so the hat won’t move or loosen on a windy day. 

The SAYULITA Straw Fedora Hat 

Can't get enough of straw like material beach hats? 

The Sayulita fedora hat is another straw beach hat that is designed with a chic snakeskin faux leather band along the crown for a touch of sophistication. While providing amazing sun protection as you lounge by the pool or enjoy a gorgeous beach day, it will elevate your swimwear style and everyday wardrobe. 

Elegantly placed against a light beige straw material, the gorgeous snakeskin tie around the center is styled with a delicate gold button to add a pop of shine. Woven to perfection to create a unique wide brim, this luxurious beach hat accessory will not only frame every face perfectly, but will protect against the harmful sun rays. 

Here at BeachCandy we want all women to radiate with confidence and this straw hat is just one of our perfect accessories to have you looking fabulous while also being UV protected. 

felt fedora with snakeskin print band

The GWYNETH Fedora

While the newest beach hats are just as fabulous and essential to wear this summer, the Gwyneth Fedora hat is no exception. Glam up with this perfect beach hat accessory for your next getaway. 

The Gwyneth hat is designed with a modern snakeskin trim that will elevate any outfit. Made with a felt finish material, this fedora comes in nude and almond, a newly added color to our collections. 

The Gwyneth hat can take your swimsuit or every day outfit to the next level, whether at a pool party or summer bonfire, this fedora hat will have heads turning. Pairing a hat with your swimsuit is a fun way to add an extra touch of style and sophistication. 

Beach Hats are meant to be a functional, shield protection, but why not also a chic essential to any swimwear or everyday outfit? 

With this fedora, anything is possible. Sun protection is extremely important when it comes to your eyes and skin, and the Gwyneth Fedora is the perfect hat for the job. It has a wide, structured brim that is universally flattering with any face shape. The felt-finished material is extra luxurious and soft to the touch. 

The crown is also beautifully molded and shaped with a pinch-front teardrop shape that won't sag or smoosh. Quality over everything, and it doesn’t just apply to our swimsuits, it applies to all our luxurious items. With this hat and all our other swim pieces, you’ll experience the difference that American-made quality makes. 

The TIFFANY Oversized Floppy Beach Hat 

For maximum style and coverage, the Tiffany Beach hat is the perfect look for any babe. It is detailed with a simple cream ribbon around the crown for elegance. Featuring a wide brim that provides incredible protection from the sun, any babe would look fabulous wearing this piece. 

Floppy hats, like the Tiffany, are yet another beautiful, UV & UPF piece that is perfect to use this summer season. The Tiffany Floppy Beach hat will be a great addition to any BeachCandy swimsuit to protect yourself from the bright sun while also looking fabulous.

The oversized Tiffany floppy beach hat is available in a natural tan color that pairs seamlessly with any of our swimwear styles and colors. It is stylish and accentuates any outfit while the wide brim detailing adds a high fashion touch. 

The straw material is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, ensuring you can wear it all day until the sun sets. The Tiffany floppy hat is here to ensure you never experience harsh sunlight. Only experience what high american-made quality feels like, instead.

Shop Our Famous Fit for Women Online Now

Celebrating a decade in business, BeachCandy is a 100% woman owned and operated brand that continues to provide real women one-of-a-kind quality swimwear. Dedicated to over a decade of real fitting room feedback from everyday real women, our famous fit is not complete without our Signature Swarovski Candy beading which is guaranteed not to crack, break or fade. 

BeachCandy Swimwear provides more than luxurious swimsuits, we also provide some of the best high quality accessories and beach hats for you to try on this summer.  

Elegant essentials, such as cute women beach hats are the perfect accessory to purchase and not regret. Wherever there’s sun, there’s a chance you’re going to want to also look fabulous while protecting that gorgeous head and face. 

Designer Swimwear for Women, by Women

BeachCandy Swimwear carries only one-of-a-kind quality that inspires women worldwide to be their extraordinary best. Our core value involves empowering real women to shine in our luxurious designer swimsuits.

Our famous fit, named editor’s pick in Sports Illustrated, is held to the highest level of craftsmanship & timeless, sexy sophistication. Thus, making it an experience to feel the difference American-Made quality makes when trying our designer swimsuits and accessories. 

BeachCandy continues to work to represent women from all walks of life through extraordinary brand imaging. Upon first glance, BeachCandy's website and social platforms provide women worldwide with the confidence in knowing our brand creates world-class luxurious swimsuits to suit real women.

Luxury Designer Resortwear and Accessories

Not only are our luxury swimsuits, but also swim cover ups, sunglasses and beach hats are collected by women worldwide, empowering women worldwide. Part of that is because BeachCandy ensures effortless shopping and enjoyment when picking out the right swim outfit. 

Women deserve to experience enthusiasm when coming to our little beachside boutique. With 10 years of quality you can trust, your search for the perfect swimsuit ends here. 

Visit our website and follow us on Instagram @BeachCandySwimwear to stay updated on the newest swimwear trends!

Written by Britta Sanchez

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